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Unit 7 Chapter 21 The Cultural Geography of Africa South of the Sahara Ch 21 PP1.

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1 Unit 7 Chapter 21 The Cultural Geography of Africa South of the Sahara Ch 21 PP1

2 I. Section I Population Patterns Ch 21 PP2

3 A. Rapid Population Growth Africa Statistics Highest Birthrate & Death rate of the world Births Still Outnumber Deaths! Population Growth of this region is the highest in the world! Highest Infant Mortality Shortest Life Expectancy Ch 21 PP3

4 One factor – AIDS – could drastically change Africas population! About 70% of the people with HIV live in Africa S. of the Sahara At the end of 2000, about 17 million Africans had already died of AIDS – related diseases What do you think some of the effects are of this issue? Ch 21 PP4

5 A. (cont) Population & Distribution Not very many people for how much land there is! If evenly spread, density would be about 76 people per sq. mi. (Unfortunately, it is not even) Ex. – Rwanda – 817, Namibia – 6 Land & Climate affect distribution Ch 21 PP5

6 Population & Food Production High population & economic challenges = not enough food! 70% of people are farmers, but there still is not enough food Too many cash crops & not enough food grown for citizens Ch 21 PP6 Tea Picking

7 Population & Health Care Famine, Malnutrition, Poor Water, Inadequate Sanitation, Diseases (Malaria) have claimed many lives Insects such as mosquitoes & tsetse fly transmit disease Ch 21 PP7

8 8 Wash Day in Madagascar Water Well in Ethiopia Fetching Water: A Girls Life

9 B. A Diverse Population Growing Cities Fastest rate of urbanization Most cities are along the coasts, rivers, or rich natural resources Lagos (Nigeria) – largest city in this region Ch 21 PP9

10 II. Section II History & Government Ch 21 PP10 Tribal leader Nigerias President

11 A. African Roots First Civilizations Around tens of thousands of years ago! Egyptians – along the Nile River Empires in the West Trading empires began – Ghana & Mali Ch 21 PP11

12 B. European Colonization The Slave Trade in Africa 1600 – 1700s Europeans were trading heavily w/Europeans Gold, ivory, textiles, enslaved workers Ch 21 PP12

13 Europe Divides & Rules 1800s – 1914 – Europe had laid claim to all of Africa except Ethiopia, Liberia, and South Africa Ch 21 PP13

14 C. From Colonies to Countries By mid-1900s, educated Africans had launched the independence movement By the 2 nd ½ of the century, the colonies became independent Nigeria: A Colonial Legacy Read map & timeline on pg. 523 Ch 21 PP14

15 South Africa: Road to Freedom Apartheid – separation of races Did not end until the early 1990s Universal Suffrage – voting rights for all citizens Nelson Mandela – make sure you know who this is! Ch 21 PP15

16 III. Section III Cultures & Lifestyles Ch 21 PP16

17 A. Languages More than 800 languages! Six major language categories Ch 21 PP17 Soccer Fan from Ghana

18 Lingua Franca – means common language Usually French or English in this region Ch 21 PP18

19 B. Religions #1 – Christianity #2 – Muslim #3 – Traditional Religions Ch 21 PP19 #1 #2 #3

20 C. Education Educational Advances Education is improving in areas that have the needed resources Only about 60% of people aged 15 and older can read & write Literacy Rate – the ability of people to read & write Rural areas are often lower New Ways of Learning Only 10 out of 1,000 people have a computer Internet access is not available to many Ch 21 PP20

21 D. The Arts Masks, drums, textiles, dance, music Oral tradition – passing down stories through generations Ch 21 PP21

22 E. Varied Lifestyles Families are very important Extended Families Clans Nuclear Family Make sure you read pgs ! Ch 21 PP22 Sudanese Wedding

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