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1 Foods & Nutrition Careers Presentation prepared by Alice F. Mullis March 2011.

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1 1 Foods & Nutrition Careers Presentation prepared by Alice F. Mullis March 2011

2 2 Agricultural Manager Agricultural Manager Works with farmers and ranchers to manage daily activities of livestock and crop farms, nurseries, greenhouses and fish hatcheries.

3 3 Agricultural Scientist Agricultural Scientist Research and apply sciences of foods, plants, soil and animal production. Their work helps to ensure an adequate, safe food supply.

4 4 Baker Baker Mixes ingredients for baking breads, pastry and other baked goods. They work in grocery and speciality stores and for large food producers.

5 5 Banquet Manager Banquet Manager Plan and supervise food for large events, such as conventions and wedding receptions. They also manage the meal service and table settings.

6 6 Cafeteria Cook Cafeteria Cook Most schools have cafeterias. Kitchen safety is essential for cafeteria cooks, who prepare large quantities of nutritious meals for students.

7 7 Caterer Caterer Plan, prepare and serve appealing menus for many different types of events. They work with their clients to develop menu plans while considering budget, equipment and time.

8 8 Chef Chef Use food and nutrition science, culinary skills and management ability to provide appealing, healthful food. They work in many places, including restaurants, hospitals and even for individuals.

9 9 Community Health Nurse Community Health Nurse Help people follow treatments and special food plans prescribed by a doctor. They also assist patients and their families.

10 10 Consultant Dietitian Consultant Dietitian Work with healthcare facilities, in private practice and with some professional and amateur athletes. They plan eating strategies to match their clients goals and lifestyles.

11 11 Cookbook Author Cookbook Author Create or gather recipes, test them and prepare manuscripts for cookbooks. They also write about food and often plan and sometimes shoot the photos or graphics.

12 12 Dietitian Dietitian Registered dietitians use up-to- date scienctific information to help promote healthful eating habits and healthy living. They also suggest ways for people to improve their health.

13 13 FACS Teacher FACS Teacher Teach life skills, including wellness skills. They plan and teach lessons and work with students, parents and school administrators. Career and Technical Education Teachers (CTE) or Career-Technology Teachers

14 14 Fitness Trainers Fitness Trainers Help clients set and meet goals. They develop workout plans for personal fitness levels and health needs. They are fitness role models and expert fitness teachers.

15 15 Food and Nutrition Writer Food and Nutrition Writer Write for magazines, newspapers Web sites and other media. They conduct research, do interviews and attend events to gather information.

16 16 Food Editor Food Editor Combine writing skills with culinary knowledge. They may edit cookbooks, or work for magazines, newspapers and other media.

17 17 Food Historian Food Historian Research, analyze and interpret information about what people ate in the past. They also study how people produced, gathered and prepared their food.

18 18 Food Photographer Food Photographer Take food pictures for all kinds of media. They apply art and photographic skills ot make food look delicious.

19 19 Food Processing Occupations Food Processing Occupations Turn raw foods into food products you can buy. Dairy processors, butchers and cheese makers are among those who work in food processing.

20 20 Food Scientist Food Scientist Develop and test foods for qualities such as flavor, nutrition, safety and convenience. Food science uses many concepts from many different scientific fields including microbiology, chemical engineering and biochemistry.

21 21 Food Service Manager Food Service Manager Work in schools, hospitals and other public places. They manage staff and resources for safety, cost and high-quality food service.

22 22 Food Technologist Food Technologist Apply food science to produce and distribute safe, nourishing and wholesome food. Some specialize in certain products, such as soy.

23 23 Grocery Store Worker Grocery Store Worker Stock shelves and help customers. Other jobs in grocery stores include butchers, bakers, checkout clerks and produce and dairy managers.

24 24 Kitchen Designer Kitchen Designer Create functional and visually appealing kitchens. The select cabinets, work areas, appliances, flooring, ventilation and lighting.

25 25 Party Planners Party Planners Handle parties, weddings and other events. They develop detailed work plans and schedules to efficiently direct their teams.

