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Ella Enchanted A project by Siena.

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1 Ella Enchanted A project by Siena

2 Characters Ella Prince Charmont Ella’s father Lucinda Mandy Hattie
Olive Dame Olga

3 The Story [beginning] Ella is a young girl living in a manor. She is cursed with obedience and has to follow any given order. In the beginning, Ella and her mother both get sick, and her mother dies. Now Ella is miserable. During the funeral, she ran to the graveyard and met Prince Charmont, who lets her call him Char. After her encounter with the prince, visitors come to pay their respects and Ella meets a plump but rich woman and her two daughters, Hattie and Olive. When dining with her horrid father, her father [Sir Peter] decides to send Ella to finishing school. Before she leaves with terrible Hattie and Olive, Mandy, the cook, gives Ella a magic book and her Ella’s mother’s necklace. Ella finds out that Mandy is her fairy godmother and knows the fairy who put the curse on her, Lucinda.

4 Settings Ella’s Manor Finishing School The Giantess’s Farm The Funeral
The Garden Ella and Char’s new castle. The Ball The Bakery

5 The Story [middle] In the carriage on the way to finishing school, Hattie finds out that Ella is obedient. Hattie demands to see the special necklace and then tells Ella to give it to her. So, Ella handed it over. Suddenly, a band of ogres started chasing them, but the carriage escaped and they reached finishing school. The first class that Ella took was sewing. During that class, she meets a kind Ayorthian girl named Areida. Ella escorted to the Lavender Room, were Areida and two other maidens slept. While everyone slept, Ella opened her magic book and read a letter from Mandy. It said that Prince Char had come by to give her a centaur colt, and later on a man who raises talking parrots brought one for her than spoke the gnome language sand another language.

6 The Story [most of the end]
after many months of finishing school, Ella could sew neat, tiny, even, stitches and dance, sing, and write better. Hattie continues to take Ella out to the garden and give her new commands. One day, Hattie commands Ella to end her friendship with Areida. Ella does not want to hurt Areida. She reads letters to people from her father and letters from Dame Olga to Hattie. She learns that Hattie wears a wig and that her father is currently at a Giantess’ farm. So she steals Hattie’s wig and runs away from finishing school. Ella traded Hattie’s wig for traveling food at a bakery and sets off to find her father. 6

7 Ella’s journey Ella knows that at the Giantess’ farm there will be a wedding, and Mandy told her that Lucinda usually shows up to give her “gifts”. Ella runs into a band of ogres halfway through her journey, but Char and several knights come to the rescue and take her to the wedding. She sees Lucinda and pretends to be a girl from Ayortha, so she misses her chance. But she does run into her father and gets taken home. her father tries to get her married to a duke, and Dame Olga and her father get married! So now Hattie is her stepsister! Hattie gets mad at Ella for sliding down the banister with Char and doing stuff like making him laugh. So Hattie says Ella has to stay in her room when Char was there. Ella writes to Char and he writes back. She makes im mad in two of her letters. So at a ball in which Char goes to, Ella pretends to be a Ayorthian girl named Lela. In the very end, Char and Ella get married and Ella breaks her curse.

8 Problems Ella is sent of to finishing school.
Char gets mad at Ella in two of Ella’s letters. Ella runs into a band of ogres. Hattie commands Ella to end her friendship with Areida. 8

9 Solutions Ella runs away from finishing school.
Ella finds a solution in going to the ball. Ella tames them by convincing them to hold still while the nights tied them up. Ella runs away from finishing school so she doesn’t have to hurt Areida. 9

10 3 Realistic Having a mother who died. Going to a farm.
Having a horrid father. 10

11 3 Unrealistic Being cursed with obedience.
Being chased by ogres in a carriage. Going to a Giantess’ farm.

12 Hope you liked it!!

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