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Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Fighting against discrimination - Maria Sklodowska Curie (1867-1934) Story by Mimoza Ristova Physics Department University.

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1 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Fighting against discrimination - Maria Sklodowska Curie (1867-1934) Story by Mimoza Ristova Physics Department University in Skopje Republic of Macedonia 27.04.2012

2 Once upon a time, the world of science and art was inaccessible for women as nowadays the Vatican Conclave and the Athos of Greece remain closed for female human beings. Vatican Athos 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

3 Let us not ever forget who made the first footsteps in to the deep masculine chauvinistic snow of science? Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

4 What the scientific conferences looked like before the phenomenon Marie Sklodowska Curie appeared? Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

5 Scientific conference in 1900 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

6 Solvay–scientific council 1911 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

7 Sоlvаy Conference -1913 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

8 Solvay Conference 1921 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

9 Sоlvаy Conference - 1933 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Irene Marie Lise Meitner 27.04.2012

10 Solvay Conference -1947 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

11 Institute of Physics – Skopje -gender statistics Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Временска базамажижени In memoriam95%5%5% Retired professors65 %35 % Full Professors60 %40 % Associated Professors50 % Assistant Professors60 %40 % Manager positions at the institute in last 10 years 60 %40 % 27.04.2012

12 HISTORICAL, POLITICAL AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

13 Life in Poland _______________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Russian occupation of Prussia 27.04.2012

14 Life in Poland _____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 1900 2000 27.04.2012

15 Russian occupation ____________________________________________________ From capital city 1815 Warsaw became a Russian provincial city under the rule of the Russian Tsar. Polish language was forbidden for public use. Sklodowski family was devoted to open patriotism and cultural preservation. Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

16 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Mania was born on November 7 th 1967 in Warsaw ____________________________________ 27.04.2012

17 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Zosia, Maria (V child), Hela, Joseph, Bronia The Sklodowskis children _______________________________ 27.04.2012

18 Education under nationalistic discrimination ______________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Higher education in sciences forbidden for polish students in the Russian Empire!!!!! Russian Tsar Alexander II was killed 1881 by polish revolutionary students Kosaks parade after 1863 after defeating the revolution 27.04.2012

19 Depression (mental depleation) ____________________________________ Life in the country – years of happiness Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Education was the driver in her life 27.04.2012 recovering after 1 year

20 Governance, tutor in the sugar factory and illegal student of practical chemistry ________________ _______________________________________ ______________ Mania & BroniaKazimir Zorawski 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

21 Illegal flying universities in Poland or evening schools with variable address ____________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

22 1891 -1894 Marie at Sorbonne ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 1893 - Master degree in physics as a top student in the class and 1894 – master in maths 27.04.2012

23 To look for a job in Paris or to return back to Poland? ____________________________ Facing difficulties in magnetic measurements, she was introduced to Pierre Curie Wedding 1895 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

24 Honey moon– tour de France ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Wedding gift from Pierre 27.04.2012

25 1897 – continuation of Becquerel's findings Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Key to the success: Pierre and Jacque Curies upgraded electrometer 27.04.2012

26 Experiments with U-salts _______________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Becquerels hypotesis confirmed U-salts with a greater U-content show greater activity 27.04.2012

27 Is it only property of U? _ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ She tested all the known elements. It was found that Th revealed the property. 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

28 Doctoral degree for Pierre and Marie _________________________________________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Gabriel Lippmann First lady PhD in France 27.04.2012

29 Radioactivity is a property of atoms _____________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

30 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 was divided, one half awarded to Antoine Henri Becquerel "in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity",the other half jointly to Pierre Curie and Marie Curie, née Sklodowska "in recognition of the extraordinary services they have rendered by their joint researches on the radiation phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel". 27.04.2012

31 Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

32 Curies in wellbeing Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 1904 -Irene (8) и Eve (1) 27.04.2012

33 Isolation of Ra and Po Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

34 Charcoalit U- blend Ores containing Ra and Po 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

35 Ores containing U-salts 1 t (U-ore) 1,4 g (Ra) t 1/2(Ra-226) =138,4 d 1 mg (Po) t 1/2(Po-210) =1620 y 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

