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MATH CHAPTER 14 fractions and decimals 4 TH GRADE.

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1 MATH CHAPTER 14 fractions and decimals 4 TH GRADE

2 greater tenth hundredth decimal point less 1. One of ten equal parts of a whole in one ___. 2. A dot used to separate dollars from cents or ones from tenths in a number is called a ___. 3. One part of 100 equal parts of a whole is one ___. 4. The number 3,704 is ___ than the number 3,407.

3 Write the decimal and fraction for each shaded part.

4 What is the rule? Complete the table

5 Jordan wants to go to his friends house (F). Jordans house is marked with a star. How far is it to his friends (F) house? F BLOCKS

6 Which are equivalent fractions?

7 Which are multiples?

8 Write the decimal.

9 Write each fraction in simplest form. 2/83/35/103/125/15 6/98/106/164/105/20 50/10020/8021/2812/1525/30 12/208/1828/5021/338/40

10 Write each fraction as a decimal or decimal as a fraction. 6/ / /106/19/ /1003/4

11 Write each decimal in word form

12 Equivalent Fractions and Decimals 9 = 1 x 25 = = 4 x 25 = 100 = /59/201/254/20 7/5003/129/183/200 5/257/2012/1613/50

13 Write each fraction as a decimal. 3/152/46/163/202/8 9/501/254/203/2005/25 7/204/813/2010/2516/20 12/167/25013/5024/301/2

14 Jane got 24 hits out of 40 times at bat. What is her batting average as a fraction in simplest form? Now write it as a decimal.

15 The model below represents 1 whole. Mary says that the shaded part of the model shows that 70/100 = 0.07 Is she correct? Explain.

16 A band has 20 instruments. Tyler says that 2/5 of the instruments are string instruments and 0.5 of the instruments are wind instruments. Does the band have the same number of wind instruments and string instruments? Explain.

17 Joel wrote a 4 digit number. He used each of the digits 1, 3, 5, and 7 only once. How many different 4 digit numbers can Joel write?

18 The cell phone was invented in Sweden in How many years ago was the cell phone invented?

19 Write a fraction in simplest form with an equivalent decimal to show what part of a dollar 5 cents represents.

20 Nine of the 12 students in the school play are fourth graders. What fraction and equivalent decimal represents the part of students that are fourth graders?

21 Helga has 37 customers on her paper route. She delivers newspapers every day. How many newspapers does she deliver in one week?

22 Bryons score on a 5 point quiz was 4 out of 5, or 4/5. Write 4 out of 5 as a decimal.

23 Solve for z Z + 22 = 24Z – 19 = 24Z x 4 = 32Z 9 = 415 z = 24 Z – 22 = 226 x z = 6Z 5 = 13 x z = 187 x z = 49 Z 6 = 5Z – 4 = z = 325z = = z 7 - z - z = 3z/10 = x z = 475 x z = = 1

24 Round each decimal to the nearest tenth

25 Find the sum. Check your answer , , , , , ,

26 Find the value of W. 20 = W - 68W 2 = 9 W x 6 = 42W – 12 = 50

27 TRUE or FALSE The expression 101 – 25 equals 76 The product of 4 and 682 is closer to 2,400 than 2,800 The sum of 251 and 173 is less than 400 The quotient of 0 divided by 1 is 1 The product of 5 and 45 is 25 more than 200 The difference of 844 and 172 is greater than 600

28 Fractions and Decimals on the Number Line l l l l l l l What fraction is a point Q Q

29 Name the decimal on the number line. l l l l l l l l l

30 What numbers are at Points R ? l l l l l l l l l l l l R R

31 Where would you locate 1.15 on this number line? What is located at Point C? What is located at Point F? l l l l l C F

32 Identify the value of each Point below. J K L M N l l l l l J.K.L.M.N.

33 Name the fraction that should be written at each Point. V W X Y Z l l l l 0 1/10 6/10

34 Which point on the number line represents the same point as Point Z? l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 8.4 Z 8.5

35 Frank walked 4/5 of a mile to the library. What is the distance as a decimal?

36 Find the missing operation and the missing variable for each. 4 __ p = 845 __ s = 972 __ y = 86 __ z = 30 8 __ b = 5654 __ m = 63 __ t = 2164 __ a = 8 28 __ k = 46 __ v = 365 __ r = 4049 __ e = 7

37 David has $34. He wants to buy a pair of jeans that costs $37. How much more money does David need? $34 ___ $ J = $37

38 Lorna had 37 birthday invitations to mail. She mailed some to her friends. If 24 invitations are left, how many stamps does she need to buy?

