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a person of determination/wealth/skills/great courage.

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2 a person of determination/wealth/skills/great courage

3 for sale/on sale These books are for/on sale.

4 want sth./to do sth. badly (badly=very much) They are badly in need of food and medicine.

5 ahead of There is a bright future ahead of you. We should try to finish the task ahead of time. If you work harder, you can be ahead of many of your classmates.

6 It will do just as well. (do: be fit; be all right) It is not expensive. $5 will do. It wont do for us to be late.

7 at the boys last remark at the thought/mention of … ……/ …… At the sight/sound of its mum, the baby stopped crying.

8 Tears of joy filled his eyes.= Tears came to his eyes.

9 burst into tears/laughter burst out laughing/crying burst with anger/joy/happiness

10 envy sb.(/) sth. I envy you your good luck. He looked with envy at his neighbours new car. Her beauty is the envy of her friends. How I envy you!

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