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Laminated Dough.

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1 Laminated Dough

2 1. Puff Paste 2. Enriched dough
Two Major Categories 1. Puff Paste 2. Enriched dough

3 PUFF PASTRIES or Millefeuillete (1000-layers)

4 Puff Pastry Laminated dough: No fermentation: High fat:
alternating layer of fat and dough (flour and water) No fermentation: dough rises due to steam High fat: 50% or more fat to flour ratio Good freezing characteristics

5 Puff Paste Flour: pastry or all purpose
Fat: butter preferred, high fat content (80% +) emulsified puff pastry shortening/margarine Salt: flavor and dough strengthener Water: temperature, hydration Malt: color, flavor Acid: control oxidation, reinforce gluten structure

6 Folding in the Fat Two Methods: Fat Detrempe 2

7 Lamination: Folds (aka Turns)
After Locking in the Fat Turn 90 degrees (Open seam away from body) Roll dough to 3X as long as wide Letter Fold= 3-fold or do the Book Fold (=4-fold) 3

8 Number of Folds Five 3-folds results in over 800 layers
Four 4-folds results in over 1000 layers 4

9 Rise Roll dough to 1/4 inch thick for most use
Rises over 8 times its original size 5

10 Other Types of Puff Dough
Blitz Puff Pastry Same as a flaky pie dough Roll and fold like puff pastry Good for napoleons and as wrap as in en croute Reversed Puff Pastry Roll-in-fat outside Italian or Pasta Sfoglia Wetter than puff pastry, dough fully developed 6

11 Traditional, Italian, Blitz, and Inverted Puff Pastry
Decreasing order of lift and crumb structure: Italian: high fat with eggs, most lift, soft crumb Traditional: 65+% fat, second most lift, flaky Blitz: 65+ % fat, third most lift, flaky Inverted: least lift, most flaky, driest dough

12 Handling Puff Pastry Dough
Chill dough Cut with sharp knife Egg wash for color

13 Classic Puff Pastries Napoleon Gateau Pithivier Jalousie Palmiers

14 Viennoiserie: Enriched Laminated Dough
Danish Croissant

15 Dough Preparation Mix dough and ferment Encase fat and laminate
Do maximum of three turns Avoid rolling dough too thinly

16 Lab: each student Make Danish dough or European Danish dough (in book). Make and bake Danish dough pastries. Use commercial puff pastry dough to practice making pastry shapes. Make and bake puff pastry containers and fill with at least two different fillings.

17 Up-to-date Grading Score
Tally of total score given and resolved


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