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Present to Ussanarom Boontasaeng Members of the group Thilayu Bupphamalia No. 7.

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2 Present to Ussanarom Boontasaeng

3 Members of the group Thilayu Bupphamalia No. 7

4 Suttinan Theaglad No. 15

5 Jutamas Phoket No.23

6 Sirirat tiabkam No.37

7 Sudawan Kaewpo No.38

8 Amazing VIETNAM

9 Ha Noi, the Indochina Old Dame, has a special appeal with exotic colors, sights, sounds and smells. The labyrinthine Old Quater streets lined with boutique shops, the cries of hawkers and the historic temples, all will leave you beautiful memory. Situated on the bank of Red River, Hanoi is considered a pearl of Southeast Asia. With historic temples and pagodas, well-preserved colonial structures and exquisite cuisine, Hanoi becomes the epitome of Vietnamese culture

10 Hanoi is best known for the emerald Hoan Kiem Lake and the vibrant Old Quarter with a myriad of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. There are also a number of not-to-miss sites stamped with Oriental or French architecture: the National History Museum, Hanoi Opera House, French Quarter, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Temple of Literature, to name just a few. Come to meet Hanoians, who are always friendly and sometimes curious. They will try to know your name, your marital status, your jobs, etc, things considered privacy to western norms. They do it for no specific purpose, just their way to make friends with you. And usually, they speak bad English but with intimacy, you will end up understanding

11 Come to taste Hanoi food, which is original, refined and delicious. The best dining experience is not in 5 star hotels but street food: Bun cha, banh mi, pho, nom bo kho, banh cuon, all are not to be missed. If you love hangout, head to the Ta Hien Street for some or many cups of Vietnamese draught beer, Bia Hoi. Remember the word for cheers in Vietnamese is tram phan tram.

12 Also, come to visit Hanoi as it is: a two- faced and two-paced city with an intoxicating blend of oriental and western culture, of rural tranquility and urban motion. What strikes you most is the chaotic traffic of Hanoi, where you will find the most daring experience: crossing Hanoi street in rush hour. No worry, just walk slowly but steadily toward the other road side. Locals will know how to avoid you for sure.

13 The great natural wonder which is must see destination to all visitors coming to Vietnam is Halong Bay. Halong bay is the breathtaking beauty, a vision of more than 2000 incredible islands in many shapes rising from the emerald water of the Gulf of Tonkin. Cruising on this majestic and mysterious bay will make your trip unforgettable.

14 In Vietnamese, Ha Long means "Descending Dragon". Legend has it that it was family of dragon, which was sent by the God to protect against the invaders from the sea. The dragons spitted out jewels and jade. Upon hitting the sea, these jewels turned into the various islands and islets dotting the seascape and formed a formidable fortress. After beating the enemy the dragon family was attached by the picturesque landscape so they decide not return heaven. Where the mother dragon lied called Halong, place of her children is Bai Tu Long and their tail created the miles of white sandy beaches, Bach Long Vi.

15 The site includes islands and islets which are home to vegetation and sometimes monkeys. forming a spectacular seascape of limestone peaks divided by dotted lines in the emerald waters. Because of precipitous cliffs, most islands are uninhabited and relatively undisturbed by human activities. The Ha Long Bay was listed in 1994 on the World Heritage List of Unesco.m However, some islands are populated by fishing villages. Halong Bay is distinguished by the abundance of lakes on the great limestone islands: the island of Dau Be, for example, has six close lakes. Extensive limestone caves are another unique feature of Halong Bay.

16 Hoi AnHoi An

17 Hoi An Mirrored in the poetic Thu Bon River, the little postcard-setting Hoi An is perhaps the most beautiful old town in Vietnam. Not as majestic as Hue or flamboyant as Cho Lon in Saigon, Hoi An with its gentle grace is a big surprise to any jaded mind. Its quiet lanes lighted with lanterns, sleeping old houses and atmospheric riverfront restaurants, all echo with history and charm. Hoi An is the first place to record economic and cultural exchange of Vietnam with the outside world. Its architecture features a perfect blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese styles. Even westerners will find something familiar while wandering around its historical streets that Marco polo once passed. Despite increasing number of visitors, Hoi An remains a lost in the time peaceful old town with magical beauty that has survived through all ravages of wars and time.

