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Le Quy Don Gifted High School Quang Tri, Vietnam

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1 Le Quy Don Gifted High School Quang Tri, Vietnam
NGO QUANG MINH HAI LL7 Le Quy Don Gifted High School Quang Tri, Vietnam Learning Circles



4 Le Quy Don Gifted High school
INTRODUCTION Le Quy Don Gifted High school Main duty: to train the gifted students for the province. Founded: 1994 Teaching staff: 60 Students: 600 Classes: 21 Students taking part in the circle: 27 girls and 4 boys, range from years of ages

5 FOCUS QUESTIONS 1. What are your traditional or national costumes?
2. Where and when do you often wear them? 3. Some young people seem to dislike wearing traditional or national costumes. What are your solutions or suggestions to this problem? 4. Send us some pictures of your traditional or national costumes.

6 Male: wear men silk skirt scarf
DATA GATHERED LAO PDR Male: wear men silk skirt scarf Female: wear Sinh ( Laos skirt) scarf, blouse and the hair is a bun.

7 DATA GATHERED LAO PDR Now in Laos, young people especially male quit changing the costume because it’s difficult to wear. But in some wedding party and dance festivals for the female many men wear silk skirts. We must wear Sinh to schools, offices, government buildings and temples. We wear the scarf when we have a baci ceremony and give alms for the monks

8 DATA GATHERED PHILLIPINES National costumes: Barong Tagalog for men and Baro't Saya for women Some of our traditional costumes: Camisa De Chino and Kimona for women, Bahag for native Filipino Igorot men and Malong for both men and women Muslims.

9 DATA GATHERED PHILLIPINES Filipino men wear Barong Tagalog during weddings and special occasions especially when celebrating Philippine Independence Day. Filipino women wear Baro't Saya for dancing traditional dances and for celebrating Philippine Independence Day. The traditional costumes of our country are usually used for dancing in festivals and stage plays.

10 DATA GATHERED PHILLIPINES a) We must encourage young people to wear traditional costumes during celebrations like festivals and some other special events. b) We must wear traditional costumes so that the young people will see and follow our example and not be ashamed. c) We should tell the young people that wearing traditional or national costumes is a way of showing the love and respect for the country.

11 DATA GATHERED THAILAND National costumes: “Rachapatant” and Suit that confer from King for men and we have silk cloth suit for women. In the past the person who wore Rachapatant was government when meeting the King or Queen. Afterwards we applied to wear in the special day such as Song Kran and Wedding, silk cloth suit too.

12 DATA GATHERED THAILAND Now young people dislike to wear national costumes because it looks governmental and not modern. But we can solve this problem. example to manage festival of Thai culture and make the contest about dress of Thai. someone when they grow up they will have a chance to wear it maybe in wedding day Thai style

13 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR Myanmar is a union of many nationalities of having 135 groups, speaking over one language and dialects. The major races are the Kachin, Kayar , Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan. The costumes are a little different.

14 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR KACHIN nationalities often wear Kachin clothes when there are ceremonies of “Manaw" festival”, wedding ceremonies, New year festivals and Harvest festivals.

15 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR KAYAH also often wear their clothes when “the flag mast festival” and other festivals are held.

16 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR KAYIN clothes are worn in the festivals such as “ Kayin don”, a popular dance, "Sand pagoda festival and campfire festival".

17 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR CHIN put on their national costumes at the traditional festivals; harvest festival, house-warming festival and New Year festival.

18 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR BAMAR also wears their clothes at wedding ceremonies, other ceremonies and festivals so on.

19 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR MON clothes are more unique than the others. The Mon put on at pagoda festivals, guest festival in Chaungzon. There are other festivals in Mon Division. They wear their national costumes at Boat festival, Rice pounding and Carriage festivals

20 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR SHAN costumes are also worn at festivals of Inlay PhaungDawOo pagoda, Buddha Image, Pindaya Shwe U hmin Pagoda and the festival of Taunggyi balloon

21 DATA GATHERED MYANMAR Some young people seem to dislike wearing traditional or national costumes because there is a little problem between them. We wear our national costumes for keeping our culture. According to the Myanmar’s weather conditions, national costumes cannot give us comfort and ease. The clothes are very thick and not suitable to wear all the time. So we must put on these clothes only in the special occasions such as wedding, festivals, ceremonies and so on

22 National costumes: AO DAI

23 So preserve the costumes means to preserve your national characters
DATA GATHERED VIETNAM In my country traditional costumes can be seen everywhere especially in festivals because they are considered not only a formal attire but also a working attire. Costumes often tell who you are and create an impression about a person, a nation. So preserve the costumes means to preserve your national characters

24 What to do to preserve national costumes?
DATA GATHERED VIETNAM What to do to preserve national costumes?

25 DATA GATHERED VIETNAM Build up the awareness of the national tradition, the beauty of national costumes in each child right from the childhood Establish the pride about their national beauty and the love to their country.

26 NGO QUANG MINH HAI Thank you!

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