39 Edward and Gary are helping pave their patio. They have 42 square patio blocks. If they stack them in equal groups of 7 blocks, how many stacks will there be?

40 Juilos has a pet rabbit. There were 4 rabbits (kits) in each litter. Juilos rabbit is mother to 24 rabbits. How many litters of rabbits were there? 4 ___ K = 20

41 Kelly has 2 ¾ yards of material to make a costume for the school play. A number like 2 ¾ has a WHOLE number and a FRACTIONAL part. 2 ¾ is called a MIXED number. Show a model for 2 ¾. Change 2 ¾ to a decimal.

42 Write a decimal and a mixed number for the model below.


44 Write and equivalent decimal for each mixed number or a mixed number for each decimal. 2 3/ / / / / /100893/

45 It takes Neptune years to revolve once around the sun. Write this decimal as a mixed number.

46 Martin ordered a medium pizza with cheese for $9. Each additional topping, t, costs $2. Write an algebraic expression to represent the cost of a pizza with t toppings in dollars.

47 The average milk cow produces 4 ½ gallons of milk each day. How much milk is this amount written as a decimal?

48 The Great Owlet Moth has a wingspan of inches. Write this number as a mixed number.

49 The tiny harvest mouse weighs about ¼ ounce. What is ¼ in decimal form?

50 Nelly skated 0.8 miles farther than the 1 3/5 miles she had skated the day before. Use the number line to show this total distance as a decimal and as a mixed number l l l l l

51 Patricia biked between 3.5 and 4.0 miles. What distance in tenths, could she have skated? l l l l l l l l l l l l l

52 The table below shows what you might have paid to buy different foreign currencies in a recent year. Write each decimal as a fraction or a mixed number. CURRENCYCOST IN U.S. DOLLARS Fraction or Mixed Number 1 British pound$ Canadian dollar$ Mexican peso$0.089

53 Randy and Tim shared a small apple pie. Randy ate 3/10 and Tim ate 2/5. What part of the pie did they eat? Fraction = _____ Decimal = _____ How much was left for me? Fraction = _____ Decimal = _____

54 Sara lives 2 ½ miles from the school. Steven lives 2.45 miles from the school. Who lives closer to the school? Complete the number line to compare the two distances. l l l l l l l

55 You can write a fraction as a decimal and as a percent. This floor plan is divided into 100 equal parts. Write the amount of space each section occupies as a fraction, a decimal and a percent.

56 55% means 55 out of /100 = 55% =.55 Write 0.80 as a fraction and as a percent.

57 Write each as a fraction or a decimal or as a percent / /100 35/ / %74%2/100

58 Write the missing fraction, decimal, or percent. 38/100 = __ = 38%__ = 0.17 = 17%5/100 = __ = 5% 88/100 = 0.88 = __74/100 = __ = 74%2/100 = 0.02 = __ __ = 0.07 = 7%__ = 0.69 = 69%45/100 = __ = __%

59 Write each percent as a fraction and as a decimal. 4%81%49% 97%6%18% 39%54%22%

60 Could the floor space in a department store be divided this way: Womens clothing 45%, Childrens clothing 25%, Mens clothing 30%, and Checkout 15%?

61 Vicky is helping her mother prepare 10 vases of flowers for a wedding reception. Each vase will contain 3 roses and 8 carnations. How many of each type of flower will be needed?

62 Tysons art club has 100 members. The teacher assigned groups of students to work in different mediums. The grid shows the members in each group. What percent is in each group? Clay Oil Charcoal Paper

63 Zachary colors 38/100 of a 100 grid purple. He colors the rest of the grid green. What percent of the grid is shaded green?

64 Wanda surveyed 100 students in our school. She found that 62/100 of the students plan to go to summer camp this year. What percent of the student dont plan on attending summer camp?

