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The Early Years Foundation Stage Principles and Practice EYFS.

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1 The Early Years Foundation Stage Principles and Practice EYFS

2 The Principles of EYFS The unique child Positive Relationships Enabling Environments Learning and Development

3 Learning and Development Playing and exploring Active Learning Creating and thinking critically

4 The Areas of Learning and Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Communication and Language Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive arts and design Physical Development

5 The Importance of Play

6 Ethans Aquarium

7 Charlottes ice rink

8 Victorias church- note the wedding taking place!

9 The Playground

10 The Airport

11 Our garage, farm, hospital, zoo, swimming pool, stable!

12 What are the key ways young children learn? playing being with other people being active exploring new things and having new experiences talking to themselves communicating about what they are doing representing ideas and experiences meeting physical and mental challenges being shown how to do things practising, repeating, applying skills HAVING FUN!!!

13 Learning and teaching through play Play is invaluable in helping children to develop positive ways to learn finding out what they are interested in being willing to explore, experiment, try things out knowing how and where to seek help being inventive – creating problems and finding solutions being flexible- testing things out being engaged and involved- concentrating, persevering with challenging tasks making choices and decisions playing and working collaboratively managing self and others, developing independence developing alternative strategies understanding the emotions and points of view of others

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