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Aphrodite By Jesse Bynum Other names: -Venus -Acidalia -Cytherea

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1 Aphrodite By Jesse Bynum Other names: -Venus -Acidalia -Cytherea
-Cerigo -Aprodite Urania -Aphrodite Pandemos -Anadyomene

2 -Goddess of sexual love and beauty
-Symbolized through the myrtle tree, fishtail, and dove -Often depicted with a mirror and/or apple as well as with Eros, the winged godling of love.

3 Old Myths

4 Birth of Aphrodite The most common mythological portrayal of Aphrodite's birth is that Uranos was castrated by his son, Cronus, in an effort to sieze power. Cronus threw the genitals into the ocean, and Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam created by them.

5 Aphrodite and Eros Eros was, in some myths, depicted as the son of Aphrodite, while in others, he was depicted simply as her companion and servant. He assists her with the love aspect of her patronage, using arrows to bring mortal couples together. It is said that an arrow of Eros once grazed the breast of Aphrodite while she was nursing him, causing her to fall in love with the mortal Adonis.

6 Aphrodite and the Judgement of Paris
The wedding of the future parents of Achilles warranted the invitation of all dieties except for a minor one called Eris, who arrived anyway with a golden apple labeled "for the fairest". She tossed it among the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, who all claimed to be the fairest. When the three could not settle the dispute among themselves, they enlisted the judgement of the mortal Paris. Aphrodite bribed Paris with the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife, and she was chosen as the fairest. In return, Paris received Helen of Troy as his wife, and this eventually began the Trojan War.

7 Greek and Roman Differences
The main difference between the Greek and Roman portrayals of Aphrodite is most definitely the name; Aphrodite was known as, well, Aphrodite to the Greeks, but Venus to the Romans. Additionally, her spheres of godly dominion changed between the two civilizations. To the Greeks Aphrodite was sexual, passionate love and beauty, while to the Romans these were only secondary traits to her influence on fertility.

8 Aphrodite's Modern-Day Job
As far as a job that Aphrodite could perhaps have now, it seemed fitting to put her as a teenage girl. While this may sound strange, just give it some thought: vain selfies, boyfriend drama, and the inability to go to the bathroom alone. And video blogs... always video blogs. Here comes one now.

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