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Chinas Pollution Problem China really needs a clean energy source! Photograph: Luo Xiaoguang/ Corbis.

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1 Chinas Pollution Problem China really needs a clean energy source! Photograph: Luo Xiaoguang/ Corbis

2 China has an overpopulation problem. Simple things turn into major issues with large populations. Even heating homes in the winter can cause havoc!

3 Normally the monsoons blow the Asian Brown Cloud either out to sea or to North China and Mongolia. But the monsoons are about to change direction. This means LITTLE to NO wind blowing in the winter!

4 Coal is burned to create electricity. Winter means more coal is burned to heat houses. Its worse when its an extremely cold winter.

5 Cars and factories do not help.


7 You can even see the pollution cloud from outer space!

8 China World Trade Centre Tower III in the heavy haze in Beijing. Thursday, February 25, 2014 marked the highest level of air pollution in Chinas history. Where did it all come from?

9 Visibility dropped to less than 500 meters. Four highways out of Beijing had to be closed due to traffic jams. It even grounded airline flights!

10 There are dozens of "zombie" mills that can no longer afford to operate. The government tried to reduce the smog so it closed factories for a few days. This cut coal usage by 2.6 million tons. This wasnt enough. 147 companies have been cut or suspended production.

11 Highest levels ever recorded in China! Pollution levels reached 20 times more than what is considered healthy. (World Health Organization) World Health Organization says safe levels are 25 micrograms per cubic meter. Beijing recorded 505.

12 A woman wearing a facemask in Shanghai. The government encouraged elderly, sick and children to stay indoors.

13 Children with respiratory diseases receive treatment at a hospital in Hangzhou. People have developed respiratory issues such as asthma which increase risks of heart attacks. Pollution particles are so tiny that they are trapped in lungs and get into the blood stream.

14 Chinese agriculture will suffer conditions somewhat similar to a nuclear winter ~He Dongxian of the China Agricultural University College of Water Resources and Engineering. Cuts sunlight by 50%. Smog so thick that it blocks the sun is slowing photosynthesis in plants.

15 A villager in Xiangnan shows dirt and grime on diseased vegetables, caused by pollution from a nearby chemical plant. What will happen to Chinas food source? He Dongxian experimented with chili and tomato seeds. Under artificial light it took 20 days to sprout… natural light it took 2 months.

16 The acid rain also gets into the water. 50% of the freshwater should not be drunk, and between 1/3 and 1/ 4 should not be used for anything, according to Chinese officials.

17 Tourism is effected. A woman wears a mask as she walks by the National Stadium on a hazy day in Beijing. People visiting the Olympic Park amid the thick haze in Beijing.

18 Clear Day with Monsoons Without Monsoons in Winter

19 Tourists from mainland China take photos in front of a large outdoor banner in Hong Kong showing what the city looks like on a clean-air day. Actual View Standing in front of a Photograph.

20 A couple pose for wedding photos inside the Jiutian greenhouse. Locals have begun to use greenhouses as safe havens against the smog.

21 Besides the treatment to our health, weve also suffered economic losses… which should be borne by the government… ~Li Guixin The smog cloud has cost China between 8% and 12% in GDP and 1,000s of lives each year. ~Alex Wong

22 Li Guixin, a Chinese citizen, sued the government seeking compensation for damages. This is the first time in Chinese history a citizen has sued the government. I want to show every citizen that we are the real victims of this polluted air, which hurts us both from a health perspective and economically. ~Li Guixin

23 …the government failed to perform its duty to control air pollution according to the law. ~Yanzhao Metropolis Daily

24 You Decide… Was creating the dam for a cleaner energy source worth it?

25 Resources China Response to Pollution Improving, But Not Enough: For China's Environment, a Climate Suitable for Change Nov. 15, 2010 environment-climate-suitable-change/story?id=12112119 environment-climate-suitable-change/story?id=12112119 By JENNIFER METZ Tuesday 25 February 2014 Beijing's smog mainly caused by industrial pollution Updated: 2013-12-30 22:04 (Xinhua/ Beijing's mayor announces 'all-out effort' to tackle air pollution ChineseCoalPower opt.jpg Photographs taken by…. How Hwee Young/EPA Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters David Gray/Reuters/Corbis Alex Lee/Reuters Mayi Wong/EPA Wang Shen/Xinhua Press/Corbis Alex Hofford/EPA China Daily/Reuters Petar Kujundzic/Reuters Aly Song/Reuters Sheng Li/Reuters Jason Lee/Reuters MODIS/Aqua/NASA Ng Han Guan/AP ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images Luo Xiaoguang/ Corbis

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