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Wedding Food Dinning culture In China,the wedding ceremories is very interesting,on the wedding ceremories,the bridegroom and the bride propose a toaset.

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2 Wedding Food Dinning culture

3 In China,the wedding ceremories is very interesting,on the wedding ceremories,the bridegroom and the bride propose a toaset to the elder,and the elder give them red wrap,meaning the life is red.the children propose a toast to the bride,the bride give them sugar,meaning sife sweet. In the evening,some friends of the bridegroom will play with the bride at nuptial chamber. More pictures about Chinese wedding

4 Traditional bride custom(cheong-sam Ancient wedding Ancient wedding(bridegroom) Next

5 1.Before the Wedding Ceremony The bridegroom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding until they meet in church as this is considered to be bad luck. The bridegroom arrives at the church first and waits inside,near the altar with the best man. The families of the bride and bridegroom, and the wedding guests,sit in rows in the church. Just before the wedding ceremony begins, the bride arrives at the church in a car with her father. It is usually an expensive car, such as a Rolls Royce or a limousine, hired for the occasion and decorated with ribbons. There are often jokes made about the bride arriving late at the church. Next

6 2.The Ceremony It is the custom for the brides father go give her away(officially to to give her to the bridegroom). The bride and her father walk slowly up the aisle of the church, with the bridesmaids. People sometimes talk about walking up the aisle when they mean getting married. When the bride and bridegroom are together at the altar, the priest or minister begins the wedding service. The words that are said during the wedding service are well known to most people. During the service, the bridegroom gives the bride a wedding ring (a plain gold ring ) and says With this ring I there wed (with this ring I marry you). Sometimes the bride also gives a ring to the bridegroom. The priest or minister asks the bride and bridegroom in turn: Will you have this man/woman to be your wedded husband/wife? The bride and bridegroom each say I will. At the end of the ceremony, the priest or minister says: I pronounce you man and wife, which means that they are officially married. The bride and bridegroom then sign the register(a special book which is the official record of their marriage).

7 3.After the Ceremony Outside the church, the friends of the bride and bridegroom throw confetti (small pieces of colored paper) or rice over them. Photographs are usually taken of the bride and bridegroom and their families and friends. #Differences:Americans will hold it in a church, while Chinese will hold it in a hotel inviting their relatives and friends to have dinner----their marriage notion has quite a lot of differences, too. Back

8 Generally speaking, Cantonese food is a bit light, Sichuan food is very hot, Shanghai food is rather oily, and Hunan dishes are very spicy, having a strong and hot taste. Mapo Beancurd, steamed fish sweet and sour pork ribs, spring roll and many Chinese dishes are very delicious. In the north of China, people eat a lot of noodles and dumplings. In the south of China, people eat a lot of rice and seafood. Chinese food is good in color, flavor and taste. China is very famous for its food in the world. There are many kinds of food in China. They're Cantonese food, Sichuan food, Shanghai food, Hunan food and so on. Next

9 steak T-bone steak filet steak sirloin steak club steak draft beer stout beer canned beer red wine gin brandy whisky vodka on the rocks salad cold mixed meat cold roast fillet cold roast lamb leg buttered toast green salad onion soup potage corn soup minestrone fried chicken roast chicken champagne rum Back

10 Chopsticks are used for all meals in China. Food is placed at the center of the table and may include more than one type of main dish to be eaten with rice. All the food will be shared by all the persons and wont be divided into several helps. While in America, they would use forks and knives for their meals. Every person has his own dishes and they wont share one dish together. They think this is quite hygienic and they will enjoy their meals comfortably. However, what they eat is not so healthy, because they would like to eat a lot of meat and something with high calorie. Maybe it is good for them to obtain more fibers and keep a healthy body. Next

11 Western dinning culture First should be an appetizer. Usually they are salads or soups.Next,its time for the main course.Of course,this is the most important part of the meal.In a fancy restaurant,it usually has a big chunk of meat as the main theme,such as salmon,steak or grilled chicken.It goes with some side dishes,like Cole slaw,fries,rice or bakes potato.At the end,dont forget to save some room for the dessert.Ice cream and apple pie are the western people favourites. 1.appetizer 2.steak 3.dessert Next

12 1.Assuming you are rignt- handed,hold the fork in your left hand and knife in your ritht. 2.with the tine facing downward,hold down an end- piece of whatever you are cutting. 3.Don't hold the knife or fork like a dagger,but rather,place your index finger along the top of each utensil, holding each at the end. 4.Gently,using a sawing motion to cut the meat near the tines of the fork, so that you have one bite-sized piece. 5.Lay the knife down,and switch the fork to your rignt hand. Bring it up to your mouth, chew quietly,and swallow when the meat is sufficiently masticated. 6.This is called the American method of cutting food.The European method consists of not switching hands, and using the left hand for all fork related activities. Next Back


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