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3 GLANCE QUALITY POLICY Superior product quality & excellent customer service. Exceed Customers expectation Promote the quality of employees by training them. Encourages all the employees to pursue excellent customer services. Review and enhance the system to international standards and best practice. Compucare is having manpower of 60 who are dedicated young professionals with high skills. Compucare team includes enthusiastic, honest & experienced people. Very ideal & exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in development field OUR TEAM Established in 1996 Efficient security system integrator Head quartered at Vadodara Efficient security system integrator Head quartered at Vadodara Leading IT solutions provider BACK

4 OUR VISION, MISSION & GOAL VISION A company with innovative products, innovative management and innovative ideas which can be helpful to a customer to improve his business, improving overall life of all team members and give this world something which can be memorable for ever. GOAL Provide world class services, and quality products Provide the products with great technical and commercial values to the customer. Spread our points of sales and service in all major cities of India and important countries of the world. Increase contribution of IT software business in web applications and IT projects. MISSION To become respectable solution and service provider in the field of IT and IT enabled services BACK

5 OUR STRENGTH & MANPOWER STRENGTH More than 6500 installed base Repeat order, from most of our customers, is the measuring scale of our service as well as growth. Innovation for the benefit of customer's business and life style is main aim of the company MANPOWER Having 60 dedicated young professionals. Compucare team includes enthusiastic, honest & experienced people. Very ideal & exclusive environment for creative and skilled professional engaged in development field. BACK

6 CERTIFICATION & MEMBERSHIP ISO 9001:2008 RQ91/6010 Dated 16th Oct'09 NSIC-Crisil, performance & credit rating : CMPCA/SMET/2010/ th sep'10 DUNS BACK

7 OUR HARDWARE PRODUCTS Informative HR Kiosk Wireless Time Attendance Solution Access Control System Wireless IP Based Camera Solution Wireless Megapixel IP Camera & NVR IP Video Intercom System Fire Alarm & Detection System Public Addressing System BACK

8 INFORMATIVE HR KIOSK Auto Login Facility With Card Finger print & password BACK Continue…

9 BENEFITS OF HAVING KIOSK AT YOUR DOORSTEP ! Great reduction in manpower expenses Information/interaction can be set on any language Information can be managed centrally for many locations Standard information can be delivered using Videos easily Easy and ready flow of information for employees/customers/visitors Offer self - service functions to employees without access to desktop computers Gives luxurious sense of using the latest technology and great feelings for your company Interactive KIOSK applications can reduce interaction of customers/employees with your people No need to train people for the delivery of standard information as once set it is available on KIOSK 24x7 access to information without need of human intervention which will reduces cost and increases convenience BACK

10 WIRELESS TIME ATTENDANCE SOLUTION Total Wire free TA Device No Internet Connection No Power Connection (Battery Require) No need to surprise! GPRS is on your help Benefits Get your data to your attendance server without LAN and Internet Connection however GPRS activated SIM is required Useful for the remote place where there is no internet or LAN is possible. BACK

11 ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Classic FCA Fingerprint & Card Based Access Control User Capacities : 1 to 1500/3500 users Transaction Storage : Card Option :- Inbuilt Proximity card reader, Password Identification Way : Finger, Proximity card, Communications : RS232,RS485,TCP/IP, USB Voice Greeting : Yes Other Function : Wiegand Output (26 bit reader) For Exit Single Door Card Based Access Control User Capacities : 1 to 9000 users Transaction Storage :18000 Controlling Point : 2 / 4/ 8 Door Controller Communications : RS232,RS485, TCP/IP Restricted Access : Rights can be defined door wise Multi Door Card Based Access Control User Capacities : 1 to 3000 users Transaction Storage : Card Option :- Inbuilt Proximity card reader Identification Way : Proximity card, Password Communications : RS232,RS485, TCP/IP,USB Voice Greeting : Not Available BACK

12 WIRELESS IP BASED CAMERA SOLUTION Benefits It reduces the project cost It reduces the implementation time of the project It protects the look of your interior if camera is inside the premises It makes shifting of camera possible almost everywhere in the premises It makes maintenance easier It makes work easier where cabling for outside premises is very difficult or not possible BACK

