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0 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Welcome to Levy Restaurants.

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1 0 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Welcome to Levy Restaurants

2 1 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Our Goal Today & Agenda > Meet Our Team > Who is Levy Restaurants? > Schedules & Commitments at BBVA Compass Stadium > Age Requirements and Alcohol Awareness > Uniform Guidelines and Appearance > Parking > Check In, Pre-Event, Event and Post-Event Duties > Team Member Meals > Cash Handling Procedures > Payment Process > Paperwork Review > How to Earn Additional Incentives > Answer Your Questions

3 2 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Who we are? > Who are we? – Levy Restaurants is A Family of Passionate Restaurateurs! > When was the beginning? – In 1978, brothers Larry and Mark Levy expanded beyond their real estate and insurance roots by investing in D.B. Kaplan's Delicatessen in Chicago's Water Tower Place.. > Where are we now? – Today, as a result of a commitment to an entrepreneurial mindset, Levy Restaurants is recognized as one of the fastest-growing innovative companies in the industry. We have partnerships in stadiums, arenas, convention centers, zoos, racetracks and music festivals, in every major market and abroad. "Even though weve been around for over 30 years, we live each day with the same values of the family company born with D.B. Kaplans Deli in 1978. – ANDY LANSING, PRESIDENT & CEO

4 3 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Welcome! Opportunities for you to earn money for your NFP group at BBVA Compass Stadium, Toyota Center and Texas A&M University! BBVA Compass Stadium weve paid out more than 500,000 since the opening in 2012! You can expect at BBVA Compass Stadium to earn up to $2,000 per event depending on the size of the crowd. Levy guarantees at a minimum you will be paid out $200 in those rare events where sales are low. What you provide: Commitment - Hard Work – Enthusiasm - Smiling Faces – Desire to earn $$$ for your group! Our commitment to you: Training – Proper Equipment – All supplies – Meals – Training - Support & supervision to your team to set you up for success! Not For Profit Opportunities

5 4 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Commitment and Schedule > Required Commitments – Dynamo Season (At least 1 Dynamo Game a Month) Level of commitment will offer priority of stand selection for each event Incentive for groups who can commit to all games can select their stand location & have it guaranteed for all events! – Concerts-Optional – Convention Type Event - Optional – There will be a few mandatory events. > Schedule – Will have rotating schedule for all venue and groups – For upcoming events please visit

6 5 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Age Requirements & Alcohol Awareness > All volunteers have to be 18 or older > TABC Certification > National Restaurant Association Certification Online Course – Provided by Levy Restaurants > Identification Procedures – When going online to take the NRA class. Please be sure to fill in all information that applies to you. Be sure to include your group name. > Alcohol Service – Toyota Center Alcohol cut off is at the end of the 3 rd Quarter for Rockets Games. Alcohol cut off is at Levy Management Discretion for all other events. – BBVA Compass Stadium 75 th Minute of Soccer Games and at Levy Management Discretion for all other events

7 6 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Uniform Guidelines > Levy Restaurants supplies the uniform shirt are to be return at end of night – Rental Program available: you are responsible for checking out and returning rented shirts > Hats must be purchased by our organization – Hats are provided for each volunteer once with the original order of shirts, replacement hats are $5.00 each. – Health Department requirement is for all team members handling food to have a hat. > Black Kakis type work pants – No jean are ever allowed in any circumstances > Black Slip Resistant Shoes – Team member is NON black shoes are in jeopardy of being sent home and possible loss of commissions for the group – The group is also subject to deduction penalties for multiple dress code violations > All black sock > Black conservative belts

8 7 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Uniform Guidelines > Jewelry – All No watches are allowed when dealing with food. No facial piercings of any kind allowed. – Men Only allowed 1 Ring (wedding Band) No earring allowed – Women, 1 Set of Earrings, no larger than a nickel. 1 wedding band (engagement and wedding band > Tattoos – No visible tattoos are allowed, Please have all tattoos covered prior to arrival at location > Professional appearances expected

9 8 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Parking Everyone is responsible for finding their own parking accommodation. Parking options are very limited are for both arena and stadium. Levy Restaurants will not be held responsible for any reimbursement of parking fees or towing. We suggest carpooling to cut on parking cost and to make sure everyone arrives together and on time.