18 Apart from major attractions in the old town, Hoi An Central Market is also a must see. It makes a very good example of Asian markets with endless chains of stalls selling all kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood, herbs and spices as well as clothes and souvenirs. Bargaining is common and generally, you may drive from half of the asked prices. There are also some good silk-tailoring shops on the east end. You may expect the same quality as major shops on Le Loi Street, but with lower cost. Even if you have no intention for shopping there, it is well worth a visit to learn about local life and to catch some nice photographs. Another fantastic market is morning fish market right on the river dock, but only for those who can afford to get up early around and The surrounding areas of Hoi An also have a lot to offer, including Cua Dai Beach, Cham Island, Tra Que Vegetable Villageand My Son Holyland.

19 Hoi An Festivals Hoi An old town is one of few places in Vietnam where traditional way of life has not been colored by the concepts of urbanization and industrialization. There are many interesting festivals in a year, but the most fantastic ones are Full Moon festival and Lantern festival, which are held in 14th and 15th lunar days every month. During these days, daily life in town comes back to what it was 300 years ago. At night, the lamps are replaced by lanterns and people flock to the banks of Thu Bon River or Hoai River. The areas become stages for traditional songs, dances, games and food. The grandest Full Moon festival falls into August and thus gets its own name Mid-Autumn Festival.

20 Cooking class in Hoi An gets big reputation for its fantastic food, a fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It is always a delight to taste such scrumptious delicacies. It is even much more interesting to try your hand at making it. Many restaurants and cafes here offer Vietnamese cooking class for lower rates than Hanoi and Saigon (around US$15/person). This would also make a great hideaway from the mid-day heat and an ideal leisure while waiting for your custom-made clothes. Some best-known places are Red Bridge Cooking School of Hais Scout Café (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc St) and Morning Glory Cooking School of Cargo Club (106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St).


22 the royal palace is or palace is city establish when year 2347 Buddhist Eras in god medicine reign s try (Gia Long) primary pure a royal house veers V at Thai is acquainted with in the name of nun this place regards the heart ( e.g. of the matter ) of a city comes to many the age although in now the royal palace has changed to the state from kingdom junction becomes middle of the tourism in 1 position in 3 of world heritage in Vietnam go to already

23 the royal palace has the wall around at can measure the lenght 2.5 kilometer railings divide be front, center and the part in movable throne accident of an emperor when we pass midday door (Cua Ngo Mon) as a result will meet water gold bridge that fry straight enter to royal free palace wah or that call that throne hall use welcome royal high class family and an ambassador here have a lot of wood red big poles, all write dragon yellow stripes with work techinque loves to write a color like [ model ] Vietnam when through pass by will meet ( grounds/spring wide ) there is single-storied roof building covers the tile like [ model ] Chinese is on the right is the part that is exhibit the appliance of Vietnam court


25 the candle is (Fairy Stream) or we beg for to call that the reed organ praises Vietnam stay Vietnam South way of Vietnam country at the candle has will the difference from hell goat our house by will have a stream that us must walk to wade go to the water level about the ankles only walking sees [ praise ] to are supposed to 1 type type time hour between the route is will the earth that changes the water changes the wind until have loud character in a picture red earth and white contrast to is born is natural beautiful grace if get come to tour the desert concentrates at Vietnam will have under already should not miss to come in to see [ praise ] the beauty and great of the candle



28 for a bay laughs to try or laugh try that get follow ancient tale of member Vietnam in at mention ancient dragon which ever fly come to appeared this bay while primitiveness, and the name of laugh to try as a result can translate that a dragon flies down from the beauty and completed of a bay laugh to try make here the notice has been world natural heritage from UNESCO organization in year 2537 Buddhist Eras are which be like who is the certificate that ? sees to differ trust then make source tourist visits Vietnam country must go downstream come to see [ praise ] a bay laughs to try for touch with the miracle in the nature



31 be in the southeast of crystal city about 5 a kilometer town lake or the cabinet veers jeans be the place suit in coming to relaxes can see green emerald lake and pine tree perennial row loftily cover every the great mountain sitting K at can see crystal city has nationwide see beautiful forest

32 Reference http://travelplaces2015.blogspo Hanoi http://nhatrangbeaches.visitwo detail/nha-trang-beaches-1-9- 169.html

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