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PASSION | INNOVATION | CREATION | DELIVERED. 1.Overview 2.Value Proposition 3.What We Do & How We Do It 4.Social Media Marketing & Its Impact on Business.

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2 1.Overview 2.Value Proposition 3.What We Do & How We Do It 4.Social Media Marketing & Its Impact on Business 5.Social Media Servicing 6.Public Relation & PR Services 7.Website Development & Complete Web Solutions 8.SEO & ORM Services 9.Bulk SMS Services 10.Bulk Voice Call Services 11.Bulk Services 12.IVR & Your Own Call Center Services 13.Why Dafuq ? 14.Corporate Experiences 15.What Can You Do Next ? © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

3 Dafuq Solutions is the only service provider which brings together Business & Branding Solutions on one single platform. We provide launch pad to Technology, Media, Entertainment & Décor related products. Every artifact and service that we offer is tailor made not just to meet, but to exceed your business expectations. In the times, when todays youth is troubled by the thoughts of getting released from the vicious circle of rat race, we as a team came up with an idea that could bring about a change in the service industry for decades to come. An idea that would make you shout, DAFUQ. Dafuq is a one stop shop for all your business needs. Its time to, Raise Your Eyebrows. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

4 Considering the Top 35 Cities in India, 77% or 18.2 Million of the Active Mobile Internet users (Top 35 City Base Million) access social media, second only after (83%) Average Frequency of Social Networking Access using Mobile Internet - 7 Days a Week 34% or 19.7 Million of the urban social networking base is from the Top 8 Metros Of the urban social networking base of 58 Million, about 20.3 Million (or 35%) are from Small Towns (towns having population of up to 5 Lakhs) Active Mobile Internet User Base in India Million Active Social Media User Base in India Million (82% of the Active Mobile Internet Base) Penetration of Social Networking (All India) The current edition of the study provides social media usage & behaviour of individuals from Urban India. As per the findings, of the 80 Million Active Internet users in Urban India, 72% (or 58 Million individuals) have accessed / used some form of social networking. They may have accessed social media using a personal computer (PC), laptop or even a mobile device, as the illustration suggests. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

5 Retain your clients and provide interactions that re-energize your brand & services. The most successful organizations leverage public relations services to carve out an identity for their own brand that resonates with prospects. Looking for home decor or design solutions for your home or office space? Then this space is for you. We strive to be the most reliable and creative Event Management Company by delivering a high standard of quality. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

6 We have a history in print and broadcast journalism which enables us to think the way that members of the media do when we develop materials and resources for the media and conduct outreach. Instead of pitching the media, we engage them in an ongoing dialogue so that when you're ready to tell your story they are ready to listen. > Personality Management > Brand Management > Advertising & Design > Online Promotions > Product Placement > Product Launches > General Publicity > Viral Marketing > Brand & Personality Profiling > Social Media Marketing & Servicing © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

7 The explosion of social media means businesses of all sizes have an equal chance to compete for brand awareness. Marketing tools are developing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Let us help you to implement the most effective online awareness marketing strategy exclusively for your brand. Social Media Audits Social Media Audits to find out how your online presence ranks compared to others in the industry. Social Media Planning Social Media Planning to develop a strategy for effective social media outreach. Social Media Campaign Management Social Media Campaign Management to outsource your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and free up your staff time for customers. Blog Development Blog Development to develop and refine your blog for search engine optimization and brand awareness. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.



10 Why Us? Approaching various media tools Drafting communication materials Generating third party opinions Spokesperson profiling Organizing bridge building meetings Placement on industry stories Strategic consultation We are a Public Relations driven marketing communications agency. We provide fully integrated multidisciplinary marketing services to build awareness and sales for our clients. A public relations component is integral to most of the strategic marketing services we offer. Impact of PR Services on Business To create mass awareness Spread positive phenomena Mitigate crises Enhance corporate identity Build familiarity & increase recall value Positive image building Abridge the existing gap between media Social media visibility Strategic movement © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

11 OUR PR SERVICES Media alerts Creation of press materials Competitors analysis report Press seminars Coverage report Media monitoring Weekly report Weekly social media report Monthly dossier Quarterly plan Translation of articles Brainstorming ideas Spokesperson training Drafting media queries Client servicing © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

