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Women ‘s History From 1620-1920.

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1 Women ‘s History From

2 Pre/Post Test Who is… 1. Susan B. Anthony 2. Amelia Bloomer 3. Alice Paul 4. When did women get the vote? 5. How many years after White men? 6. Name one more cause women fought for besides the Vote… Give this quiz before and after lesson. Analyze to assess success of instruction. Then make changes or reteach as needed

3 Women’s History Interactive PowerPoint
Often in the study of American History it would seem only white men did anything of note. Recently, educators are making an effort to be inclusive of all who made a difference. One such group is Women.

4 300 Years is a LONG Time We are now going to make a human timeline.
We will begin in 1620 when Pilgrim men voted on the way the colony should be governed. There may be important dates marked along the way… I will each of you a date arrange yourselves in chronological order. Stop power point and do this and other activities as they come up. Have the number of dates as class members.

5 Timeline Questions How many years from the time white men voted until women voted? How many years did all women try to get the vote? How many years did white men try to get the vote? FYI… black men got the vote right after the Civil War . In the south Jim Crow Laws prevented all blacks from voting but that is a story for another day…

6 What took so long??? When women arrived from Europe to the colonies, voting was one of the least of unfair laws about how women were treated. Women could NOT: Go to School then High School then College Own anything, their husbands owned their clothes, their children, everything including anything they inherited from their own families.

7 What about Girls??? Girls could not wear pants in fact they had to wear so many underclothes that they may have weighed as much as 15 extra pounds. They could not participate in sports or even ride a bike. The future include one of a few options: Marry and become ruled by your husband Become a teacher(need to go to HS) Become a “Old Maid” and live out your life on the goodness of your family and in return you take care of them.

8 Another Activity Close your eyes and visualize your life as it might have been before Women Right’s changed. Boys -think about all boy’s schools, all boy’s playing sports, riding a bike, your Dad and eventually you having total control over your family Girls- think about having no real say in your life and facing the fact that it will always be so Talk to each other (partners) about what came to your mind Quick Write about 2-4 sentences about your life before Women’s Rights Look over their shoulders to see if they are “getting it?”

9 Revolutionary War Hero
Name 2 more…

10 Civil Rights Hero Name two more…

11 Activity # 3 People have for a long time been familiar with the heroes of our fight for independence. Name Two 1. 2. In recent years people have become familiar with heroes of Civil Rights Movement. Get your chart with women’s names out… You can do this together and teacher can type in answers.

12 First woman to marry that was not husband’s property Kept her name
Names Symbol Brief description Lucy Stone Wedding Rings First woman to marry that was not husband’s property Kept her name Elizabeth Cady Stanton Book Began Woman Suffragette movement with SBA Wrote History of Woman’s Suffrage Movement Susan B. Anthony Silver dollar Fought for equal pay for women teachers Sojourner Truth Microphone (metaphor) Made a famous speech “Aint I am Women fighting for all women not just white women Clara Barton Red Cross Nursed men on the battlefield during the Civil War Amelia Bloomer Bloomers Designed and wore first women’s trousers Alice Paul Picket sign Kept movt alive when others died. Began in 1910 Students will have a copy of this. Teacher will explain there are many women who made a difference. These women made a difference in women’s rights. Students will draw symbol to help them remember each woman.

13 Women Rights Heroines Notice the picket sign

14 Speaker Women One law we haven’t talked about is Women could not talk at a gathering where men were present. HOWEVER, women became involved in two causes they believed in : Temperance and Anti –Slavery. They began to break the law and speak out and people including men began to listen. So then they began to speak out, have marches and in general make everyone aware of a Women’s Right to Vote.

15 Make Three Picket Signs
Make 3 Picket signs on the hand out…. Make one picket sign-Anti- Slavery Make one picket sign- Temperance (Anti- Alcohol) Make one picket sign- Women ‘s Right to Vote The needed handouts are included.

16 Examples of Picket Signs
Make 3 more…

17 Finally… On August 26 , 1920 -300 years after white
men , 27 million WOMEN got the vote. All the heroines who fought so hard were gone but their legacy allows the choices you and I have today. We can vote, go to college, wear pants, speak to any group, own our personal belongings including property, have any career we want ..

18 Thanks, Ladies… Because of you… Our possibilities are limitless

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