36 Laboratory work for Po -separation ___________________________________ U-blend + HCl (aq ) Clhorides in-sollution: U, Th, Pb, Cu, As, Sb, Bi, X + H 2 S (aq) Sulphides : Pb, Cu, As, Sb, Bi, X + (NH 4 ) 2 S As & Sb in Sol, while the deposit contains Pb, Cu, Bi, X+ NH 3(aq) + HCl (aq) Cu in sol, in deposit remain hydroxides Pb, Bi, X + HCl (aq) + H 2 S (aq) Deposit of sulfides : Pb, Bi, X (sublimation at700 o C) Sulfide XS = PoS 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

37 Two new elements - Po 84 and Ra 88 _________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

38 Short term happiness followed by trauma ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Pierre Curi (1859-1906) 27.04.2012

39 The years of loneliness ____________________________ …Broken in pain, I wasnt feeling ready to face the future. However, I could never forget what my husband said, that even if one day HE IS GONE, I should continue with our work… Picture she inserted in to Pierres coffin 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

40 1906 –First woman to establish a laboratory at Sorbonne ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Andre Debierne the assistant who help the prove that Ra is an element. 27.04.2012

41 New deep snow French Academy of Science Curie vs. Brannlie ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Weather one female should enter the Academy? 27.04.2012

42 Victim of a French Xenophobia of ultranationalist press _______________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Marie is Jewish??!!! Racist analysis of her facial features and the handwriting 27.04.2012

43 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Time adjusted eruption of the scandal related to her love affaire with Paul Langevain, former Pierres bright student. Stigmatization in the media _______________________________________________________________ Paul Langevain 27.04.2012

44 Victim of sexism (gender discrimination in the FAS) Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 YES! For Mr. Brannlie NO! For M-me Curie 27.04.2012

45 Criteria for election (MORE.....). ____________________________ Is it that Branlie was appointed to FAS because he was MORE FRANCH MORE CHATOLIC MORE MAN than Marie Sklodowska Curie???? 27.04.2012Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012

46 1911 – Exile before the ruthless crucifixion of the public opinion __________________________________ ____ 27.04.2012

47 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911 ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911 was awarded to Marie Curie "in recognition of her services to the advancement of chemistry by the discovery of the elements radium and polonium, by the isolation of radium and the study of the nature and compounds of this remarkable element". 27.04.2012

48 New depression ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Was that a to big snow caused by the the gender chauvinism, anti-Semitism (?), nationalism ??? All of those discriminations at a same time!!?? 27.04.2012

49 ..Than she was married to the Radium laboratory.. ____________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Irene and Marie Curie 27.04.2012

50 Illness –victim of professional exposure and painful death (1934) _______________ ____________________________________________________ ____________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Pantheon - Paris 27.04.2012

51 PANTHEON AUX GRANDS HOMMES LA PATRIE RECONNAISSANTE "To the great men, the grateful homeland" Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012 The first woman to be buried in Pantheon by her own merit

52 The Curie Unit (1Ci) _________________________ Activity 1 Ci = 3.7 x 10 10 decays in one second Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

53 The name Curie Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

54 Google – login page from 07.11.2011 Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

55 Who was the first female PhD in France? Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Who was the first female Nobel Prize winner? Who was the first female to establish a lab in Sorbonne? Who was the first woman professor in France? The champion in many disciplines __________________ 27.04.2012

56 Who was the first to win 2 Nobel prizes in different fields? Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 Who was a female Nobel Prize Winner be a mother of another female Nobel PW? Who was so unique to infect the close family to win 6 Nobel Prizes? 27.04.2012

57 Who won the so many battles against so many different types of discrimination? __________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

58 Top 10 most influential scientists of all times (pole 2000) __________________________________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 1.Isaac Newton 2.Luis Pasteur 3.Albert Einstein 4.Galileo 5.Nikola Tesla 6.Marie Curie 7.Aristotle 8.Enrrico Fermi 9.Paul Dirac 10.Charles Darwin 27.04.2012

59 Instead of conclusion Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

60 It is not really easy to step first.... Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

61 ... but, than again, it is easier to know that you have followers _________________________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-201227.04.2012

62 However, this is simply easiest way... ______________________ Mimoza Ristova -Maria Curie-RAD-2012 The end 27.04.2012

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