12 We are present at all the channels where customers interact i.e. calls, s, chat and social media. Our contact centre teams are equipped to handle customer interactions through all these channels. There's nothing better for catering sales than delighted clients. Their guests are all potential customers, and they are likely to spread the word about you to family and friends in need of a caterer. Corporate Solutions Contact Center Services Technical Support Back Office Solutions Website Development Internet Marketing Billing & OSS System Data Analytics Interactive Voice Responses Customer Relationship Management Toll Free numbers Bulk SMS Mailer Campaigns Social Media Servicing Discover Design Develop Deliver Support © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

13 Why A Good Web Site Matters To Your Business? For most businesses, a web site is one of the most important investments you can make. Entrepreneurs are either overspending or under spending on their web sites, and many have no idea what theyre doing or why. A good, solid website really matters to your business. We provide you with the core components which your web site needs to work well for you at an affordable cost. Your web site reflects you as a business owner and professional Your web site can mean extra local business. Your web site can mean global business. Your web site can generate media interest. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

14 Expandable 5-10 page CMS website 3 Initial design concepts to choose from (by 3 different designers) - additional layouts will be charged. Static Header included (in Lieu of Static Header, optional Flash Header) Customer Contact Form - Get Leads/Feedback from website in your (up to 8 fields) Search Engine Friendly Web Design with free Sitemap page Dedicated Project Manager - , in person & phone support - We hold your hands Complete customer satisfaction and Unlimited Rounds of Revisions during the design stage. Content Management System (CMS) Ability to manage all content of website with No design knowledge required to maintain your website. Easily add/delete/edit text, menu items, images, video/audio files, media files etc. in the content area. Training tutorials and videos provided Ability to add UNLIMITED additional pages at your own convenience Your website can be as large or small as you want with Add new pages yourself at any time without paying extra and without any professional help Super Search Engine Friendly Marketing Blog Post articles or entries at your convenience Allow comments on your articles or entries Approximately 15 of top 20 websites on Google search results have Blogs. Excellent marketing tool and search engine visibility booster

15 Search Feature Allow visitors to search the content of your website. Search feature helps improve your visitors experience. Social Networking Links Link your website to your social networking accounts (ex. Twitter and Facebook). Includes unlimited linking to your social networking websites. Yearly Web Hosting 5 Accounts AT YOUR DOMAIN NAME Excellent Iconic Control Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Storage space for website files 2GB of storage Please note 100% of cost is included in advance payment amount Yearly Domain Registration Includes the yearly registration fee of 1 domain name Cost covers most domain names, additional charges may apply for certain domain names Do not advertise your domain name in any manner until your project manager has confirmed its registered © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

16 Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. It is the process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that the site places well when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search. The practice of designing web pages so that they rank as high as possible in search results from search engines. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. SEO GOALS Achieving a high ranking on the search engines Boost sales / Increase your return on investment Improve your competitive edge Expand customer base and target audience Growth in site traffic © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.


18 Off Page SEO Services are the best way to get more website traffic. Off page factors include relevant back links to the website, as well as anchor text. Back links are very important for Google for generating traffic to the website: Off Page SEO Services Include Blog Submission Article Submission Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Press Release On-Page factors are related directly to the content and structure of the website. On-page optimization involves modifying keyword frequency in the URL, Optimizing Title, Headings, Hypertext Links and Body text. On Page SEO Services Include Title tag optimization Description tag optimization Keyword tag optimization Image Optimization PDF Optimization © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

19 Main Features of BULK SMS Solutions : 1.Send SMS from anywhere through our web Based App. 2.No Setup fees 3.No hidden cost 4.No monthly commitments 5.Delivery reports 6.API's to integrate with your Application 7.Schedule SMS to be delivered anytime without manually sending it each time 8.Auto DND Filtration at our Server 9.Send Both Transactional and Promotional SMS 10.Create Users & Resellers under you

20 QuantityMarketingTransactional lac1522 3lac1320 5lac lac and Above RouteAverage Delivery Timings Marketing0 to 20 minutes Informational0 to 10 minutes Terms & Conditions 1. Above rate are subjected to change as per TRAI or our Company rules 2. Sender IDs are available only on Transactional Route. 3. Sender IDs are subjected to approval and should have 6 characters long & should be Alphabets. 4. Only 9.10 am to 8.45 pm SMS delivery on all routes except Marketing 5. SMS will not be delivered to DND Numbers except on Transactional Route 6. Prices are exclusive of all Service Taxes (12.36%) 7. Please refer the terms for allocating Transactional Route Approximate Delivery Timings Note : The above output is just an average mathematical calculation based on our TPS and average traffic which might be vary depends on the traffic and other technical grounds. A genuine database is sure to give a delivery percentage between 95 to 99%. *paisa/message © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