13 WIRELESS MEGAPIXEL IP CAMERA & NVR 1/3 Sony CCD Chipset H.264 Video Compression Format Built-in Wi-Fi Module IP 66 Waterproof Rate DIY Color Package Designed Wireless Installation, Easy To Use H.264 Video compression Format 1/3 OV 7725 CMOS Sensor Built-in Wireless Transmitter Module CIF /D1 resolution waterproof 36pcs 5mm IR LED lights, IR distance: 30/50/80/100 meter Auto Connecting to Wi-Fi NVRs, no need IP setting Direct to PC, cutting off your extra cost for NVR Powerful CMS management software, Wi-Fi wireless function, No need much more cabling; Built-in 32GB TF card, can cycle recording and pre-recording, PTZ/Motion Detection are supported five OS for mobile View, and IE browser 7/8/9 720P HD resolution Optional Up to 9/16 channels D1 WIFI IPCAM connect Built - in DDNS domain name CMS Applicable to iMac OS Support five OS for mobile surveillance Free of port forwarding Even 100 monitoring points, only need one network cable connect to central control room BACK

14 IP VIDEO INTERCOM SYSTEM IP is an intelligent video intercom & home automatic system which is based on TCP/IP technology. Unlimited number of indoor monitors and outdoor stations make the system flexible and expandable. All video, audio and data are simply transmitted by just a CAT-5 cable. Application Ideal for Apartments, Townships, Societies, Bunglows, Farm House, Club House etc. Remote unlocking. Resident custody. 7, 9, 10touch screen, monitor and talk with the gate station and the outdoor camera. Support voice, pictures, message checking function. Home appliances control. BACK

15 FIRE ALARM & DETECTION SYSTEM Introduction An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems are intended to notify the building occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, report the event to an off-premises location in order to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke. Features & Benefits Compact and attractive, Low power consumption, Internal battery and charger Wide detector compatibility Pushbutton circuit isolation Field programmable Ten different programmable detection circuit types Alarms displayed on engravable index Built-in sounder to draw attention to local non-normal states Automated self-test History log tracks alarms and transient fault conditions Diagnostic display promotes prompt and efficient servicing BACK

16 PUBLIC ADDRESSING SYSTEM Weddings and Parties A PA system is often needed at a wedding, party or private function. Applications include : Speeches and announcements Background music Live performance Disco and dance music Lectures, Conferences and Presentations You may need a PA system for : A single presenter Audio-visual presentations (including video and film) Question-and-answer sessions Several speakers or panelists, or a conference-style event Live Music A PA system is nearly always required for live music. Our PA systems cater for : Solo performers Folk and acoustic music Blues, rock, and heavier styles Multi-style and multi-performance events Bands BACK

17 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Compucare develops tailor made software specific to your business operation. Compucare develops simple, yet powerful applications implementing all the required processes and applying clients logo, branding and colors using the latest development tools. Your business is unique. Your requirements are beyond standard software. You are looking for software that matches the complexity of your business. With extra tailor made planning modules you will have a planning system that suits your unique situation. As each business is a different then other, having different needs & requirements, business applications for such business are also different and sometimes requires a special attention in design & development to meet your business' needs. Compucare help you to get developed such applications which are just perfectly tailor made to suit your business' needs. In doing so, we utilize our vast knowledge & experience on such business systems implementations. Compucare meet your customized requirements, so you have the control on where it matters the most. Once development is complete we provide our clients modification and improvement if and when necessary. Software may be developed in stages and grow with business growth or may just be a simple program to manage a single task. All types of business can be catered for. BACK

18 TECHNOLOGY OFFERING Database Layer MS SQL 2000 | 2005 | 2008 | MS Access | Oracle Business Layer Asp. Net | C# | VB. Net | VB 6.0 |.NET Framework 2.0, 3.0,3.5 Presentation Ajax. Net | HTML/XHTML | Java Script | J Query | CSS Framework Reporting Tool Crystal Report | Excel | Word | Text Image Design ADOBE Photoshop | ADOBE Image Ready | Corel Draw Animation Flash Microsoft TechnologiesMultimedia BACK

