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See how Uses Expression To Show Emotion In his Drawings…

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3 See how Uses Expression To Show Emotion In his Drawings…

4 This portrait study has a much different feeling than the last one. Is she tired, sad, pensive or calm?

5 Even these quick sketches are quite expressive! Doesnt it look like fun?

6 This is a study of a satyrs head – See how Michaelangelo has created various textures and the illusion of depth using a technique called cross hatching, (overlapping lines in different directions.)

7 This is a portrait of Cleopatra by He shows us an idealized form of beauty, rather than a photographic likeness.

8 See how peaceful this idealized Madonnas face appears in this sculpture by Michaelangelo

9 This marble sculpture of the Madonna and Christ child is very peaceful


11 In this detail of the Last Judgment, Michaelangelo portrays himself as the slain man – whose skin hangs in agony. See the fear in the mans eyes behind his attacker – do you think he believes he will be next?

12 Another detail from the Last Judgment Here is a very expressive demon….

13 Dorothea Lange Photographs




17 These are pea pickers in California They came - only to find the fields frozen and no peas to pick… No work.

18 White Angel Bread Line San Francisco 1933 Can artists use their art to initiate social change?

19 Between Weedpatch and Lamont, Kern County,CA Children living in camp April 20, 1940 D. Lange


21 Compare & contrast Michaelangelo and Dorothea Lange materials, techniques, motivation, inspiration, time period (What was accepted as art during that time in history?) Are they successful as artists? Why or why not? Defend your answer using the elements of art & design principles! How can artists influence the world today? Now its your turn to change the world… with your own art!

22 Portraits using digital camera See student work! Be astounded and amazed! ALL work protected by copyright law –please dont copy! Sources: gallery. Euroweb archives. Gov/exhibit masters of photography. com HOME

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