65 A carrousel takes 2 minutes to make a complete turn. Troy gets on and rides without stopping for the next 12 minutes. How many times will he have returned to the starting point when the ride stops?

66 The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in Florida is helping with the recovery of Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles. How many more turtles in 1947 than in 1968? _____ Did the population increase or decrease between 1991 and 2000? ___ Amount of increase or decrease? ___ Were there more or fewer in 1968 than in 1991? ____ How many more or fewer? ____ Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles YEARFEMALES NESTING , , ,000

67 Which is taller: the trumpetweed or the giant ironweed? _____ Which is shorter: the lizard tail or the lady lupine? _______ Order the wildflowers from tallest to shortest. _______________________________________ Write the height of the lady lupine as a mixed number. ______ HEIGHTS of NATIVE FLORIDA WILDFLOWERS GIANT IRONWEED7 FEET LIZARD TAIL1 FOOT TRUMPETWEED6 FEET LADY LUPINE1.5 FEET TURKS CAP LILY9 FEET

68 Mrs. Wall is planting 7 rows of flowers. She planted 10 flowers in the first row, 8 flowers in the second row, and 6 flowers in the third row. If she continues this pattern, how many flowers will be in the fifth row?

69 There are 4 rabbits named Lenny, Emma, Beau, and Blossom. One is orange, one is gray, one is black, and one is spotted. Emma is orange. Beau is not gray. Blossom is spotted. What color is Lenny?

70 Mary, Kristin, Deborah, and Amy met on vacation. They are from New York, Georgia, Nevada, and Maine. Amy is from New York, and Kristin is not from Georgia. If Deborah is from Nevada, where is Mary from?

71 There are 5 people in the Roberts family: Harry, Barb, Roger, Laurie, and Carrie. Their ages are 37, 36, 13, 10, and 5. Barb is the oldest and Carrie is the youngest. Laurie is 13. Harry is not 10. He is older than Roger. How old is Roger? Can you draw a chart to answer the question?

72 Six dancers want to form a triangle so that the same number of dancers is on each side. How should they stand? Draw a picture to solve.

73 Wendy, Carl, Lauren, and Juan live on four different streets: Highland, East, Brook, and Oak. Wendy lives on Highland, Lauren lives on Oak. Carl does not live on East. What street does Juan live on?

74 Scott and his friends are playing volleyball. They made a total of 6 teams. If there are 4 players on each team, how many people are playing volleyball? 4

75 Weddell, von Bellingshausen, Cook, Palmer, and Wilkes each explored Antarctica. Two were British, and one was Russian. Weddell was from the came country as Cook. The other two were from the United States. Palmer and Wilkes were from the same country. Cook was British. Which country was von Bellingshausen from?

76 Vicky has a bag with 6 blue marbles, 4 red marbles, 7 green marbles, and 8 yellow marbles. What fraction in simplest form represents the marbles that are blue or red?

77 Reggies frog leaped 2.48 feet on its first leap. What point on the number line best represents the point where the frog landed? W X Y Z l l l l l

78 What is 301/1000 written as a decimal?

79 Write a decimal, fraction, and a percent to represent the shaded part of this 100 grid.

80 Tamara has 15 sports movies. Nine out of the 15, or 9/15 of her movies are about soccer. What decimal represents 9/15? 9 = ___ x ___ = ____ 15 = x =

81 What is another way to write 3.78? Fraction = Percent = Mixed Number =

82 Which number is best represented by Point Y on the number line? Y l l l l

83 How is 35% written as a decimal and as a fraction?

84 Which fraction and decimal is represented in this model?

85 What fraction and decimal are best represented by Point M on the number line? / / /10 l l l l l l l M

86 What fraction is best represented by Point Q on the number line? Q l l l 0 1

87 Barb, Grace, John, and Eva all attend Oaks Academy. They each get to school a different way. They come by bus, walking, bike, or in a car. Barb walks to school. Grace does not come in a car. If John rides the bus, how does Eva get to school?

88 What decimal is shown in the grids below?

89 Of the 25 students in Emils class, 9 have dogs. So 9/25 of the students have dogs. What decimal represents 9/25? Explain.

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