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Pinterest. You can all think of news areas that lend themselves to Pinterest.

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1 Pinterest

2 You can all think of news areas that lend themselves to Pinterest

3 The New York Times, for example, has dozens from food & drink, etc.New York Times

4 But there are lots of other uses, some that you all can copy for your own board Give visuals to big news stories.big news stories Source

5 A reporter who uses Pinterest well

6 Other uses of Pinterest by journalists/news organizations Front Pages: Several news organizations have boards that highlight their front page each day. The pins link back to the newspapers websites. boards Source

7 Quotes: Lack a photo? You can do like the Wall Street Journal and the Mercury News: grab wacky pull quotes from a story to draw a reader in. Pins link directly to the article.Wall Street Journal Pinwords & PinstamaticPinwords & Pinstamatic and Pin a QuotePin a Quote Lets check out PinstamaticPinstamatic

8 User-Submitted Content News organizations have created boards for everything from prom pictures to engagement announcements, to share their readers content with a broader audience.engagement announcements

9 Staff Bios: Many news organizations are posting photos of staff members, with contact info and links to their content on the news site. Or other heres our newsroom boards like Community bloggers.posting photos of staff membersCommunity bloggers

10 Illustrations: The Wall Street Journal has a board of its hedcuts, those dot-ink portraits that have become a signature illustration in each days newspaper. The illustrations are impressive on their own.hedcuts

11 Different twist on political candidates: The Washington Post has boards for biographical information about presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, for a different approach to profiles about the candidates, complete with childhood and wedding photos. Washington Post


13 Community Guides: From The Morning Journals guide to Ohio golf courses, to the Denver Posts Favorite Colorado Places board, newspapers are using the visual ability of Pinterest to offer a public service to readers.Ohio golf courses Favorite Colorado Places

14 Profiles: The Des Moines Register has a board called Interesting People that links to news stories, blog posts and other features about people in Des Moines.Interesting People

15 Outside content: The Guardian of London has a board called On Our Radar, in which the news organization links to news stories it finds from other sources.On Our Radar

16 Interactivity ContestsContests, user-contributed copy, etc.user-contributed copy Source

17 Archives Examples: Historic photos Historic front pages

18 Fun boards example: Austin American Statesman Omar L. Gallagas

19 Local efforts: What do you think? Hint Journal & Courier Indy Star

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