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1 Programmatic Buying Technology at Your Fingertips

2 © 2010 – 2012 2 Who We Are Founded in April 2010 135 employees $11M Series B funding in March 2012 led by Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global and Foundry Group Offices in AZ, CA, CO, NY and MA Advertising technology and services provider AdHQ – Your Advertising Headquarters Awards & Memberships

3 © 2010 – 2012 3 Evolving Display Industry Advertisers are demanding more accountability. U.S. online ad share, by pricing model, 2006-2012 (% of total) Note: pricing model definitions may have changed over time period depicted, both within the survey process and as interpreted by survey respondents Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), "IAB internet advertising revenue report 2012 first six months' results October 11, 2012 Performance CPM Performance

4 © 2010 – 2012 4 RTB vs. Flat CPM Buying 2012 Online Display Ad Sales Market 98% YOY Size of MarketFlat CPMRTB 14.9B 13.0B 1.9B Ad spend is rapidly shifting. U.S. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Digital Display Ad Spending, 2010-2016 Source: eMarketer US Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Digital Display Ad Spending, 2010-2016 (millions, % change and % of total digital display ad spending) November 1, 2012

5 © 2010 – 2012 5 Why Use Real-Time Bidding? Purchase placements on an impression-by-impression basis Allocate ad spend based on highly specific audience characteristics Optimize campaigns quickly and effectively Access greater volume of inventory CPM Model $2.25 RTB Model $1.01 saving the client 56% of their budget 6M impressions RTB technology yields lower ad spend over flat CPM model.

6 © 2010 – 2012 6 Reach Meets Accountability Access the reach of traditional CPM/CPC buys with the accountability of a CPA model Target advertisements to drive relevant users Designate desired returns on specified actions with relevant sources Generate quality consumer interactions and high conversion ratios CPM/ CPC Integrate CPA Bringing together the best of both worlds.

7 © 2010 – 2012 7 According to comScore* Integrate Ranked 27 th in comScores Top 30 Ad Ecosystems. 94.4M Total Unique Visitors 8.3M Average Daily Visitors 1,416 Total Pages Viewed (MM) Gender: 51.9% Male 48.1% Female Age: 3.3% Ages 2-11 12.6% Ages 12-17 17.7% Ages 18-24 19.5% Ages 25-34 17.4% Ages 35-44 14.4% Ages 45-54 8.9% Ages 55-64 6.3% Ages 65+ Income: 8.7% HHI Below $15K 6.4% HHI $15K-$24,999 13.0% HHI $25K-$39,999 18.3% HHI $40K-$59,999 12.5% HHI $60K-$74,999 14.9% HHI $75K-$99,999 26.2% HHI $100K+ Family Composition: 45.4% No Children 54.6% Have Children * comScore Media Metrix January 2013

8 © 2010 – 2012 8 Plan

9 © 2010 – 2012 9 Media Intelligence Benefit from industry leading web analytics and research. The Strategic Development Team uses comScore to obtain: Behavioral, attitudinal, lifestyle and buying-habit data Site-level descriptive consumer information across 6,000 data points in 22 content categories Source URLs of your traffic Competitors audience, traffic trends and site stats

10 © 2010 – 2012 10 Opportunity Identification Keep abreast of marketing trends to stay ahead of competitors. Leverage Integrates partnerships with leading advertising research firms to: Discover new opportunities to market products and services Monitor industry trends in order to stay ahead of competitors Understand how to leverage new marketing strategies and methods

11 © 2010 – 2012 11 Strategy Development Construct effective media strategies based on research results. The Strategic Development Team works with Buyers to : Define your highest converting target audience by demographics, behaviors, interests, channels and more Recommend creative types and pricing models that will perform best with your target audience Create white lists of approved URLs and black lists of prohibited sites to ensure appropriate brand exposure Gender: Male 25-34 Income: $50k-$70k Sample white list: Sample black list: CPC model Using Rich Media 160x600 and 300x250 rollover ads

