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1 The legend of KALEVALA From Finland To Spain and Poland.

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1 1 The legend of KALEVALA From Finland To Spain and Poland

2 2 VAINAMOINEN, was the wisest and the most important dog of the tribe. He was well-known because of his stories and songs

3 3 The young JOUKAHAINEM had heard about VAINAMOINEN, he was jealoussy of him I want to go to KALEVALA to see which one is better he told. Hsi mother advised him not to go because VAINAMOINEN became him a snowdog.

4 4 When they met each other, the old VAINAMOINEN asked, As you are younger than me, you are expected to allow me pass first. The young dog did not and laughed of him. He thought that it would be easy to defeat him.

5 5 Lets see who is the best said the young dog. Vainamoinen answered I will not compete with you. Then the young wanted to do a spell and became him into a pig but it did not work. Vainamoinen sang as louder as he could and lakes appeared and the earth trembled.

6 6 The young dog were sinking in the mud and offered Vainamoinen all kind of things if he rescued him. Vainamoinen chose that the sister of the young dog helped Vainamoinen with the houseworks When the sister of the young dog met VAINAMOINEN, she introduced herself as his fiancee.

7 7 VAINAMOINEN wanted a wife but not this one; so he went to lok for her by a viking boat. JOUKAHAINEM his sister and his mother were very angry and shooted arrows to VAINAMOINENs boat.

8 8 Because of it, VAINAMOINEN fell off the sea. He swam several days, fortunately an eagle rescued him and put VAINAMOINEN on a rock.

9 9 VAINAMOINEN felt very sad. His moans were heard by the Lord of the North.

10 10 They captured and took him to the tribe of the wolves. As Vainamoinen promised to do a SAMPO the wolves allowed him to go away.

11 11 He persuaded the blacksmith to make a SAMPO


13 13 SAMPO

14 14 The SAMPO is something that gives all you ask.

15 15 The blacksmith wanted to marry with the Lady of the North, but for the moment she was thinking about it

16 16 In other place, a cat lived happily with his mother. She did all he needed.

17 17 The cat heard about the Lady of the North and wanted to go the the wolves tribe.

18 18 When he arrived the wolves were howling to the moon.

19 19 The cat asked to marry with the Lady but before it was neccesary to take an elk.

20 20 It was impossible for him to capture one so he managed to make one. It did not work.

21 21 So they asked him a swam and it was even more difficult.

22 22 After a lt of battles, his mother had to rescue him.

23 23 Fortunately cats have got seven lifes.

24 24 He learnt the lesson, at least for a while.

25 25 VAINAMOINEN was building a boat, instead of making it with his hands, he used magical words as he was a magician.

26 26 He finished the words and a shepherd told him to look for them in the forest because a giant would give the words back.

27 27 A big bear swallowed Vainamoinen

28 28 He managed to escape.

29 29 He finished the boat and went to ask the Lady of the North to marry with him

30 30 The blacksmiths sister persuaded him to ask her to marry too.

31 31 The blacksmith and VAINAMOINEN was going to fight to marry with the Lady of the North but better they entered into an agreement.

32 32 We would ask the Lady to choose her husband. She chose the blacksmith

33 33 Before getting married the blacksimth was asking to do some tests.

34 34 They were very difficult

35 35 At the end they got married.

36 36 The cat heard about the wedding and wanted to go

37 37 In spite he was not invited to

38 38 As soon as he came a battle started

39 39

40 40 It was winter. VAINAMOINEN and the rest of the tribe were out of food. Nevertheless the the tribe of the wolves had got as much as they wanted.

41 41 They decided to ask to the wolves for the half of the SAMPO.

42 42 The cat wanted to join them

43 43 VAINAMOINEN fished a big fish and they had a slap-up meal

44 44 And besides he maked an arp or a kantele. He plays it and everybody was impressed.

45 45 When Vainamoinen arrived to the tribe of the wolves, he asked to share the SAMPO. The wolves said NO.

46 46 VAINAMOINEN told them that in that case he would take the whole SAMPO. It meant a battle. But VAINAMOINEN started to play the instrument and he wolves fell asleep.

47 47 So they took advantage and got the SAMPO.

48 48 When they went in their way back, VAINAMOINEN did not want to play again so the cat tried to.

49 49 He played so bad that the awful sound woke up the wolves.

50 50 Really awful!

51 51 When the wolves realized that the SAMPO had dissapeared

52 52 The wolves sent the spirit of the water to stop the boat. Vainamoinen fighted again them and won.

53 53

54 54 Later a boat full of wolves came.

55 55 The battle was awful.

56 56 During the battle the SAMPO was broken

57 57 in pieces that were floating on the water

58 58 The dogs picked up all the pieces of the SAMPO and took them to Kalevala. There they made rings, collars…

59 59 Every dog put on the collar and asked for a wish.

60 60 They asked for resting in a cushion, not be hungry or cold. From that day on, the dogs live with the humans. The cat did not have that wish so they do not get on well with dogs.



63 63 They gave us a warm welcome with flags of Spain and Poland and gave us greetings in Spanish and Polish

64 64 They sang, danced and played instruments

65 65 And recorded a film

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