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1 Building an XBRL Basel II solution in Europe The COREP XBRL project

2 AGENDA Business case European Basel II framework COREP concept Superset of reports Data Matrix COREP project Architecture Test cases Project team

3 Business case: XBRL use on COREP Bank Risk Management Operations Counterparties Collateral … Aggregator Report Supervisor IS Supervisory Reports Other data … Reception Presentation, Analysis… Bank operations, controls…. XBRL instance

4 Business case: XBRL use on COREP Bank Risk Management Operations Counterparties Collateral … Report Supervisor IS Supervisory Reports Other data … Presentation, Analysis… Bank operations, controls…. Basel II App. to XBRL from XBRL Basel II App. Report File Transfer (National) COREP XBRL Taxonomy (Europe) COREP XBRL Taxonomy (National Extension) Errors Internet XBRL implementation XBRL common

5 Business case - Definition COREP: defining a COmmon REPorting framework around the solvency ratio for credit institutions and investment firms under the European Union Capital Requirements. (Based on Basel II, Pillar I) Committee of European Banking Supervisors

6 Business case - requirements Flexibility: each supervisor is allowed to choose the scope as well as the level of aggregation of information required; the framework will allow for flexibility also to accommodate for differences in the exercise of the national options foreseen in the Capital Requirements, for instance with reference to the treatment of small institutions; Consistency: the same concepts and terminology have been used as far as possible; Standardisation: the number of different templates has been minimised.

7 Business case – European framework Basel II Directives 2000/12 & 93/6 Country 1 FSA 1 Report 2Report Country 3Country 2Country 25 FSA 2FSA 3FSA 25 Report Report National Regulation Transposition into national Legislation European Law 9X,XX% Basel II compatible National Implementation XBRL challenge!

8 Large report Medium report COREP concept: extension S mall report Custom report COREP superset of reports

9 COREP concept: template Dimension 2 Dimension 1 Dimension 3 Dimension 4 Measure Template:


11 COREP project: goals Deliverables Initial COREP XBRL taxonomy Set of non-confidential test cases Basic collaborative environment

12 COREP Project: forecast by January 21 st

13 COREP project: Architecture Initial XML/XBRL taxonomy based in COREP Technological challenge 17 Dimensions Exposure type, Exposure classes, Risk weights… 24 Measure sets Exposure value, Capital requirements, … 26 Templates (Dimensions x Measures) SA Capital requirements, IRB Capital requirements… Taxonomy description at Simplest solution for the easiest implementation Key XBRL gurus are participating in COREP

14 COREP project: Test cases Set of non-confidential test cases: Anonymous: No reputation risk Public: to be used everywhere Early involvement of banks & users Hands-on experience in COREP Quality control of XBRL taxonomies As simple as fulfilling a spreadsheet but… With the intrinsic complexity of Basel II

15 COREP project: Test cases flow Anonymous Information Anonymous Comments Public Repository COREP-XBRL Group COLLABORATING INSTITUTION Excel File XBRL printout Doc, Pdf,… Files COLLABORATING INSTITUTIONS SUPERVISORS XBRL COMMUNITY OTHERS XBRL Instance Anonymous upload Non compliant test cases Excel File Doc File Mapper PROJECTMANAGEMENTPROJECTMANAGEMENT Anonymous Information


17 COREP project: Request for testing Common framework for the reporting of the solvency ratio (COREP) by credit institutions To test the COREP XBRL project, institutions are invited to participate by providing test data on a best effort basis. Please visit for details. Who can participate? Any institution that has access to data of banking activities, like for example, credit institutions, consultant firms or any other party interested in participating. How to participate? Institutions should provide test cases using this spreadsheet ( and attaching all the relevant documentation associated. No XBRL knowledge is necessary! Collaborating institutions will acquire through their participation in this process: A deeper and better understanding on the COREP reporting framework for the solvency ratio. A chance to provide comments on how the proposed framework works. This may help institutions to provide comments on the CEBS consultation paper. An early knowledge about the availability in their systems of the information that will be required in the future for solvency reporting. The collaboration in this open process will also allow the Institutions to benefit from the experiences, comments, suggestions and questions posed by other members of the banking industry, market participants and XBRL experts. Questions? to

18 COREP project team Basic collaborative environment Multinational project team 50 participants from 12 countries on kick-off workshop Different skills Supervisor – business Supervisor – IT experts XBRL practitioners Banks, consultants & providers University Extensive use of Internet tools Website list & repository on Yahoo Group Conference call

19 Acknowledgments NameCountryAffiliationNameCountryAffiliation Adrian AbbottUKFSAIgnacio BoixoESNCB Alejandro SanzESInfodesaIgnacio Hernández-RosESSoft.AG Aliki KazakopouloGRNCBJ. Emilio LabraESProf.Dr. Annica LundbladSEPwCJavier CoboESFujitsu Antonio MencheroESSoft.AGJavier de AndresESProf.Dr. Antonio Sánchez-SerranoESNCBJean-Marie CoudièreFRNCB Arturo LabandaESPwCJesus F. LigerESAzertia Bryce PippertUSAUBmatrixJohan GiertzSEBank César Pérez-ChirinosESNCBJosé Luis F. CuñadoESInfodesa Charles HoffmanUSAUBmatrixJosef MacdonaldUKIASB Cormac McKennaIEFujitsuKatrin SchmehlDENCB Cristina MenaESinormeKlaus BaumannDENCB Daniel D'AmicoUKXBRLKrisztina TamásiHUFSA Daniel HammDENCBMagdalena LlanoESScholar David CastroESAzertiaMichele RomanelliITNCB Delphine MoreauFRNCBOlivier ServaisBEXBRL Dennis PelsNLNCBPablo NavarroESSoft.AG Don InscoeUSAFSAPamela MaggioriITNCB Emilio QuerolESPwCPanagiotis VoulgarisGRNCB Fernando NavarreteESNCBPaolo MilaniITNCB Fernando WagenerESNCBPedro LorcaESProf.Dr. Francesco CanforaITBankPhil WalengaUSAUBmatrix Francisco FloresESScholarRon BaremansNLNCB Frédéric MariéFRNCBVictoria SantillanaESAFI Gustavo GarciaESIBMWalter HamscherUSAXBRL

20 Test cases are more than welcome. Fell free to join the COREP Club! Thanks for your attention.

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