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Love Conquers All: The Women Who Marry Convicted Serial Killers Dr. Mike Aamodt, Radford University,

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1 Love Conquers All: The Women Who Marry Convicted Serial Killers Dr. Mike Aamodt, Radford University,

2 Why Marry a Convicted Killer? The Attraction Notoriety –Celebrity status –Being associated with the worst of the worst –Being considered a rebel Attraction to the bad boy Need to nurture and save Need for control Intimate relationships –Cons can show great sensitivity –Lack of sex places focus on feelings and conversation –Sacrifice makes the relationship more important –Absence makes the heart grow fonder

3 Randall Woodfield Crime –I-5 Killer –Killed 18, raped 60 Dates –Convicted June 26, 1981 –Married April 25, 2001 Spouse –Previous marriage in prison that ended in divorce after 6 months –Jennifer Lyn Coria in 2001 Prison Policy –Weddings held twice a year –Vows exchanged in wardens office –Got to honeymoon in the conjugal trailer

4 Angel Maturino Resendiz Crime –Railroad Killer –Killed 9 people Dates –Convicted in May, 2000 –Sentenced to death –Engaged in 2001 Spouse –Nancy Resendiz (age 50) –Bachelors degree Prison Policy –Resendiz is already married so it does not recognize marriage

5 Ilich Ramirez Sanchez Crime –Carlos the Jackal –Killed 83 people Dates –Convicted in –Sentenced to life in France –Engaged in 2001 Spouse –Isabelle Coutant-Peyre –Lawyer Wedding –Both are currently married and waiting for their respective divorces

6 Ted Bundy Crime –Killed over 30 people Dates –Convicted 12-6-80 –Sentenced to death –Married on February 9, 1980 –Executed 1/24/89 Spouse –Carole Ann Boone (age 50) –Former friend Wedding –Exchanged vows of intention in the courtroom with a notary public present –Gave birth to Bundys daughter in 10/82 –By 1986 out of Bundys life

7 Henry Louis Wallace Crime –Killed 13 people Dates –Convicted on 1/29/97 –Sentenced to death –Married on June 5, 1998 Spouse –Rebecca Torrijas –Former prison nurse –23 years older than Wallace Wedding –Married next to the execution chamber

8 Richard Ramirez Crime –Night Stalker –Killed 13 people Dates –Convicted September 20, 1989 –Sentenced to life –Married in 1996 Spouse –Doreen Lioy –Free-lance magazine editor –B.A. in English Literature –IQ of 152 –Claims to be a virgin –"He's kind, he's funny, he's charming. I think he's really a great person. He's my best friend; he's my buddy." Prison Policy

9 Angelo Buono Crime –Hillside Strangler –Killed 7 people Dates –Convicted in 1983 –Sentenced to life –Married in 1986 –Died in prison 9/21/2002 Spouse –Christine Kizuka –Mother of 3 –Supervisor for the Employment Development Department for the State of California

10 Arthur Shawcross Crime –Genesee River Killer –Killed 13 people Dates –Convicted in 1991 –Sentenced to 250 years –Married in 7/10/97 Spouse –Clara D. Neal –Former girlfriend Wedding –Visiting room of the prison –Clara: It was nice and all. It took 10 years to make the grade but I finally did it.

11 Lemuel Warren Smith Crime –Killed at least 3 people in New York Dates –Convicted in –Sentenced to death, later changed to life –Married in 1983 Spouse –Dawn Pepita Hall Simmons (46) –Famous writer (biographer of famous women) who earlier in life had changed sex from a male to a female Wedding

12 Kenneth Bianchi Crime –One of the Hillside Stranglers –Killed 7 people in California & Washington Dates –Convicted November, 1983 –Sentenced to life –Married September 21, 1989 Spouse –Shirlee Book (36) –Very unattractive –Wanted Bundy, settled for Bianchi Wedding

13 Tex Watson Crime –Part of the Manson Family Dates –Convicted in 1969 –Sentenced to life –Married September 7, 1989 Spouse –Kristin Joan Svege (20) –Read that his previous relationship ended and then wrote him letters Wedding –She wore an ankle-length white gown, matching white shoes, and carried a flower bouquet and Bible

