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Project MeduMobile Mobile Campus Charité Berlin, 03.12.2003 Nguyen-Dobinsky Trong-Nghia, Kaiser Gerd Charité – University Medicine Berlin UNIVERSITÄTSKLINIKUM.

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1 Project MeduMobile Mobile Campus Charité Berlin, Nguyen-Dobinsky Trong-Nghia, Kaiser Gerd Charité – University Medicine Berlin UNIVERSITÄTSKLINIKUM · MEDIZINISCHE FAKULTÄT DER HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITÄT ZU BERLIN

2 Charité: University Hospital with four Campuses Campus Wedding Campus Buch Campus MitteCampus Steglitz

3 Charité at a Glance Patients Beds Clinics Institutes Treatments Employees Students ,3 Million

4 Features of Medical Education Audio-visual senses and methods Patient-oriented training Interaction, communication Case-based learning/working Emergency and rare disease: Problem

5 Bedside Teaching Today Students come to patient (up to 20).

6 Problem Specification Patients presence too short (5 days) Too many students (20 students/bed) Stress for patients (i. e. obstetrics, pediatry) No access for students (if patient in emergency room) Emergency treatment can not wait for students

7 Solution: MeduOnCall Students dont need to come to patient Bedside teaching anywhere, anytime Students will be alarmed by SMS Using WLAN and Notebook and Audio-video conferencing

8 MeduOnCall Workflow Emerging Case Charité OnAir MeduOnCall Team Case Databsase MeduCase SymPol Dejavu Vision 2003 CasePort

9 MeduOnCall Scenario

10 Aims of the Project Do not replace beside teaching But improve it Patients with rare disease or cases with didactical value Interdisciplinary scenarios Concurrent use of real cases and case data bases and other information sources.

11 Requirements Data protection Smooth workflow Anytime, anywhere Integration in routine work Reducing stress for patients Scenarios with didactical value

12 Data Protection Measures a)No data storage on client computer b)Protocolling of all sessions c)Using of security technologies d)Test attack of the networks e)Informed consent for patients f)Evaluated by data protection authority g)Evaluated by TÜV (Common Criteria)

13 Data Protection Measures Firewall, VLAN, DMZ, Radius Intrusion Detection System, VPN Portal Server Firewall Radius ServerDirectory Service Server Application Server Application IPSec-Client (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) VPN-Tunnel (7) (8) (9) (10)

14 Didactic Concept Goal Methods Scenario What Who Wenn Where. From Didactics to Screen Play Screen Play Workflow Camera position

15 Development of Screen Play

16 Test of Screen Play Test of a screen play in cardiology


18 Evaluation Didactic benefits Efficiency of the learning process Improvement of computer literacy Acceptance of students Stress for patients Integration in routine works

19 Lectures in Summer 2003 Lectures: 19 –With patient presence: 11 –Number of patients: 23 Students –Human medicine: 23 –Reformed study (HM): 28 Disciplines: –Dermatology (6), Radiology (4), Pediatry (2), Pathology (3), Obstetrics (2), Cardiology (1), Onkology (1), Reformed study (3)

20 Didactic Benefits Student answers to questionnaire I can achieve the same learning results I work more effectively Learning is more interesting for me Learning is more enjoyable

21 Computer Literacy not improved strong improvement few improvement

22 Acceptance Students accepted the new learning method Students have no problem using the new software and hardware The most important factor is the audio quality

23 Integration No integration problem (in routine work). Collision with other mandatory lectures

24 Stress for Patients 12 patients interviewed Age Ø 46 years, max. 67 years, min. 12 years How do you feel? neutral very good good

25 Stress for patients Do you feel more stress? 7 5 no more stress less stress

26 Conclusion Acceptance of students exists Audio quality is the most important factor Stress for patients can be reduced Organisation problems must be solved: –No charging station for notebook battery –Notebook too heavy (3 Kilo, under 1000 )

27 Contact Address Charité – University Medicine Berlin Multi Media Centrum Charité Campus Charité Mitte D Berlin +49 (30) Thank you for your patience

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