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AZ 100 Years By: Brady Jenkins. Start Level 1 Level 2 Speed Round.

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1 AZ 100 Years By: Brady Jenkins

2 Start Level 1 Level 2 Speed Round

3 Wrong Sorry! Back to Stage 1

4 Level 1 Stage 1 All New England, plus the state of Pennsylvania would fit inside Arizona. True or FalseTrueFalse

5 Level 1 Stage 2 Arizona was made a state on which date? Feb. 14 Feb. 15Feb. 14Feb. 15 Feb. 29 Feb. 13Feb. 29Feb. 13

6 Level 1 Stage 3 Arizona has 26 peaks that are more than 10,000 feet in elevation. True Or FalseTrueFalse

7 Level 1 Stage 4 Arizona is the 6th largest state in the nation, covering 113,909 square miles. TrueTrue or FalseFalse

8 Level 1 Stage 5 The Five Cs of Arizonas economy are: Cattle Copper Citrus Cotton And one more.

9 Level 1 Stage 6 Chicken Chips Climate Cool Cop Con

10 Level 1 Stage 7 Arizona grows enough cotton each year to make more than one pair of jeans for every person in the United States.Arizona grows enough cotton each year to make more than one pair of jeans for every person in the United States. True Or FalseTrue Or False

11 Level 1 Stage 8 Arizonas state song is Sweet Home Arizona TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

12 The answer is….. False! If you answered false, good job. Here is Arizonas state song: Arizona

13 Level 1 Stage 9 If you cut down a protected species of cactus in Arizona, you could spend more than a year in prison. TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

14 Level 1 Stage 10 The Saguaro cactus is the largest cactus found in the U.S. It can grow as high as a five-story building and is native to the Sonoran Desert, which stretches across southern Arizona. TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

15 Congratulations! You have won level 1! Click here to see your scorehere


17 Wrong! Sorry. Back to stage 1.stage 1.

18 Level 2 Stage 1 The city of Phoenix was named for the mythical Egyptian phoenix birdwhich burst into flame and was reborn from its ashesbecause the town sprouted from the ruins of a former civilization. TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

19 Level 2 Stage 2 The official state bird is the: Bald Eagle Cactus Wren Pigeon Sea Gull

20 Level 2 Stage 3 You could pile five 1,300-foot skyscrapers on top of each other and they still would not reach the rim of the Grand Canyon. TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

21 Level 2 Stage 4 The correct answer is: Six Four Three Two One

22 Level 2 Stage 6 The hottest temperature recorded in Arizona was 167 degrees at Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994 TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

23 Level 2 Stage 7 The coldest temperature recorded in Arizona was 40 degrees below zero at Hawley Lake on January 7, 1971. TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

24 Level 2 Stage 8 The state of Massachusetts could fit inside Maricopa County TrueTrue or FalseFalse

25 Level 2 Stage 9 The average state elevation is 4,000 feet TrueTrue Or FalseFalse

26 Level 2 Stage 10 Nearly 5 billion people visit Arizonas Grand Canyon National Park each year TrueTrue Or FalseOrFalse

27 Congrats! You won Level 2! Be Proud of yourself! You did

28 Speed Round Arizonas official state colors are blue and gold. A saguaro cactus can store up to nine tons of water. The State Motto is Ditat Deus, which means God Enriches in Latin. The average population of Arizona is 6,456,943 The average IQ of Arizona is 89.3 The 13 stripes on the Arizona flag represent the 14 original colonies of the United States Thirteen species of rattlesnakes live in Arizona, more species than in any other state. Leopards originated in Arizona The Arizona tree frog is the states official amphibian

29 Wrong Sorry! You failed the speed round. You still unlocked the bonus round by Aidan Sanchez

30 You Win You unlocked the bonus round by Aidan Sanchez

31 Secret Slide You found the secret slide! Here is a bonus question. Is Brady Jenkins the most awesome person ever? TrueTrue Or TrueTrue

32 2 ND Secret Slide Thank you for finding this and taking time to play this PowerPoint. Go to mini game

33 Bonus round start Arizona is awesome By Aidan Sanchez

34 Bonus round start Arizona is awesome By Aidan Sanchez

35 instructions Be sure to memorize this article because you will not see the article again and there will be questions on it later

36 On February 14, 1912, after nearly 49 years as a U.S. territory and thousands of years as a sacred home to indigenous peoples, Arizona became the 48th and last of the contiguous states to enter the Union of the United States of America. At the time of its statehood, Arizona epitomized the economic promise of the American West. Rich in natural resources, the state was earning its reputation as the home of the Five Cs – copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate. Its people reflected the rich history and heritage of the Southwest, from the influences of its Native American and Hispanic cultures to the adventurous spirit of its early prospectors, ranchers, and farmers. All embraced Arizonas rugged and rich environment to create a unique and prosperous lifestyle. Arizona continues to be recognized for its natural beauty, a high quality of life, and its ongoing innovation in all fields, from agriculture to technology. Arizona was founded on rugged individualism matched with hard work and vision. It was this indomitable spirit that shaped and molded our state into the place we now call home. From our school children to centenarians, from urban centers to rural communitieswe all have the opportunity to come together and commemorate this indomitable spirit and the 100 years of growth, challenge and success it engendered. Of course, our centennial planning comes in the midst of extraordinary times. Not unlike 100 years ago, Arizona faces both enormous challenges and opportunities. Our state and nation are charting a vital course through serious economic times. And, although we may not have abundant funds to plan and celebrate our Centennial, we do have abundant pride, energy and resourcefulness to pay tribute to our Grand Canyon State

37 When did Arizona enter the union 19121912 1914 1915 1917 19181914191519171918 home

38 2. What was Arizona rich of SilverSilver gold copper nickelgoldcoppernickel home

39 Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!11 home

40 4.How many states were there when Arizona joined the union 42 nd 48 th 50 th 52 nd 24 th 48 th home

41 3.When is Arizona's 100 year anniversary FebruaryFebruary 1414 FebruaryFebruary 1515 FebruaryFebruary 1616 FebruaryFebruary 1717 FebruaryFebruary 1818 FebruaryFebruary 1313 home

42 5.Is Arizona the 2 nd largest state 5 th largest state 6 th largest state 1 st largest state 4 th largest state 8 th largest state home

43 6.When did Arizona face a lot of challenges. 75 years ago 50 years ago 100 years ago 30 years ago 90 years ago 25 years ago home

44 7.How long had Arizona been u.s territory before it was a state 35 years 75 years 85 years 67 years 27 years 80 years 49 years home


46 aidan

47 I want to thank you From the bottom of my esophagus to the top of my sternum for playing this Quiz. It means a lot to me (and Aidan) Thank You. Go to MinigameMinigame

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