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Making Multicultural Australia - Good Heavens Rituals.

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1 Making Multicultural Australia - Good Heavens Rituals

2 Traditional Australian Protestant wedding, Wollongong, 1996. Photo: Andrew Jakubowicz

3 Italian Catholic religious festival, Photo: La Fiamma

4 Hong Kong Wedding House, with European style wedding dresses, showing the interaction of Asian and Occidental traditions. Photo: Chris Pip.

5 Young Muslim girls at Auburn mosque, 1995. Photo: Sherran Evans.

6 Leela Carroll being fed her first solid food at the Indian temple in Helensburg in Sydney, in a ceremony marking the transition from babyhood to childhood. The ceremony is called Anna Prashanam, meaning to partake of rice or food. January, 1996. Photo: Tim Carroll.

7 Woman at Easter midnight mass, Greek Orthodox Church, Surry Hills, Sydney, 1974. Photo: Andrew Jakubowicz.

8 Elise Hearst reading the Torah at her Bat Mitzvah. Temple Beth-Israel, St. Kilda, Victoria, October 1994. Photo: Suzette Gery.

9 These images are free for your use for educational purposes, however not for publication. For more copyright information go to

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