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I liked this book because no matter what the situation was the Baudelaire orphans would find the bright side in it and thats what I think all people in.

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2 I liked this book because no matter what the situation was the Baudelaire orphans would find the bright side in it and thats what I think all people in a bad situation should do. I also liked it because I learned a lot from when they read books or give definitions.

3 Introduction: The Baudelaire orphans parents die and they need someone to live with. They move in with Count Olaf their Third cousin removed 4 times. Rising action: The Baudelaire Orphans have to work like slaves for Count Olaf who they find out is a terrible man after their fortune. Climax: The Baudelaire orphans find out about Count Olafs plan to inherit their fortune and try to stop him Falling Action: The wedding takes place buy Violet tricks Count Olaf and their fortune doesnt get stolen. Resolution: The police try to capture Count Olaf and put him in jail but he escapes.

4 Introduction: The Baudelaire children spend the day at the deserted Briny Beach. While enjoying the loneliness, their parents banker,Mr. Poe, arrives to tell them that parents have both died in a fire which has destroyed their mansion. As executor of the Baudelaire estate, it is his duty to find a new home for the orphans. The Baudelaire's briefly live with Mr. Poe and his wife, Polly, sharing a room with their bad kids Edgar and Albert. All three Baudelaire's are miserable, but Mr. Poe soon tells them that he has located a distant cousin, Count Olaf, who lives within the city and is willing to become the children's legal guardian. This agrees with their parent's will (which requests that the children be cared for "in the most convenient way possible) so they get ready to move in with him. On the car ride to Olaf's house, Mr. Poe explains to the Baudelaire's that Olaf is a count and a stage actor. When the car arrives in Olaf's neighbourhood, the children are greeted by the kind Justice Strauss, a judge on the High Court. Violet thinks she is Count Olafs wife but Strauss explains that she is Count Olafs neighbour and directs the children and Mr. Poe to the ugly and deformed house that was Olafs. The children learn that Count Olaf is a terrible man that only adopted them thinking he would have access to their fortune when he finds out he doesnt he drops all acts of kindness. Olaf is rude, selfish and unhygienic, he bears a tattoo of a glaring eye on his left ankle and a ugly unibrow. Although the house is spacious, the orphans are given only one room and one bed are provided with no belongings.

5 RISING ACTION: Every day the count leaves to work with his theater troupe, posting a list of often challenging chores which the children must perform before he returns home. Eventually Olaf informs the children by way of the chore list that his 10-man theater troupe will be coming over in the evening, when the Baudelaire's must serve dinner. Having no suitable supplies to make a meal for ten, the children spend the day with Justice Strauss shopping for ingredients to make spaghetti alla puttanesca and chocolate pudding. That evening Olaf arrives with his theater troupe, a motley crew which includes a man with hooks for hands, a bald man with a long nose, two women with white-powdered faces, and one who is so fat so he looks neither a man or a woman. The count and his troupe openly discuss his intentions to steal the children's inheritance, and Olaf becomes outraged when he learns the children have not prepared roast beef. When Klaus protests, Olaf slaps him and grabs Sunny, but calms down and allows the children to serve the puttanesca. The next day the Baudelaire's set out to find Mr. Poe, and report Olaf's abuse. Poe explains that Olaf can raise them as he sees fit. The next morning, Olaf speaks with the Baudelaire's. He says that Mr. Poe called him to address the children's concerns, and that as a first-time parent, he has been uncertain how to connect with them. Olaf tells the children that they will be performing with his theater troupe in their upcoming production The Marvellous Marriage.

6 Rising Action Continued: Klaus spent the day in Justice Strausss private library all day trying to find books about Inheritance laws because he thinks the Marvellous Marriage is a scheme to steal their fortune. His research is interrupted by the hook handed man coming and locking him in their single room but Klaus smuggles a book. During the night he discovers that a 14-year-old may get married with guardian consent, and realizes that Olaf plans to legally marry Violet in The Marvellous Marriage and having full access to their fortune. In the morning Klaus confronts the Count about his plan. The count says Klaus is right but says that he has hung sunny from the tower in a bird cage and to be dropped whenever he or Violet dont behave. That day Violet tries to visit sunny but the door is guarded, so during the night she builds a grappling hook to climb the tower. Her grappling hook works fine but is quite scary but at the top she finds that her grappling hook was caught on the hook mans hook then she gets locked up there with sunny. The hook handed man grabs Klaus to join them. Together they sit locked up in the tower until the morning and the Marvellous marriage..

7 CLIMAX: Justice Strauss is the judge and Violet plays the role of the bride. Klaus is a tree, while Sunny remains locked in the birdcage under the hook-handed man's watch. Every attempt the children make to speak to Strauss or Mr. Poe (who has come to see the performance) is interrupted by Olaf. When the time comes for Violet to sign the wedding contract, she makes a final effort to annul the marriage by signing the document with her left hand rather than her right. (The law required the document to be signed in the bride's "own hand".) As soon as the contract has been signed, Olaf announces that the performance is over, and that Violet is now legally his wife. The audience members object, but finally Justice concludes that the ceremony is legal. Violet informs Justice that she signed the document with the wrong had making the marriage fake. Resolution: Justice agrees that this is not in the law. Olaf orders the hook-handed man to drop Sunny, but she and the assistant have already arrived onstage. Mr. Poe attempts to arrest Olaf, but one of the assistants turns the house lights off. In the darkness and confusion, only Violet in her white wedding gown is visible. Before he and his troupe escapes, Olaf finds Violet in the dark and promises her that he will get their fortune if it's the last thing he does. Once order is restored, Mr. Poe calls the police, but only Olaf's getaway car is found. Justice Strauss offers to adopt the Baudelaire's, but Poe objects, observing that their parents' will instructs the children be raised by a relative. In compliance with the law, Strauss says goodbye to the children and leaves them in the care of Mr. Poe.

8 Count Olaf Evil Smart Clever Schemer Sinister Self Absorbed Unhygienic Ugly Abusive Persistent Lazy Criminal

9 Violet Baudelaire Bright Smart Clever Inventor Responsible Distracted Concentrated Polite Charismatic Energetic Creative Caring


11 Always use your brain. If you use your brain than you will find a solution to your problem If you dont use your brain than either someone else will solve the problem or you will never know the answer. Mr. Poe didnt use his brain Violet had to show him what was happening Klaus used a book to learn more about the wedding and found out Count Olaf's plan. Use resources to find out more about a subject. Violet used her brain many times while inventing but the most important time when she was signing the wedding contract and she saved herself Count Olaf used his clever brain to make up his evil plan but didnt learn everything so Violet tricked him. Learn as much as you can about a subject It didnt seem like Mr. Poe thought about who he was dumping the kids with because it only took ne day Dont make decisions without thinking about them.

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