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Lesson 14 Do not turn into this. Understand the role of a dramaturge

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1 Lesson 14 Do not turn into this. Understand the role of a dramaturge
Understand and be able to explain Act 2 Visualize a written scene Do not turn into this.

2 What is a Dramaturge? R+J Packets; define dramaturge
A person within an acting company that is responsible for researching and developing the context of plays Helps director make informed decisions by providing information related to the play Goal is to help create a play that is accurate to the time period

3 Scenes 4, 5, 6 Finish Scene 4—same parts! Read scenes 5 & 6
Reading Guide work time

4 Activity 4.15, Springboard p282
Shakespeare does not write a scene for the wedding of Romeo and Juliet. Why does this wedding take place off-stage? If the wedding were added to the action of the play, how would you show it in two different time periods? Shakespeare’s? Now?

5 In the charts provided, explain how each part of the wedding scene would look in each time frame
Costumes, music, staging— And then what is your intended effect of each choice made? Why have the costumes the way you chose? Deciding on the modern day setting will be easier—it’s what you know! Hint: Look at the paintings used in the Glencoe text book as a guide!

6 Take it a step further…p284
Now, on a separate sheet of paper, you are going to take on the role of either Romeo or Juliet Based off of what you know of your character in Act 2, what would his or her wedding vows sound like in your made up scene? Fold your paper in half; on one side, write the vows for Romeo, and the other the side write the vows for Juliet. You may write in modern language. If you write in a poem format, you must write lines. If you write in a paragraph format, you must write at least 2 paragraphs.

7 Causes and Consequences
Answer the three questions on page 284 about the application of “coming of age” How does the concept of coming of age relate so far to Romeo? What about Juliet? Does the emotional behavior of Romeo and Juliet have more to do with their age or love at first sight? Why do you say that? (back it up) Why do the Friar and the Nurse, adults who care deeply about the young lovers, allow Romeo and Juliet to act so quickly?

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