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Sarah Jewell LIBM 6371 Summer 1 Program Implementation.

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1 Sarah Jewell LIBM 6371 Summer 1 Program Implementation

2 This program was specifically designed for high school aged girls. It focused on both skin care and make-up tips. All the participants were former 3 rd grade students of mine. My Mary Kay Consultant, Renee Simpson, was the guest speaker. The program was implemented in my home due to lack of possible library locations.

3 To start out, I provided snacks for the participants. This was a great ice-breaker and time for the students and myself to do some catching up.

4 As the girls browsed the snacks, they also got to handle the skin care products as well as this months Mary Kay mailer.

5 The participants were able to get all their giggling out during the pre program snack time. They were now ready to listen to our guest speaker, Renee Simpson.

6 Ms. Renne Simspon, my personal Mary Kay Consultant, started out talking to the girls about what color palate they would use when deciding about what kind of skin care would be best for them and what colors would work best.

7 Ms. Simpson went though a flyer with the girls on some new and upcoming trends in skin care and make-up. They were able to give her feedback about what products they might use and why.

8 After the girls were taught the correct way to wash their face and tips on daily skin care, they were able to start picking out colors that matched their skin tone. Both Ms. Simpson and myself aided the ones that needed guidance.

9 Ms. Simpson talked to the girls about keeping their daily make- up routine simple. Just foundation, eye color, and lip shimmer is all they need to perk up their facial features.

10 All the participants had never put on mascara before. They were very interested in all the tips Ms. Simpson gave them on eye make-up application.

11 The girls were able to pick their top 3 favorite lip colors, then try them with samples that Ms. Simpson brought. They all picked the same muted colors.

12 I was able to go to the Springdale Public Library and pick out some non-fiction beauty books that the participants might be interested in. I book talked each one, with additional comments made by Ms. Simpson.

13 With Ms. Simpsons help, I was able to create goodie bags for each participant. Each bag had eye and lip color palates as well as sample eye shadow, mascara, and shimmering lip balm. The girls were very excited about the bags!

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