19 SERVICES OFFERING Product Development Services Concept Study Client Contact Feasibility Study Requirements Spec. Development Deployment Support Application Deployment Bug Fixing Client Training Modification Technical Support Online Support Telephonic support Onsite Support Development Strategy System Design Development & Testing Stepwise rollout Documentation Final rollout and onsite development Software Development Services More than 200 organizations has getting the business benefits using our customized application Application Development After development we will provide application maintenance service as per the client requirement Application Maintenance We will migrate or re-structure the existing application as per the client requirement Application Migration & Re-Structuring After development & implementation phase we will provide 1 year support Application Support We will provide our solution on monthly & yearly rental system with Customization. Application On Rent BACK

20 PROJECT EXECUTION & DELIVERY MODEL 1. Requirement Analysis 2. Design & Development 3. Quality Assurance & Testing 4. Implementation & Deployment 5. Maintenance & Support BACK

21 OUR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS Hybrid Central Monitoring Software HR Planet Software Head Counting Software Visitor Management Software Vehicle Access Software Time Attendance Software Payroll Management Software Canteen Management Software BACK

22 HYBRID CENTRAL MONITORING SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Hybrid Central Monitoring Software will provide facility to connect 500 camera and view 500 cameras in single window. You can fix one camera from 500 cameras as per your requirement in 4 channel window and remaining three windows will be rotating cameras. User wise camera selection. KEY BENEFITS No Switcher required Low cost solution Easily expandable Easy to operate Less maintenance required Selection of camera by IR remote No dependability View more than 500 cameras in single window. User wise camera selection. Various type of camera rotating facility View more than 500 cameras in single window. User wise camera selection. Various type of camera rotating facility BACK

23 HR PLANET SOFTWARE OVERVIEW HR PLANET, web-based time management software allows the Managers to view their own timesheet, a particular staff member's timesheet, or the timesheet for the entire company via the internet. This gives managers the advantage of being out of town but still being able to see the streamlined activity in the office. It is a daily time tracking solution designed to reduce the drudgery of recording, analysing and reporting associated with everyday working routine. MAKE YOUR WORK PAPER LESS Recruitment Management Training Management Attendance and Leave Management Over Time/C-OFF Management Auto Alert Approval Hierarchy Graphical Reports User wise login 24/7 fully hosted web application Employee/HOD Dashboard BACK

24 HEAD COUNTING SOFTWARE OVERVIEW In-head count software is used to know how many employees are there in your premises at any point of time. It helps to take precautionary steps at the time of emergency. This software also can be used to know how much strength you have at particular time at particular location. There are other features like you can give greetings on the screen and news related to company. Employee Verification at your security gate NOW EASIER Easily tracking of employee inside the premises Direct Report Department wise No Need to process data Online Data downloading KEY BENEFITS BACK

25 VISITOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Compucare Security Software is specially designed to keep track of visitors coming and going out of the premises and Controlling, Monitoring and Authorizing Visitors in the company. Allows Fingerprint Access and Photograph Capturing, added Photo ID capability, Database searching, auto forwarding of authorization request in absence of visited, auto-login facility for the users, gate pass printing with visitors photograph, current visitors list, out-time posting, visitor history etc. Available with Appointment facility with Visitor Photo Scrolling KEY MODULES Gate Pass Facility Appointment Facility Value to security system Easily records visitor details and track their log data. With automatic detection function, system can retrieve a specific date or time of each visit Visitors data contains visitor name, company name, reason for visit, visiting dept.etc Easily maintain history of visitor Block visitor facility KEY BENEFITS Photo Scrolling Various Reports BACK

26 VEHICLE ACCESS SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Improved security by enforced gates areas access Increased control through regulated entry Maintaining the Inventory and History for a Vehicle. Fully automated system to identify Vehicle in and out. Tracks an unlimited number of vehicles with complete details of Vehicle. Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle. Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters or exit. Data can be captured even vehicle is on the move. Detailed data exporting tools included using Microsoft Excel. User friendly Report Generator Reduced labor. Eliminate data entry Greater transaction accuracy KEY BENEFITS Vehicle Access system, designed to track and manage vehicles in gates areas communities, as well as easy in-and- out for drivers, without human interference. And identifying a particular Vehicle during In/Out. BACK

