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Clay’s Quilt By: Silas house The author Book summary characters.

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1 Clay’s Quilt By: Silas house The author Book summary characters

2 <- back The author Clays quilt was silas house’ first book. Silas house is from Kentucky. He got the inspiration for Clays’ quilt came from his life and things around him.

3 <- back Book Summary In his mid-20s, Clay Sizemore has lived in Appalachia his entire life and works in the coal mines at Black Banks. He is loyal to the relatives who raised him, especially Aunt Easter, his dead mother's sister. Clay is comfortable with his life but he lives with indecision and is unable to move forward with his own plans, because questions about his mother and her life plague him. Orphaned at age four, his wish is to learn the truth about the murder of his mother, Anneth.

4 characters <- back clay Roe Evangaline cake Glen Dreama Alma Anneth
Darry Marguerite Easter Gabe Paul Sophie Geneva

5 <- back clay Character list Clay is the main character of clays quilt. His mother, Anneth, died when clay was four. He works as a miner and spends his time listening to records.

6 <- back cake Character list Cake is Clays’ best friend. In the story you here of there childhood together because cakes mother, marguerite, and Anneth was friends.

7 <- back Dreama Character list Dreama is Clays’ cousin. She marries a man named Darry against Clays’ advice. She later regrets that decision when Darry later cheats on her three months after the wedding. Dreama later has a child named Tristan.

8 <- back Anneth Character list Anneth is Clays’ mother she died when clay was four years old. She said the reason for her free spirit is because of her Indian background. She had been married three times and her third husbands name was Glen who was very jealous of Clay.

9 <- back Darry Character list Darry is Dreamas’ husband. He cheats on Dreama three months after their wedding. He is discovered and then denies everything at first. When Tristan is born Darry is nowhere to be seen.

10 <- back marguerite Character list Marguerite is Cakes’ mother and she was Anneth’s best friend. She is a quiet lady and Cake worries about her as most sons do.

11 <- back Easter Character list Easter is Clays’ aunt. She was a loving sister to Anneth. She discovers she has the sight in her younger years.

12 <- back Gabe Character list Gabe is Clays’ uncle. Dreama is Gabes’ daughter and Gabe is very quick to stand up for his family, especially his daughter.

13 <- back Paul Character list Paul is Clays’ great uncle. Paul is a talented quilt maker. His wife is Sophie. At the end of the book Clay gets a quilt made by Paul. He used scraps of anneths’ clothes which meant a lot to Clay.

14 <- back Sophie Character list Sophie is Clays’ great aunt. In the book you hear her and Clay talking while she enjoys her early morning “ forbidden” cigarette. She is the one who gives Clay Pauls’ quilt.

15 <- back Geneva Character list Geneva is a friend of Clay. She is not mentioned much but she is at the hilltop sometimes

16 Roe Roe is the doorman at the hilltop. He is usually on Clays’ side.
<- back Roe Character list Roe is the doorman at the hilltop. He is usually on Clays’ side.

17 <- back Evangaline Character list Evangeline is Almas’ sister. She like to sing while Alma plays her fiddle.

18 <- back Tristan Character list Tristan is Dreama and Darrys’ son. When Tristan was born Darry was no where to be found. Dreama named Tristan after her favorite movie.

19 Glen Glen is Anneths’ 3rd husband. He was always very jealous of Clay.
<- back Glen Character list Glen is Anneths’ 3rd husband. He was always very jealous of Clay.

20 <- back Alma Character list Alma is Evangelines’ sister. She can play the fiddle. Alma and Clay met each other when Alma played the fiddle at Dreamas’ wedding

21 <- back Denzel Character list Denzel is Alma’s ex-husband. He and Clay got into a fight over Alma.

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