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The Engagement and Wedding Unit II – Chapter Seven.

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2 The Engagement and Wedding Unit II – Chapter Seven

3 Objectives Define the engagement period and explain its purpose Identify and determine the steps necessary in designing, organizing and hosting a wedding and reception.

4 Getting Engaged When people get engaged they make a promise to get married This communicates to friends and family that the two people have made a commitment The engagement period may last months, years or longer It gives the couple time to test their relationship, make sure marriage is the right decision and plan for the wedding

5 Engagements At one time, engagements were considered legal contracts and rarely broken Today, broken engagements are not uncommon Some realize they rushed their decision to get engaged Some decide to slow the relationship down Some find their feelings of love have changed over time Others discover they just are not ready for the responsibilities of marriage

6 A broken engagement can bring a sense of loss and be very painful In the end though, it is better to realize the warning signs early A bitter divorce or unhappy marriage will be more painful in the long run

7 Marriage Laws Every state has laws governing marriage They serve to legalize the couples agreement, regulate property rights and provide protection for children

8 Marriage Laws Mutual Consent: All states require this, it either party is against the idea, the marriage is not valid Monogamy: Marriage to only one person Marriage age: Most states allow people to marry once they are 18

9 Marriage Laws Physical Requirements: Most states require a blood test to make sure neither partner has a communicable disease Waiting Period: States requires couples to wait up to five days after the license is issued

10 Marriage Laws Marriage Officials: State laws identify officials who may perform a marriage ceremony Prohibited Marriages: All states prohibit marriages between close blood relatives Annulment: An annulment means that a valid marriage never existed

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