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Our Business WHOLESALER – own 2 wholesale businesses servicing pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the Dutch.

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2 Our Business WHOLESALER – own 2 wholesale businesses servicing pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the Dutch Caribbean. Currently establishing 2 new wholesale businesses in St.Maarten and Suriname. PHARMACIES – own and operate 11 pharmacies in Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten. NUTRITION STORES – own and operate Visser Nutrition Centers in Aruba and Curacao. WELLNESS & RESEARCH CENTER – a center for integrative medicine and investigative work in health sciences

3 General Summary We currently have operations on three Caribbean islands Overall annual sales for the Visser Holding Group is in excess of US$ 40 million We employ 153 Visser team members

4 Our Company Mission & Vision OUR MISSION We care about your health OUR VISION To be the best service oriented healthcare provider, creating innovative wellness solutions for tomorrow with talented, caring people

5 Our Locations

6 Our History Family owned business Founded in 1967 by Jan Visser, with acquisition of Botica San Lucas in Aruba 1969 – Acquisition of Botica Oduber in Aruba 1970 – Opening of first wholesale business, Visser Trading Aruba 1973 – Opening of Visser Trading Curacao 1974 – Opening of Botica Otrabanda in Curacao 1974 - Mrs. Celfa Visser-Lampe directs the group, while Mr. John Visser heads the wholesale division

7 Our History 1989 – Opening of Botica Kibrahacha in Aruba 1993 - dr. R. Visser introduced Visser Wellness & Research Center in Aruba 1999 – Mrs. Visser–Lampe is appointed chairperson of the board and dr. R. Visser replaces her as head of all the pharmacies 2001 – Opening of Botica 4 Centro Medico in Aruba 2002 - Mr. John Visser retires from the company and dr. R. Visser becomes CEO of Visser Group 2004 – Opening of Visser Nutrition Centers within two pharmacies

8 Our History 2006 – Acquisition of Central Drugstore Group in St. Maarten, consisting of Central Drugstore, Bush Road Pharmacy and Dutch Quarter Pharmacy – Acquisition of Botica Dominguito in Curacao – Acquisition of Botica Central in Aruba 2007 – Acquisition of Botica Trupiaal in Aruba 2008 – Establishment of Visser Trading St. Maarten and Visser Trading Suriname

9 Our Wholesale Business

10 Wholesalers of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, cosmetics, childcare products & beverages Distributors for well known companies:

11 Our Wholesale Business We carry over 20,000 SKUs including over 5,000 pharmaceuticals and offer same day delivery service to our customers

12 Our Pharmacy Business All of our 11 pharmacies are full service and are located throughout the Dutch Caribbean Products sold include prescription medicine, OTC medications, medical supplies, beauty and healthcare items, personal products and gifts We offer a customer loyalty program, free blood pressure and glucose testing, free delivery and drive thru windows in some locations

13 Our 5 Pharmacies in Aruba Botica San Lucas Botica Oduber Botica Kibrahacha Botica 4 Centro Medico Botica Central Botica Trupiaal

14 Our 2 Pharmacies in Curacao Botica Otrabanda Botica Dominguito

15 Our 3 Pharmacies in St. Maarten Central Drugstore Dutch Quarter Pharmacy Bush Road Pharmacy

16 Our Nutrition Stores In 2004 implemented a store within a store concept at Botica Oduber and Kibrahacha Created Visser Nutrition Centers Fulfills increasing consumer demand for vitamins and other nutritional supplements

17 Our Wellness & Research Center State of the art clinic for integrative medicine The clinic houses a chiropractor, a sports and general psychologist, a physical therapist and an osteopath 2004-2006 Conducted obesity study on 4000 schoolchildren and implemented a program for its control

18 Our Board of Directors Mrs. C. Visser-Lampe Mr. E. Visser GEM Management N.V.

19 Our Management Team CEO – Dr. Richard Visser GM – Mr. Dick Sougé CFO – drs. Yvonne Escalona Controller – Mr. Jurgen van der Meer Aruba Wholesale Manager – Mr. Bart Kool Retail Manager - Mr. Rudy Richardson

20 Our Management Team Curacao Country Manager – Mr. Johan Deelstra St. Maarten Country Manager – Mr. Johan Deelstra

21 Our CEO, Dr. Richard Visser Devoted to the exploration and dissemination of integrated medicine that combines the best holistic healing practices for inner harmony of the body, mind and spirit Conducts clinical research on childhood obesity Through Comunidad cu Vitalidad and the Richard Visser Institute we provide programs that strengthen our youth and educate our region in order to improve the quality of life for our people - giving back has always been an important part of our corporate model

22 Our Growth Plans Expand all modes of the corporation into all areas of the Caribbean Continue with the vertical integration model for business growth Introduce Wellness Minute, a clinic within the pharmacies that offers lifestyle tips, healthcare advise, product information and mini- physical exams Continued research and development in this region

23 Our Business Partnership Advantage Vertical integration in all our territories 40+ years of experience Well established sales & distribution systems Covers strategic areas in the Caribbean Financially stable Excellent relationships with government & health officials CEO – Dr. Richard Visser is well known and respected in the health and wellness professional community

24 Our Commitment To Our Business Partners We believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships We assist you in building your brand locally We strive for your success and listen to your needs Our knowledgeable staff is flexible and committed to your objectives

25 Visser Holding Italiestraat #24 Oranjestad, Aruba (D.W.I.) Phone: (297) 583-5212 Fax: (297) 583-8290 Website: Contact person: Mr. Dick Sougé E-mail: Contact Information for Aruba

26 Contact Information for Curacao & Suriname Visser Trading Curacao Mercuriusstraat 11 Willemstad, Curacao (D.W.I.) Phone: (5999) 465-2860 Fax: (5999) 465-2682 Website: Contact Person: Mr. Han Deelstra E-mail:

27 Contact Information for St. Maarten Central Drugstore E.C. Richardson Street Phillipsburg, St. Maarten Phone:(599) 542-2321 Fax: (599) 542-5576 Website: Contact Person: Mr. Han Deelstra E-mail:

28 Thank you for your interest in our company

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