21 Main Features of BULK VOICE CALL Services: Personal Touch: Voice message has greater emotions compared to text; hence a more personal way of communicating on Mobile and Landline. Reach out to large Indian target audience which is not well versed in English language. Get instant response by using interactive features (Asking users to press a key for their response). Complete real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign. Extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products/services in rural market. Send message in your own recorded voice (no system generated prompt). © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution. QuantityBasicPremium Lac5065 3Lac4560 5Lac & Above4055 *paisa/message

22 Bulk Marketing Software Solutions offers outstanding campaign design flexibility and industry leading tracking and reporting services Create personalized HTML marketing messages with our easy to use, MS-Word compatible editor or import your own HTML messages. Use one of our 1,000+ (The biggest selection in our industry) professionally designed templates or upload your own design with our easy to use editor. No HTML knowledge necessary! Track your messages, events and surveys with real-time results Manage all your marketing campaign lists with our extensive list management features. Don't worry about removing bounced addresses or those who ask to be removed - Bulk Marketing Software Solutions automates it all. Send a one-time blast or sign up for the monthly marketing software services customized for your own needs. © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

23 QuantityPaisa/ 1Lac7 5Lac6 10Lac5 15Lac & Above4

24 Project a Big Company Image - Perception is Reality You want to impress your callers and convey a big business image, but want to avoid the expense of a real telecaller. You can create the appearance of multiple departments and project a professional business image. Never Lose a Business Lead -Every call is Important The business is getting competitive, what if a big order was lost because your phone was powered off when the customer called. From our website, you will get a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed. Get Calls When Not in Office - Business is on the go Youre out on the go, but expecting that crucial phone call. Enjoy the convenience of having your calls routed to your home, mobile, or any number - so you'll never miss another important call. Move Office but not Phone -Phone Number for Life Your business is growing; you want to move to a bigger office but are worried about customers calling old number. Your Own Call Center or Jansamwaad number will go where your office is. No Hardware – No Software – As Easy as your . © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.


26 Whether you want an exciting and lavish entertainment night, a Business Conference, a corporate event, an Elite Fashion show, a mesmerizing Wedding, a Music Concert, Artist Management or even a crazy Bachelor night, we will do it for you at the most competitive rates in the market. We guarantee you that we will make your day special. Corporate Events Product Launch Customer Meets Dealer Meets Seminar Conferences Road Show Celebrity Management Celebrity Coordination Band Management Artist Management Wedding Events & Theme Parties Fashion Shows College Festivals Sports Management Institutional Events Online Events Cultural & Charity Events Fund Raisers & Gatherings Music, Light, Sound, Decorations © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.



29 We are one of the largest, most experienced full-service flooring contractors in India. We offer a wide selection of home décor solutions from industry leading manufacturers along with specialty items unique to your location. Over the past few years, our company has experienced solid growth by building long-term relationships with industrys leading builders and contractors. Our aim is truly one of customer satisfaction; and not just for the builder or contractor, but also for the homeowner and end user. Our people understand the importance of providing customers with end results that transforms a house or building into a place to live, work and enjoy. Through our experienced staff of field managers, dependable installers, and dynamic customer service personnel, we provide our customers with professional, efficient service and quality workmanship at an excellent value.

30 ServicesBusiness SPsBranding SPsDafuq Solutions Contact Centre Data Analytics Technical Support Complete Web Solutions Social Media Marketing Social Media Analytics Public Relations Traditional Media Promotions Online Media Promotions Corporate Events Cost effective Quality Analysis Innovation Confidentiality *SPs: Service Provider © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.


32 Give us a call to explain you more about our services Call us to do an Audit in your organizations to understand your requirement Ask for an Analytical Feedback Ask for a Proposal Let's Talk Corporate Office : Logix Park, Sector 16, Noida Registered Office : A-758, Shastri Nagar, New Delhi Tel : Mobile : , © Dafuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd Confidential: Not for Distribution.

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