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Not Just Bums on Seats Michelle Younger Lizz Patrick Martin Thomas Miriam Clift Marketing and Recruitment.

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1 Not Just Bums on Seats Michelle Younger Lizz Patrick Martin Thomas Miriam Clift Marketing and Recruitment

2 Introductions Research Student Recruitment Marketing and Communications Admissions Question and Answer Session

3 Market Research Are we offering the right seats to the right bums? Michelle Younger

4 Application and enrolment trends analysis – JACS code level (growing/declining?) Competitor analysis – who are our competitors? What do they offer? New course development Entry requirements – thorough analysis of how we sit in relation to our competitors (University and School level)



7 Demographic and Mapping Analysis

8 NE Mosaic Profile D -Ties of Community MOSAIC GROUP% of NE households A - Symbols of Success5% B – Happy Families6% C – Suburban Comfort11% D – Ties of Community16% E – Urban Intelligence2% F – Welfare Borderline5% G – Municipal Dependency16% H – Blue Collar Enterprise11% I - Twilight Subsistence4% J – Grey Perspectives6% K – Rural Isolation6% Z – Unclassified12%

9 Enquire/Apply/Accept/Decline – what do these groups look like? How do they differ? Surveys – ISB / SB, NSS, SSS, Website, Open Days, focus groups, other syndicated research with potential students New surveys – Acceptance? Interviewed? Entry profile Would/will they recommend us? Are our students (customers) sitting comfortably in our seats?

10 Student Recruitment Informed Choices or… Choose the Best Seat for You Lizz Patrick

11 Year 13* Year 12* Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 6 STEM ASC Star Student West Side Story Project Tea-time Lectures School Conventions HE Journey School Conventions ACE Days Talks in Schools Masterclasses Presentations in Schools Campus Tours Open Day HE Conventions Out of Region Activity Evolve@NorthumbriaStudent ShadowingSummer School Presentations in Schools & Colleges Northern Ireland Tour Open Day Presentations in Schools & Colleges Campus Tours Post Application Open Days Student Recruitment What do we do? Choices Together (Years 9 -11) School and College Visits-in (Years 9-13) Parents Activities (All years) Students into Schools Activities (All Years) Passport (Year 12 and 13) Aimhigher Associates (Year 10 and Year 12) Student Associates (All years) DIScover Conference (All years) 360° Campus Panoramas Student Shadowing Taster CoursesAdvice and Guidance Mature Students Induction Mature Students Study SkillsAdult Learners Week * Year 12 and 13 activities are also available to 1 st and 2 nd year college students respectively Adult (19+)


13 Marketing and Communications Getting the Message out – an Excellent Seat of Learning Martin Thomas


15 Todays 17 year olds – born in 1991

16 In-school postersDirect Mailers Recruitment Fairs

17 Website Web Advertising Search Engine Market

18 Interactive info on Friends Photoshoot Video

19 VIP Pages and Social Networking

20 Facebook Bebo MySpace

21 General email comms Subject email comms

22 SMS and email prompts


24 Subject specific Telecentre Campaigns

25 Admissions Application to Enrolment The Role of Admissions in Student Recruitment Miriam Clift

26 The Final Stage… Continue building the relationship Speed and quality of response Clear and concise decision making Impartial and accurate information and advice Fairness and Transparency

27 Who do we select and why? Decision Making – applying the Entry Requirements decided 18 months earlier Interviews – not only to select the right candidates but for them to select us Post offer information giving – a co-ordinated and coherent message. Post Application Open Days, Accommodation, Fees and Scholarships, Health Questionnaires, Placement Handbooks…the list is endless! Conversion work – email messages, birthday messages, good luck cards, telecentre campaigns Monitoring of acceptances against targets

28 Who do we select and why? Receipt of results – approx 600,000 in August! Matching results to conditional offers. Who gets in? Who doesnt? Why? Clearing – are we in or are we out? What should our entry requirements be? Freshers Packs – those we accept need to know how to enrol and where to be on their first day! Enrolment – Job Done!

29 The Applicant Experience… Oxford Brookes … gave me an interview, which I was amazed at, because my grades (BCC) aren't high enough for there (BBC), so my personal statement must have been good. However, I didn't go to the interview because about 2 weeks before my interview, I found out...Northumbria (in Newcastle) - offered me a place 1 week after my interview! This means I must have gotten full marks in my interview, or I wouldn't have found out til mid March! So, I am a litttttttle bit stressed waiting for results from Swansea and Plymouth (esp Plymouth) but not as stressed as I would be if I hadnt heard from Northumbria. At least I know I'm definitely going to uni now!

30 The Power of the Internet… There I was in Costa Coffee in London (on my trip away for our 5th wedding anniversary)... I was on Facebook on my mobile and decided to check my emails - OMG have an email from UCAS saying my status has been updated…

31 Some Facts and Figures… UG Applications 2002 – 2008 UG Applications 2009 Competitor UG Applications 2009 Northumbria UG Applicants Sector UG Applicants Northumbria UG Conversion 2008 Sector UG Conversion 2008 +39% +12.95% +10.78% +13.26% +8.80% 36% 30%

32 Any Questions?

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