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Beta Beta Houston Member Dr Robin Toms Graces Dissertation Chair was Dr. Anne Young.

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3 Beta Beta Houston Member Dr Robin Toms



6 Graces Dissertation Chair was Dr. Anne Young

7 Music Relaxation Video and Pain Control: A RCT for Women Receiving Intracavitary Brachytherapy Grace Chu-Hui-Lin Chi, PhD, MS, RN, OCN Assistant Professor Texas Christian University, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences Beta Beta-Houston Chapter #648 Fort Worth, Texas, USA Dr. Grace Chi received her PhD in Nursing Science from Texas Womans University. Her research dissertation evaluated the effects of music relaxation video on pain and anxiety in patients who received intracavitary brachytherapy for gynecological cancer, which was conducted at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Chi is an assistant professor at Texas Christian University. She has worked in clinical areas of med-surg, gynecologic oncology and radiation oncology for almost 10 years and has also participated in different academic and clinical researches, projects and conferences. She has received the Scientific Poster Award for her dissertation proposal from Beta Beta Houston Chapter in 2007 and also several scholarship awards and research grants. She has published integrated literature reviews The role of hope in patients with cancer in Oncology Nursing Forum 2007 and Selection of music for inducing relaxation and alleviating pain: Literature review in Holistic Nursing Practice 2011. "I would like to acknowledge the support, scholarly expertise, and essential assistance of my doctoral committee chair and dissertation advisor, Dr. Anne Young of Texas Womans University. I am grateful to have such a wonderful professor who guided me with great patience and supported me throughout the whole dissertation journey. Her knowledge, encouragement, and constructive comments helped me to overcome obstacles during the process. I deeply respect her scholarship and professionalism."


9 Catherine and KarenNola and MichelleAnn and Rosanna





















30 Survivorship: A Concept Analysis to Promote Healthy Outcomes in Cancer Survivors Anita Broxson

31 A Coming to America: Korean Nursing Students Experience an Immersion Curriculum Michelle Cho, Deborah Tapler, Catherine Bailey, Mee Kyung Cho, Margaret Peters

32 Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Related to Induction of Labor Prior to 39 Weeks Gestation Elizabeth Restrepo

33 Development of a Self-Report Instrument to Evaluate the Cumulative Effect of Documented Risks, Triggers, and Protective Factors in Ovarian Cancer Expression Sandra Cesario

34 Impacting the Global Problem of Delirium in Critically Ill Adults Jan Foster

35 A Systematic Approach to Analyzing Simulation Experiences Catherine Bailey, Deborah Tapler, & Michelle Piper

36 Content and Methods of Clinical Information Exchange during Nursing Handoff Marge Benham-Hutchins

37 Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis at Community Hospitals: Process Improvement Spanning Acute Care, Emergency Services, and Outpatient Surgery Mari Tietze

38 Global Leadership: The Texas Woman's University College of Nursing Experience Pat Holden-Huchton


40 The Experience of Nursing School Failure Lisette Barton

41 Oral Colonization in the Preterm Neonate: Effect of Oral Care Barbara McFadden

42 Overcoming the Evidence-Practice Gap An Interactive Learning Module Joanna Guenther, Keith Ragsdale, Ainslie Nibert

43 An Examination of Patient Trust Using Discourse Analysis: A Pilot Study Sydney Peck

44 A Project to Improve Post-Operative Care for Patients Undergone Sex Reassignment Surgery Tzi-Tsui Tsao & Asphodel Yang

45 Adolescents with Metastatic Cancer: A Pilot Study Mauricio,R Cesario, S. Symes, L. Binder, B.

46 Health Needs Assessment in Rural and Suburban Guatemala Katheryn Courville & Gayle Roux

47 Evaluation of Anticoagulation Therapy Safety Program in Homecare Tanya Schlemmer

48 The Red Flag: The Cost of Menarche Carole Wiggs


50 A quilt was donated by Dr Anne Koci and Dr Rebecca Krepper on behalf of Beta Beta Houston A bidding war between 2 women led to the final bid of $655 The person who lost the bid has commissioned Anne to make a second quilt and has offered to donate a matching amount to the Foundation.



53 Tanya Schlemmer (Dallas) and Jane Anderson (Houston) Jan Foster (alternate) Carole Wiggs covers for a Utah chapter


55 AKU faculty attending the STTI conference received a tour of the TWU-Dallas campus and had an opportunity to network with TWU faculty






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