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Dr. Sergio E. Martinez A life dedicated to service, teaching, and mentoring.

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1 Dr. Sergio E. Martinez A life dedicated to service, teaching, and mentoring

2 It started at an early age… 8.5 Years… Third Grade… Comenzo a una edad muy tierna… 8.5 A os… Tercer Grado…

3 A profile begins to develop… 13.5 Years… High School Freshman… Se comienza a ver ya un perfil… 13.5 A os… Primer Año de Secundaria…

4 A handsome teenager… 16 Years… High School Graduation… Un joven galan … 16 A os… Graduacion de Secundaria…

5 At the MIT dorm … studying Very relax… What was the topic? En el dormitorio de MIT … Bien cómodo… Que estudiaria en ese momento?

6 Graduation from MIT Studying pays off… Smiling at the future El dia de graduacion de MIT Estudiar paga… Sonriendo a la vida por venir

7 Early professional career 20 years A comienzos de su carrera profesional 20 años

8 El dia de su boda… On the day of his wedding…

9 Vida Professional en Venezuela Working in Venezuela

10 Trabajando en Colombia & Cuba Working in Colombia and Cuba

11 Enjoying the fruits of hard labor Disfrutando los frutos de tan arduo trabajo

12 Spain Lake Tahoe Canada

13 Working again Egypt

14 La Vida Personal / Personal Life June 1960 Forced to Leave Cuba With his wife, Two kids, And three suitcases

15 La Vida Personal / Personal Life with his two sisters And grandson 1988: wedding anniversary

16 La Vida Personal / Personal Life 1989 his 70 th birthday 1992: trip to Panama 1990

17 La Vida Personal / Personal Life 1993: Sultan and Sultana enjoying life Domino Rules!

18 Making his mark at FIU 1987: Touring new robotics lab with President Maidique 1988: Receiving Teaching Award

19 1991: Receiving Advising Award Making his mark at FIU 1992: Graduation Banquet

20 Rewarding his efforts… 1988 F.I.U. Teacher of the Year 1990 F.I.U. Advising Award 1992 IIE Teacher of the Year 1993 IIE Teacher of the Year 1995 F.I.U. TIP Award 1996 IIE Teacher of the Year 1997 IIE Teacher of the Year 1998 IIE Teacher of the Year

21 1988 Graduation Class

22 1989 Graduation Class

23 1990 Graduation Class

24 1991 Graduation Class

25 1992 Spring Class 1992 Fall Class

26 1993 Fall Class 1993 Spring Class

27 1994 Fall Class 1994 Spring Class

28 1995 Fall Class 1995 Spring Class

29 1996 Spring Class 1996 Fall Class

30 1997 Spring Class

31 Caminante no hay camino, Se hace camino al andar… Traveler there is no road, You make it as you walk…

32 Dr. Martinez to the podium please

33 The Dr. Sergio E. Martinez Endowed Scholarship In recognition of your numerous contributions to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, your dedication to the education of industrial engineers and life long learners, and all the wisdom and advise you unselfishly bestowed on students during your tenure at FIU, we establish this scholarship in your name, so that it shall serve as an example to inspire future generations of industrial engineers, on this 29 th day of April, 2000

34 The Dr. Sergio E. Martinez Endowed Scholarship founding donors Cristina Albacete Adriana M. Alvarez Amber Andreolas Oscar Aragon Angela Bowles Noel Buitrago Martha A. Centeno Giovanni Cestari Daisy Correa Benjamin Davis Andres Diez David Diez Miguel Diez Helida Fernandez Jose Vicente Gonzalez Ignacio Goris Ergy Hernandez Helena Hernandez Ilia Kaplan Shih-Ming Lee Vilma Liebler Richard Linn Adriana Maldonado - Gonzalez Monica Malave – Matlis Leslie Martinez I. Emil Mejia Lourdes Meneses Elena Mircoli-Ragazonne Samuel Montenegro Evelyn Ortiz Libia Ortiz - Hourihan Arlyn Palacios Manuel Palomino Carolina Piña Daniel Pinzas-Kalinowski Anabel Ramos Lylliam Robelo Gubiath Rojas Florence Sanchez Mario Sanchez Stephane Timothee Grace Torrellas-Lutte Nancy C. Urbina Michelle Vazquez Alvaro Velasquez Paloma Vidal Andersen Consulting Eastern Financial Federal Credit Union The Palace at Kendall U.S. Precast U.S. Foundry & Mfg. Corp. U.S.F. Fabrication

35 To Dr Martinez from the Alumni There are professors that teach us what's on the syllabus... There are professors that teach us what's really important for our careers...and make us proud to have crossed their paths. But...very few times in our college years, do we find professors like Dr. Martinez that make a difference in our existence!! Grace Torrellas

36 To Dr. Martinez from the Alumni Thanks so much for your guidance and support since I joined FIU in While I was an undergraduate as well as a graduate student, you were a great teacher and advisor. Thanks for the knowledge you shared with us; we will always take it wherever we go. Mom and Ilya also send their best wishes. Enjoy your retirement! Anabel Ramos

37 To Dr. Martinez from the Alumni Incredible thanks and gratitude go right from our hearts to a truly outstanding individual who has the most extraordinary mind, heart and stamina of almost anyone we have ever met. Thank you Dr. Martinez, for your caring, understanding, invaluable and constant support as well as expert assistance, not to mention your attention to details and most of all for your commitment. You are the best, and we feel blessed to have known you. We can not thank you enough for guiding us impeccably through the maze of the professional world. We love you and respect you so very much. Our warm personal regards Paloma Vidal & Tamir Gotfried

38 To Dr. Martinez from the Alumni You molded the professional I am today. Your vision on what a student should be, encouraged me to succeed and strive to being the best. Of all the professors that I've had in my student life, the one name I always remember is: Martinez. Therefore, If my 9 month old daughter has at least 1 professor in her life that will motivate, mentor and energize her student life and make her a better person, I hope is someone just like you Dr. Martinez" Monica V. Malave - Matlis

39 To Dr. Martinez from the Alumni Thank you for your guidance and many words of wisdom, they are a precious treasure that I keep with me always Elena Mircolli Ragazzone

40 Dr. Martinez: Thank You

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