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Lipton tea can do that..

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1 Lipton tea can do that.

2 LIPTON QUALITY MELLOW Marketing Plan Vanilla Group 1 Vanilla

3 Outline Brief introduction of our marketing plan
Brief introduction of our products Major competitors & marketing objectives Target market Marketing mix – 4Ps

4 Marketing plan Unilever foods (China) – Branches in Guangzhou
First three months of 2012 Guangzhou

Owner: Lipton Tea Launch time: September 15th, 2010 Category:bottled instant milk tea drink (速溶杯装奶茶) Type: convenience goods PLC: introduction phase the largest supplier of branded tea in the world in the introduction phase macha 两个4声

6 Major competitors Nestle (雀巢) XiangPiaoPiao (香飘飘) u.loveit (优乐美)
 [nɛsˈle] ['nesl] the largest food and nutrition company in the world foothold

7 Marketing objectives Introduction phase Customer awareness
Sales volume Customer loyalty Market share Further marketing campaigns Customer base

8 Alternatives of coffee 4.petit bourgeoisie lifestyle(小资情调)
Quick meals Alternatives of coffee 3. Convenient beverage 4.petit bourgeoisie lifestyle(小资情调) Target Market Segment 1: white collar workers Age: 25 – 35 Income : above 3000 Gender: female & male Resident in: Guangzhou Segment 2: middle school students & college students Age: 14 – 25 Gender: female & male Resident in: Guangzhou Quick breakfasts 2. Convenient beverage 3. A fashionable image align to [,bu:ʒwɑ:'zi:]

9 Product Type: convenience goods Characteristics -- quality guarantee
Tea expert – Lipton Tea 100 % natural offering – plantations(种植园) around the world Nontoxic & Healthful only pure, natural ingredients no preservatives & colorings no high fructose corn syrup -- HFCS (果糖玉米糖浆) ['frʌktos] ['sɪrəp]

10 Raspberry

11 Product differentiation
Four exotic (异国风情的)flavors Flavor French-style Mix Berry Milk Tea 法式风情莓果奶茶 Japanese-style Matcha Milk Tea 日式抹茶奶茶 Taiwanese-style Oolong Milk Tea 台式冻顶乌龙奶茶 British-style Royal Milk Tea 英式皇家风情奶茶 Packaging & Design Brand name – guarantee of quality


13 Pricing Objective – sales-oriented (introduction)
Strategies – fast skimming strategy Odd pricing – RMB 4.9 Multiple-unit pricing

14 Place convenience & prestige
suppliers Place convenience & prestige convenience stores vending machines supermarkets virtual stores hypermarkets end customers

15 { Promotion Advertising Sales promotion
Strategy: pull strategy -- customers Promotion mix { Advertising Sales promotion

16 Advertising TV – commercials -- GDTV & TVB Direct mail – E-mails
Media of advertising Advertising TV – commercials GDTV & TVB Direct mail – s Internet – shopping websites & video websites portals & social networking websites Outdoor – posters & electric displays Transportation – buses

17 Sales promotion 1 Exotic styles French
British Japanese Taiwan Time: January, February, March of 2012 Scene: hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores Activities: Points – of – sales displays Sampling -- temporary counters & salesgirls Premium – 4 units + a well-designed cup / teaspoon bait

18 Romantic Valentine’s Day A romantic trip to Paris
Enjoy A romantic trip to Paris & LIPTON QUALITY MELLOW Sales promotion 2 Time: 19:30-21:30 February 14th, 2012 Scene: Grandview Square (正佳广场) Name: “YOUR CUP OF TEA” Holder: Unilever foods (China) Activities: DIY their own milk tea pairs of lovers Free milk tea & cookies -- participants Tickets for an oversea trip -- winners

19 Thank you ! Q & A

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