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3 THE SUPERSTITIONS AROUND THE CHRISTMAS EVE TABLE By tradition there should be nine kinds of food on the Christmas Eve table. The dinner begins and ends with a prayer remembering the dead family members. Garlic and honey on the table represent health and peas gives strength – this is a superstition.

4 THE SUPERSTITIONS AROUND THE CHRISTMAS EVE TABLE You should put three scales of the Christmas Eve carp under the plate during the Christmas Eve dinner and then keep them in your purse. It guarantees abundance of money during the whole year – this is a superstition. It is said that if small children don´t eat all day, in the evening they will see a golden pig – this is a superstition.

5 MISTLETOE Mistletoe is a typical Christmas plant. It could be gold plated, silver plated or plain green. Most people hang it on a chandelier or above doors. It is said that Who kisses another person under the mistletoe, wins his/ her heart. Donated mistletoe wears reportedly good luck - this is a superstition.

6 FLOWER BARBORKA Unmarried girls pluck a twig of cherries or a golden rain on the day of St. Barbara. If the twig effloresces before Christmas, the girl gets married next year - this is a superstition.

7 CHRISTMAS BREAD Christmas bread is a type of sweet bread that is baked in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Cross plaited Christmas bread protects people from the evil influences - this is a superstition.

8 THROWING A SLIPPER On Christmas Eve, an unmarried girl throws a slipper over her head. If the shoe lands with the toe pointing towards the door, the girl will marry within a year - this is a superstition.

9 THE CUTTING OF THE APPLE Everybody cuts an apple. If you see a star on both halves of the apple, you will be healthy the next year. If you see a cross, it bodes no good - this is a superstition.

10 A MAGICAL WALNUT The night before Christmas Eve we put a walnut next to our bed. In the morning, after waking, you crack and eat it on an empty stomach. The result - in the next year you won´t have fleas and bedbugs! -this is a superstition.

11 THE POURING OF LEAD The lead is melted over a flame. Then the lead is poured into a vessel of cold water. According the resulting shape you can guess, what will happen to you. For example: if you have a straight line, you will live a happy and peaceful life, if you have a two circles, you will have a wedding - this is a superstition.

12 THE FLOATING OF WALNUT SHELLS You must have a little boat with a burning candle in a walnut shell. Everyone puts his boat on a bowl of water. If the shell sinks, its owner will have bad luck. If the candle in the shell lights a long time, its owner will live a healthy and long life - this is a superstition.

13 AND FINALLY A FEW QUESTIONS What vegetable gives you a strength? Why do people put scales under their plate? What do you have to do if you want see a golden pig? Why do people eat plaited Christmas bread? Who throws a slipper and why? When do we eat a magic walnut? What material is poured into a bowl with cold water? What does it mean when your walnut shell sinks? What do people do under the mistletoe?


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