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Friesen Trivia 2012. Friesen is like Smith for the Mennonites Friesen is an occupational name for a builder of dams and dikes.

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1 Friesen Trivia 2012

2 Friesen is like Smith for the Mennonites Friesen is an occupational name for a builder of dams and dikes.

3 Most of our ancestors have been identified as _____ and _____. Occupations ?

4 Ministers Farmers

5 Who were Johns Parents?

6 Abraham B Friesen and Helena Fast Arrived in America 1875 with their parents Abraham 1871 – 1947 Nikolajdorf, Molotschna, South Russia Died in Mountain Lake, Minnesota Helena 1875 – 1949 Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, South Russia Died in Mountain Lake, Minnesota

7 Farming Owner of a fine farm of 404 acres located about 8 miles northwest of Mountain Lake. Their home was partially destroyed 3 times by tornadoes. Known for his Belgian Draft Horses.

8 Who were Katies Parents?

9 Gerhard P Rahn and Anna Thiessen Arrived in America in 1889 with their children Gerhard P Rahn Sparrau, Moltschna, South Russia Died in Mountain Lake, Minnesota Anna Thiessen Assumed she was born in South Russia and died in Moutain Lake. They had 10 children, she died in childbirth and Katie was the only one born in America.

10 Gerhard P Rahn and Helena Schultz After Anna died, Gerhard married Helena (1875 – 1969) they had 5 children

11 Farming and Ministry Their farm was southwest of Butterfield. In 1893 Gerhard was ordained as a minister of the gospel in the First Mennonite Church of Mountain Lake. One of the many hardships as a minister was traveling long distances by horse and buggy. Gerhard was also a poet and song writer and has written many poems in German.

12 What dad said the following? My daughters take good care of me!

13 Orlando about Lana and Dee

14 Which brother(s) played in the regional basketball tournament in St Peter and they had glass backboards?

15 Elvin and maybe others …

16 Who is the youngest Friesen?


18 April

19 Proud Parents David and Sasha Cupryna Proud Grandparents Debra and John Cupryna

20 The art of being a parent is sleeping when your baby isnt _____? A.Crying B.Looking C.Feeding D.Changing

21 Looking

22 Helen was known for her _____ and for the _____ _____ jam she made.

23 Ground Cherry Jam Quilting

24 Elzora is also known for her quilting How many t-shirts did it take to make this quilt?

25 30 This was a special gift made for her granddaughter, Hilary.

26 Art Work A.Olivia Cupryna B.Nicholas Roehlke C.Marah Smith D.None of the above

27 Marah Smith

28 Who is Salsa Dancing?

29 Lonnie and Angie

30 FUN FACTS 47 First Cousins plus 38 spouses TOTAL 85 Brett (27) ___________ Nancy (70) … 43 year span …

31 Cousins – 2010 Reunion

32 Only 41% attending this weekend. We span 27 states Including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Washington DC and Brazil How do we stay connected? Thought to ponder …

33 Honorable Mention the Friesens continue to grow


35 Alexander David Thompson January 13, 2012

36 Proud Parents Joshua and Corianne Thompson Proud Grandparents Brenda and Lynn Thompson


38 Adelyn Elise Thompson October 29, 2011

39 Proud Parents Caleb and Cara Thompson Proud Grandparents Brenda and Lynn Thompson

40 Kaden Nichols September 2011 Proud Parents Stacie and Brett Nichols Proud Grandparents Rick and Dawn Friesen


42 Esther Ruth Gruntmeier June 12, 2011

43 Proud Parents Kaylynn and Jeffrey Gruntmeir Proud Grandparents Brenda and Lynn Thompson


45 Lucy Louise (Lulu) Wall April

46 Proud Parents Corey and Emily Wall Proud Grandparents Sharon and Fred Wall

47 What book contains the first line, All children, except one eventually grow up? A.The Time Machine B.Stuart Little C. Peter Pan A.A Prayer for Owen Meany

48 Peter Pan

49 Which brother here has 4 generations represented?

50 Erwin and Janet

51 Who went skydiving in the last 30 days?

52 Dawn Profit

53 FUN FACTS 106 Second Cousins plus 33 spouses TOTAL 139 Elijah (5) ___________ Roseann (48) … 43 year span …

54 Only 29% of second cousins attending this weekend. What do we need to do to attract more of an interest for reunions for the next generation? Thought to ponder …

55 Most Popular Name From John and Katie to Eliana … what is the most popular name in the Friesen Family?

56 John followed by Katherine Katie Friesens birth certificate originally read Katherina Rahn. It was changed in 1963 to Katie G. Rahn

57 Following Close Behind David Jason/Jayson Jeremy Joshua Rebecca/Rebekah

58 Who takes on an elephant?

59 Mark Friesen What more can we say …

60 What grandpa said this? She has a great sense of Huor which only a few People understand?

61 John speaking about Krystal

62 Who went to the dentist with other brothers and got 3 shots of novicane in one day and never got any work done on his teeth because the dentist had three chairs and the work on the other brothers took to long? The reward for pain and suffering was an ice cream cone in Windom.

63 Elvin

64 Who wants to be known as Z? and enjoys art work

65 Julian Friesen

66 What railroad did John Friesen work for?

67 Section Foreman Track from Butterfield to Bingham Lake

68 Who can add these to his list of accomplishments? Microbiologist Backpack Apalachian Trail Avid Biker

69 Jeremy Friesen Check out his facebook Page for some amazing pictures …

70 Who rolled the car after staying a week at Uncle Abe Friesens while they were on vacation?

71 John

72 Who is celebrating a 50 th Wedding Anniversary?

73 Nancy and Virgel Kroeker

74 Who was in their wedding party? Flower Girl ___________________ Ring Bearer __________________ Hint: They are in the room today.

75 Debra Cupryna (Flower Girl) Arlynn Friesen (Ring Bearer) Note of Interest Nancy and Elvin were in Jacob and Ardiths wedding.

76 FUN FACTS 59 Third Cousins and our family continues to grow Ages <1 to 17 (Janaya)


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