26 26 Pastry Chef Pastry Chef Have special skills for making cakes, pastries, frozen desserts and other sweet foods. Their artistic abilities are important for decorating desserts.

27 27 Product Demonstrator Product Demonstrator Create consumer interest in products, such as microwave ovens. They can help people make educated choices.

28 28 Public Health Educator Public Health Educator Direct community programs in health education, wellness and disease prevention. They need strong people skills and a batchelors degree.

29 29 Recipe Developer Recipe Developer Create or adapt recipes for cookbooks, media, restaurants and the food industry. They write the recipe, then prepare it many times for the desired results.

30 30 Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager May run a sandwich or pizza place or a full-service restaurant. They coordinate all actitivies in a restaurant.

31 31 Restaurant Server Restaurant Server Take customers orders, serve food, answer questions and prepare restaurant bills. Skilled servers know about food.

32 32 Restaurant-Supply Salesperson Restaurant-Supply Salesperson Sell equipment and supplies to restaurants, catering businesses and food producers. They take orders on site or off-site, train employees to use equipment and resolve problems.

33 33 Social & Human Services Assistant Social & Human Services Assistant Understand community services. They may administer services such as food banks and help people get assistance.

34 34 Weight-Loss Counselor Weight-Loss Counselor Help people reach healty weight. Their level of medical training determines the type of care and support they can give.

35 35 Find your future! jobs Each year new people are needed to fill jobs in the fields of: FOOD SERVICE GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE

36 36 The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years. OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK

37 37 OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK For hundreds of different types of jobssuch as teacher, lawyer, and nursethe Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you:teacherlawyer nurse the training and education needed earnings expected job prospects what workers do on the job working conditions

38 38 The Occupational Outlook Handbook The Occupational Outlook Handbook describes: Nature of Work This section describes the typical tasks and responsibilities of workers. Training, Other Qualifications & Advancement Typical paths to entry and advancement are explained in this section. Employment This section reports the number of jobs in 2008, and key industries in which those jobs were found.

39 39 Occupational Outlook Handbook…….. Job Outlook Here, each occupation's projected employment change over the next decade is covered, as well as the various factors expected to affect employment trends. Earnings This section discusses typical earnings and how workers are compensated.

40 40 Occupational Outlook Handbook…... Related Occupations Occupations involving similar duties, skills education and training are discussed in this section. Sources of Additional Information In this section, the Handbook lists the mailing addresses of associations, government agencies, unions, and other organizations that can provide occupational information.

41 41 Ways to use the Occupational Outlook Handbook site: To find out about a specific occupation or topic, use the Search box that is on every pageenterSearch box your search term in the box. To find out about many occupations, browse through listings using the Occupations links that are on the left side of each page. For a listing of all occupations in alphabetical order, go to the A-Z Index and select a letter.A-Z Index

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44 44 47% 11% 27% 15% Agricultural & Forestry Production Management & Business Science & Engineering Education, Communication & Governmental Services EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

45 45 Food research is expected to increase because of heightened public awareness of: diet health food safety biosecurity (preventing the introduction of infectious agents into herds of animals)

46 46 Expect more than 14,600 annual job openings in science and related professional specialties. Successful candidates for positions as scientists or engineers should have strong skills in basic and applied sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

47 47 JOB MARKET FACTORS for the Future Macroeconomic conditions and retirements Consumer preferences for nutritious and safe foods Food, energy and environment public policy choices Global market shifts in population, income and energy

48 48 DIET & NUTRITION Americans have become more aware of what they eat, and how it might affect their health. Concerns about the safety of the food supply are on the rise, and increasing nutritional awareness has led to an increase in vegetarian, organic, and health-food options in supermarkets.

49 49 Why worry about NUTRITION? Obesity rates in America have tripled Diabetes rates are increasing Food portions are two to five times bigger Calorie consumption is up 31 percent 56 percent more fats and oils and 14 percent more sugars and sweeteners are consumed 1/3 of adults in the United Stated have high blood pressure Healthcare costs are rising

50 50 RESOURCES Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, Dietitians and Nutritionists, on the Internet at (visited March 21, 2011). Food, Nutrition and Wellness. 2010. Glencoe.

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