27 TIME ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Time is our Business and Time Management is a Skill that results in the most Effective use of a Employees Time. Get organized take control of your time. Compucare Time Office System is a Computer Software that will allow Easy and Efficient control of Attendance and Punctuality of all Employees in Company. Computer Based Finger Print Time Clock. Compucare supports various Time events mechanisms like In/Out, Break Times, Inter Site Travels and Off Site Work. Time Office consists of Manpower Planning, Leave Management, Shift Management, Overtime Management and Reporting Tool. This Biometric System has helped us streamline Attendance System across all of our plants and reduced the cost while bringing in more transparency. Various 60 Types Of reports available in excel, word and text format KEY MODULES Leave Over Time MIS punch Week OFF Shift Change C-OFF REPORTS User wise Report Daily & Monthly Report Yearly Reports Summary Reports Leave Reports Statutory Reports BACK

28 PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Compucare Payroll software has this unique ability to work for the smallest organization as well as for the large enterprise. It does this with simplicity and user-friendly way so that you don't get drowned in complicated menus or screens. It scales as your business grows. Reduce Payroll Processing Cost KEY MODULES Salary Calculation Over Time Calculation PF/ESI/P. Tax/Form-16 Gratuity REPORTS Salary Report Statutory Report CTC Report Bonus Report Summary Reports Loan Details Appointment letter Relieving letter, etc… Loan/Advance Facility Customize Earning & deduction Formula creation Bonus Reduces Payroll Processing Cost. Reduces time needed to calculate and process Payroll. No Human Error Helps in company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments. KEY BENEFITS BACK

29 CANTEEN MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Compucare gives the facility of Canteen Card reader Management. The usage of the canteen by the employees seen in report. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple caterers operate in a closed environment or at multiple locations. Remove Food Coupons KEY MODULES Item wise Calculation Time Zone wise Calculation Multiple Items selection Manual entry option available Different types of summary report Easy data processing KEY FEATURES No food coupons No Calculation error No human interface Easy & accurate calculation KEY BENEFITS BACK

30 WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Compucare will build corporate website for your unique business, which will be help your business for making identity in global market, and get business from global market. We will develop Static as well as dynamic website using below technology and also provide web hosting. Why Website Needed? Now a days more and more people are looking to the web for the products and services they need. Consumers want to be able to access products and services online and businesses have to obey consumer expectations! The Internet is the most economical and efficient way to do business. There are numerous advantages for your business to be online. Cost Savings and increasing your bottom line! A Professionally developed web site keeps more money in your pocket. Think of your website as a workforce multiplier. Your website can enhance numerous aspects of your business. Enhance your company's marketing activities. Because your website provides a showcase of everything your company has to offer placing your company's web address on everything that comes into contact with the public is a great way to enhance your marketing. Our Portfolio…Our Portfolio… BACK Continue…


32 CORPORATE SOLUTION Payroll Management Software Visitor Management Software Time Office Software Canteen Management Software HR Planet Head Counting Software Centralize Data Base Server Easy To Integrate With Any ERP System No Data Duplication Work Easy To Maintain Low Cost Solution BACK

33 OUR PRESENCE INDIA COMPUCARE (Corporate Office) , Bombay Shopping Center, 2nd Floor, R.C.Dutt Road, Race Course, Vadodara, Gujarat, India Contact no. : (Off.) (Fax) (Mob.) Skype – hitesh.goswami1 Website : MUMBAI A-5-62, Vishnu Krupa Chawl, Sant Rohit Das Nagar, N.R.W.E.Highway, Mumbai Contact no.: CANADA 52 Passfield Trail Brampton, ON L6P 1T9 Canada Cell: Website : ZIMBABWE 12th Floor Fidelity Life Tower, Raleigh Street, Harare. Tel: Cell: Website : AHMADABAD B/9 Anand Society, Nr. Pooja Vidhyalaya, CTM Cross road, Ahmadabad Contact no.: BANGALORE #21, Sri someshwara swami nilaya, Sri vinayaka layout Varthur, Bangalore Contact no.: BACK



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