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To Bella who brought joy to everyone K.W. E.E.S. A.J.S. F.Y.

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3 To Bella who brought joy to everyone K.W. E.E.S. A.J.S. F.Y.

4 Once upon a time there lived a frog named Hoppy. One morning Hoppy laid her eggs at the slow, peaceful pond. She laid lots of eggs. Hoppy was very happy.

5 As the tadpoles grew bigger and bigger they cracked the eggs and hatched. All the tadpoles climbed out of the eggs. Hoppy looked at her babies and loved all of them but one was extra special because of her beauty. She named this tadpole Bella.

6 One day the workers from the Crazy Critter pet store went out to catch tadpoles to sell. The tadpoles were very freaked out. When suddenly a big net whooshed down into the water making a gigantic splash. The tadpoles darted away but they just werent fast enough. As they were carried away in the net they heard their mommy cry, Dont take my babies away!

7 Bella and her frightened brothers and sisters got poured into a big tank. They were terrified. Every day a tadpole got poured in. They were so sad, because they were surrounded by many scary strangers, and they missed their mommy.

8 One day a teacher named Mrs. Collins came in and bought lots of tadpoles including Bella for her class. Weeks passed and finally Bella climbed on a rock and breathed. She had grown hind legs and front legs. Sadly many of her brothers and sisters and friends had died. She was the only one left.

9 Bella had turned into a frog. Mrs. Collins and her class freed Bella and helped her find her mom by asking the Crazy Critter pet store workers where she had been captured.

10 They searched for hours until they finally found the peaceful pond where Bella was born. Bella saw a frog and knew it was Hoppy, her mom. She screamed with joy,MOM! ITS ME! BELLA! IM HOME!

11 They lived happily ever after! THE END.

12 Froggy Facts Frogs grow hind legs first. Then they grew front legs. Many frogs dont take care of their babies. When the tadpoles get big their tails shrink and they become a frog. Female frogs lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs at a time. Female frogs dont croak.

13 Credits Pictures made in tux paint Audio And Typing by alexander. Kyle. Elizabeth's. Francis.

14 We hope you liked the story. In the real story, Bella changed color and grew legs. She really climbed on a rock. Bella was really close to being a frog. We wish Bella had really lived and turned into a frog and laid eggs. One reason she may have died is because her lungs started working and she could not get on the rock and she drowned. Another reason she may have died was because the dirty water did not have enough oxygen. Thats why we decided to write a new ending. We were happy to have tadpoles in class. It was fun to learn about the frogs life cycle even though we just saw part of it.

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