12 © 2010 – 2012 12 Creative Assets Utilize an expansive number of ad formats. Complimentary design services available with all media buys. Display Banners Targets audiences using highly granular data points Display / Pop Pops Sends views to your page without requiring user clicks Rich Media Mediadrives a high-level of user engagement with interactive content Interstitials Peel-backs Roll-overs/Expandables In-banner Video Mobile Allows Buyers to connect with targeted on-the-go audiences, generating high click-through rates at inexpensive prices Display / Pop Rich Media Mobile Mobile Video In-video Banners Video Enables Buyers to repurpose their offline television content into targeted web creative, bridging online and offline tactics to deliver a cohesive brand message Pre-roll Mid-roll/In-stream Post-roll Display / Pop Rich Media Mobile Video

13 © 2010 – 2012 13 Launch

14 © 2010 – 2012 14 Targeting Capabilities Demographics 21-26 year olds Audience Segments Young professionals Re-targeting That visited Geography In New York Zip-9 Targeting In Manhattan Browser Using Safari URL Visiting OS iOS Mobile device iPhone Day parting In the morning By language English Contextual Checking basketball scores Contextual - Checking tech industry news By language - English Day parting - In the morning Mobile device - iPhone OS - iOS URL - Visiting Browser - Using Chrome Zip-9 Targeting - In Manhattan Geography - In New York Re-targeting - That visited Audience Segments – IT Executives Demographics - 31-36 year olds Filters Reach the highest converting audience with precise targeting.

15 © 2010 – 2012 15 Buying Options Automotive 300,000+ Specific Sites 350+ Specific Channels Beauty Business Computers & Electronics Education Finance Games Health Sports Travel Launch campaigns across specific sites, channels or audiences. Key Word Specific 1000+ Audience Segments Additional Options Auto-Ready Purchasers B2B Tech Executives Movie Goers Dog Owners Weekend Travelers Board Members ATV Enthusiasts Nature Lovers Soap Opera Watchers Stock Investors Site Exclusion Competitor Ad Exclusion 1 2 3

16 © 2010 – 2012 16 Analyze

17 © 2010 – 2012 17 Real-Time Reporting Monitor results with customizable, real-time reports.

18 © 2010 – 2012 18 Engagement Audience Analysis Gain demographic, geographic, behavioral and attitudinal insights Insight Organize and leverage consumer data to increase ROAS. Discover which Sellers are marketing to your prime audience Align your marketing strategies with your target audience Implement ROI focused campaigns

19 © 2010 – 2012 19 Optimize

20 © 2010 – 2012 20 Retargeting Increase conversion rates by targeting previous site visitors. For unknown reasons, he closes his browser and leaves your site without completing the purchase. A user visits your website for the first time. He browses several pages and places your product in his shopping cart. He clicks on the banner, returns to your site and completes the purchase. You gain a new customer. The retargeting pixel identifies the users location and serves an ad on the weather site featuring the product he was considering the last time he visited your site. A few hours, days or even weeks later, the same user starts a new browsing session. His first stop is a local weather site. Case Study An auto manufacturer launched a retargeting campaign to reconnect with consumers who had visited their website as a result of their TV ads. By placing a retargeting pixel on URLs specific to clients TV ads, we retargeted consumers who visited those pages. Integrates design team created banners that complemented the clients TV ads. Users saw these banners across various sites the next time they accessed the web. Clients website traffic increased by 50%.

21 © 2010 – 2012 21 A/B Testing Track and compare campaign performance between various scenarios. Creative types Static banners vs. rich media assets Pricing models User technology CPM vs. CPCCPM vs. CPV Desktop vs. mobileMobile vs. tablet

22 © 2010 – 2012 22 Learning Algorithms Leverage technology to maximize budget. Optimization algorithms determine the best price to pay for an impression. Narrow inventory options Designate goals such as: Click thru rate (CTR) Cost per acquisition (CPA) System evaluates users likelihood of response Bid is adjusted accordingly If the advertiser is willing to spend $3 per conversion and the likelihood of a response on the impression is 0.01%. Since advertising inventory is priced in cost-per-thousand impressions, the CPM bid should be $0.30. If the probability of response is higher, the bid is increased. CPA $3 Likelihood of Response 0.01% 1000 CPM Bid $0.30

23 © 2010 – 2012 23 Our Service Levels Contact Integrate to get started today. Performance report delivery Managed Full marketplace visibility Dedicated account support Performance optimization Campaign configuration and management Design services available Self-serve Full marketplace access Technical support and training Dashboard reporting Analysis and optimization tools Campaign strategy consultation Design services available

24 © 2010 – 2012 24 Thank You Start using Integrate or contact us today! 866-478-0326

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