10 9 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Check In (HO) > Check in is always 1 ½ hours before the time of Doors/Gates opening. – BBVA – Check in is located at the gate on Walker St.; you will then proceed to Levy loading dock for assignment. > Team member verification – We require for all team members to have there certification prior to working at any venue Anyone not listed on your group list will not be allowed to check in for the event. Unless they can provide the paperwork/confirmation of certificate of completion of the TABC /NRA at the check in desk. > After checking in – You will then proceed to pick up uniforms (if not purchased) and report immediately to stand location.

11 10 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Pre-Event Duties > Check in with Stand Manager – Stand Lead will provide stand assign for pre-opening duties. – It is group responsibility to be on time to assist with the set up process. – Be ready, great service, happy team members will result in growing sales! More sales equals greater commissions for your group! > Verify Inventory – Team up with stand lead to ensure opening inventory counts are correct and matching > Bank picked up at Popcorn Room (i.e. money room) Once money is retrieved; distribute to stand workers for event

12 11 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 During Event Duties > Levy Difference – Great customer service! – Increase speed of service! – Up selling = more $$$ > Tip are allowed to be received / No Solicitation of Tips – Tip cups visible to guest are NOT allowed – Baiting tip is also NEVER allowed! > Conduct and cash pull from all registers – All big (i.e. 100s, 50s, 20s) bills will be picked up during cash pick-ups. > Clean location during down time > Check In with stand manager – To make sure we are prepared with product at all times. – To make sure it is a allowed time to give team member breaks.

13 12 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Post-Event Duties > Cash – 1 st Post-event duty - reconcile all banks to be turned in to money room officer. > Inventory – Verify inventory counts with Stand Manager > Check with Stand Manager – For other closing procedures – Specific cleaning duties – Confirmation for dismissal All groups are responsible for helping with the clean up of the stand at the End of Night (EON). If a stand location is left in unacceptable conditions the group is subject to be fined by commission deduction All groups members are encouraged to stay to see completion of reconcile process with closing manager!

14 13 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Employee Meals > BBVA Compass Stadium Policy – Team member family meal is provided for each event. – Set-up 2 ½ hours and 90 minutes prior to gates. For example, the employee meal period for a 7:30 PM game with gates opening at 6:00 PM would be from 3:30-4:30 PM. – Employee meals period will only be served during this time. – Employees must eat their employee meal prior checking in at their work area. – No other food may be consumed by employees or NPO groups in Concessions stands without the specific authorization of the Department Manager, Executive Chef, or Director of Operations. – Consuming food in Concessions stands or in any of the above mentioned work areas will be considered theft and will be treated accordingly.

15 14 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Cash Handling Procedures (HO) > Getting Money from Cash Room – All groups are responsible for getting the money for their stand. – You are responsible for all banks assigned to you and money collected. – Any miss handling of money by a team member or volunteer must be reported to managers on-site immediately. > Cash Hand Responsibilities – You are responsible for the security of your bank. Never Leave Bank Unattended. – You are responsible for locking bank after depositing money at end of shift. > Over/Shortages – Any cash or inventory shortage will be deducted from your weekly commissions/donation. Any discrepancy needs to be address with concession management team > Cash Drop and Change Procedures – The Cash Room will come around to each stand; times are TBD (depend on venue). You are required to do a cash drop of all you big bills from pulled from your team registers. This is the time to make change for your location as well.

16 15 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Payment Process > Commission – Commission rates are subject to vary by group – Commission Breakdown Donation are paid from total net sales from your stand locations. Any cash and inventory shortages are also deducted from NET sales to come up with total donation amount. Accurate inventory and controlling your items sold are important! > Payment/ Donation – Commission payouts are completed weekly and submitted to Home Office through our payout system. – All checks are generated from our Home Office in Chicago. – Checks are sent out from our Home Office every 7 th, 17 th and 27 th of every month.

17 16 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Incentives Game Specials – Earn an extra 50.00 each game! Each game well feature one or two specials. The group with the most specials sold will win an additional $50.00 for their group. Season Goal – Additional end of season $500.00 incentive! We would also like to reward the full-size stand that comes closest to matching GOS to cash $100 each game. The group with the best record at the end of the season will be awarded an additional $500.00.

18 17 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Required Paperwork > Signed NFP Agreement > W-9 (with tax classification) > Copy of 501c3 letter from IRS > List of Team Members – TABC verification – Shirt Size > NFP Questionnaire > Discussion of Penalties in Contract – What's next? – Once the contract has been completed there will be required training for your group to be scheduled prior to working.

19 18 © copyright Levy Restaurants 2004 Thank You! Questions? Thank you for your interest!

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