14 James Earl Ray Crime –Not a serial killer, but shot Marin Luther King Dates –Convicted in 1969 –Sentenced to 99 years –Married October 13, 1978 Spouse –Anna Sandhu (32, he was 50) –Was an artist for a TV station doing a documentary on him –She proposed to him Wedding –She wore an off-white pleated skirt with matching crocheted blouse –Marriage lasted 12 years, he filed for divorce

15 John Wayne Gacy Crime –Killed over 30 boys Dates –Convicted March, 1980 –Sentenced to life Fiancée –Sue Terry (43 in 1988) –Mother of 8 –Wrote to him after seeing him in the paper –Relationship lasted a year until she was finally convinced of his guilt

16 Serial KillerHis AgeHer AgeSpouse Art Shawcross5266Clara Neal Maturino Resendiz4350Nancy Resendiz Richard Ramirez3641Doreen Lioy Angelo Buono51Christine Kizuka Henry Louis Wallace3356Rebecca Torrijas Randall Woodfield41Jennifer Lyn Coria Ted Bundy34Carole Ann Boone Tex Watson3420Kristin Joan Svege Kenneth Bianchi51Shirlee Book

17 How Do They Meet? Personal ads Pen pals Professional Services –Lawyers –Psychologists –Prison guards Visiting other inmates Prison volunteers During the trial –Jurors –Groupies

18 Lovely CoupleHow They Met Angelo Buono & Christine KizukaIntroduced by first husband whose cell was next to Buonos Carlos the Jackal & Isabelle Coutant- Peyre She was his attorney Ted Bundy & Carole BooneShe was a former friend Henry Wallace & Rebecca Torrijas Art Shawcross & Clara NealShe was a former girlfriend Randy Woodfield & Jennifer Lyn CoriaShe began visiting the prison Kenneth Bianchi & Shirlee BookShe saw him on TV and wrote to him Tex Watson & Kristin SvegeShe read about him in the paper Richard Ramirez & Doreen LioyShe sent him a birthday card after seeing him on TV. He asked her to visit

19 Lovely CoupleWhere They Got Married Angelo Buono & Christine Kizuka Angel & Nancy ResendizVisitation room Ted Bundy & Carole BooneCourtroom during trial Henry Wallace & Rebecca Torrijas Next to the execution chamber Art Shawcross & Clara NealVisiting room Randy Woodfield & Jennifer Lyn Coria Wardens office Richard Ramirez & Doreen Lioy

20 Lovely CoupleWhat They Wore Angelo Buono & Christine Kizuka Tex Watson & Kristin Joan SvegeShe war an ankle-length white gown, matching white shoes, and carried a flower bouquet and a Bible Henry Wallace & Rebecca TorrijasShe wore a pale green dress covered with pink flowers and a pearl necklace. Henry wore red prison jumpsuit and black tennis shoes Art Shawcross & Clara Neal Kenneth Bianchi & Shirlee BookShe wore a floor-length white satin gown, a veil, and white gloves Richard Ramirez & Doreen LioyDoreen wore a white wedding dress with chiffon sleeves. Richard wore a blue prison outfit with no restraints.

21 Lovely CoupleThe Wedding Party Angelo Buono & Christine Kizuka Angel & Nancy Resendiz Ted Bundy & Carole Boone Henry Wallace & Rebecca Torrijas Wallaces attorney, the manager of the death row unit, and a public defender served as witnesses Art Shawcross & Clara Neal Randy Woodfield & Jennifer Lyn Coria Richard Ramirez & Doreen LioyRamirezs brother, sister, niece, his biographer, and 2 attorneys. No one from her family attended, but 60 inmates did.

22 Lovely CoupleCan they consummate the marriage? Angelo Buono & Christine KizukaNo, because he was not eligible for parole Tex Watson & Kristin SvegeYes, spent honeymoon in the conjugal trailer. They have 3 children. Ted Bundy & Carole BooneNot allowed to, but they did and Bundy fathered a daughter Henry Wallace & Rebecca Torrijas No Art Shawcross & Clara NealYes Randy Woodfield & Jennifer Lyn Coria Yes. They got to honeymoon in the conjugal trailer Kenneth Bianchi and Shirlee BookNo, they were denied permission to use the conjugal trailer Richard Ramirez & Doreen LioyNo, and she was a virgin when she was married

23 States Allowing Conjugal Visits California Connecticut Mississippi New Mexico New York Washington

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