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Sociologist, metaphilosopher,

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1 Sociologist, metaphilosopher,
Metatheory, metavision, metademocracy the Eve of new European and global thinking Csaba Varga Sociologist, metaphilosopher, H. Academic Reader President of the Institute for Strategic Research

2 Personal preamble The Hungarian and Central-European breakages, pains and growing hunger for future inspire me. (strong inner and outer motivations) Instead of helplessness, vacuousness, and affected saunter in the present – I choose to understand the new world, and to declare new thinking (new reality – new philosophy – new state of consciousness) I am a sociologist by qualification, a philosopher by inner makeup, and I have been leading a Hungarian R+D institute for one and a half decade. We have developed an overall transdisciplinary theory (metaphilosophy), and simultaneously have been initiating and leading local developmental model experiments.

3 New age – new science? Before Knowledge centered world model
In the midst of Global Information Society Before consciousness-society The quantitative and most of all qualitative advancement of knowledge – New Science /New Theory is born Within thirty-fifty years universal knowledge and knowledge utilization of new grade is to be expected Knowledge becomes personal asset - The individual understands and applies New Knowledge Knowledge becomes society asset Knowledge society is born

4 Normal and post-normal science 1.
The organized, industrialized, standardized (dominant) practice of science includes the usage of standard scientific techniques and processes of information gathering, processing and application. In normal science the majority of scientists are busy to puzzle out smaller questions of science within the boundaries of an ingrained theory. Normal science is not able to deliver answers to many substantive questions of our age. The monopoly of universities, state research institutes has come to an end, as new public and private research institutes has been founded.

5 Normal and post-normal science 2.
Old questions of epistemology become obsolete as science faces new challenges, the flood of new problems in which facts are uncertain, values are questioned, a great deal is at stake, and intellectual decisions can not be delayed. Post-normal science requires science to expand its boundaries to include different validation processes, perspectives, and types of knowledge. In post-normal science to secure scientific input quality of science-political processes requires a wider range of validation community.

6 A blissful state of global consciousness
It is fortunate that the civilization of planet Earth has understood clearly: that the discrepancy of the conventional colonist or Euro Atlantic knowledge is inevitable that the Euro Atlantic global society has not got any vision of the future, and it is not finding its future that the Euro Atlantic global society has not got a new economical/social practice, and its present model of democracy has run out of force or weakened

7 Three statements The present and the future is incomprehensible and ununderstandable without a new theory or metatheory With the help of metatheory a new vision of the future could be developed (metavision for ) With the help of metavision a new global government practice (e.g., the global society of the universal meta-consciousness and metademocracy) could be created

8 1. The dawn of a new theory The high level partial knowledge systems are not unifying, absence of a comprehensive knowledge The crisis of the normal and post-normal sciences are following each other There are still no convincing answers of the fundamental questions, e.g., what is man?, what is consciousness?, what is the Universe? The integrated philosophy of science and religion is slowly developing Etc.

9 1. The new theory - is it a metatheory?
will (or could) be a unified theory of all sciences, religions and arts is a theoretical experiment to unify metaphysics with the theories of (quantum) physics is a unified theory of matter and/or consciousness is a transnational and post-colonist theory is unifying traditionalism and post-traditionalism as a metatheory, is the discovery of a new reality and knowledge

10 A metatheory prognosis
The postmodern era challenged big theories, meanwhile theories of new kind is lacking what sets back even the most pragmatic research and development. ↔ Hence in the post normal age of science unified integrated (searching for ultimate answers again) metatheories are expected to born.

11 Viewpoint of metatheory (1)
Challenging and putting aside our own ideology, views To challenge and to keep questioning the Zeitgeist which is embodied in current theories To achieve an openness toward any old and new construction we are able to apprehend The assumption of transcendental determination and attachment to reality of all beings and existence

12 Viewpoint of metatheory (2)
After rationalization, differentiating and specialization of human thought it is now making effort to summing up, unifying and generalizing To exclude or at least to weaken the effects of potential truss, truncating , limitation by thought-concept of the new notions (meta-reality, meta-consciousness, meta-human, meta-theory, meta-god, etc.).

13 Viewpoint of metatheory (3)
Meta-theory change into meta-philosophy and into post theory and post philosophy and a new knowledge and state of consciousness formation The only one Metaprinciple formulating as the first/last step of self creation Meta reality portrays new reality, meta-consciousness new consciousness, meta-human a new conception of man, or meta-time/meta-space a new spacetime conception.

14 The net of new top concepts (1)
Metareality (perforce not independently from metaconsciousness, etc.) Metaconsciousness (not independently from metareality, etc.) Metahuman or metahuman-consciousness (not independently from the previous two and those following) MetaGod (not independently from any of the others, nor dependent on any of them)

15 The net of new top concepts (2)
MetaChange (the complex ordered net / non net of conceptual distinctions, interactions, in other words the flow, change and transformation of concepts) Metatheory (not independently from any other, as one of the possible projections of Metaconsciousness and a model of Metachange) MetaPrinciple (which may be a principle group as well)

16 (I. Prigogine – I. Stengers)
P.s. The source of order „ the source of order is not equilibrium. The non-equilibrium creates order out of chaos.” (I. Prigogine – I. Stengers)

17 The position of reference alternatives
Metareality/metaconsciousness are one and the same Metareality generates metaconsciousness Metaconsciousness creates metareality Neither creates the other, the two are not identical, but the cooperation of the two is the case Metareality/metaconsciousness exists only inside man (in human consciousness) Metaconsciousness or metahuman-consciousness exists only within metareality Metareality/metaconsciousness are both the creation of the Absolute, God The seven (or more ) starting position together gives the starting point for metatheory

18 P.s. In the captivity of a theory
„The proponents of different theories are like the members of different language-culture communities. ” (Thomas S. Kuhn)

19 Who looks at whom and how? (1)
The Observer looks at the Observed metareality (the Observer gets distinct from the Observed, able to look and dominates the process) The Observed looks at the Observer metahuman (the metareality sees / let it be seen in the Observer, the observed dominates the interaction) There is no looking (the Observer/observed reality are the same, there is no distinction, they do not see each other, or there is no need for looking)

20 Who looks at whom and how?(2)
Looking is unfeasible (a Metareality-Meta-consciousness can not be understood, only experienced, there is no Observed and no looking) There is exchange of looks between equals, that is, looking is feasible and successful, however the observed and observer are of equal rank and in reciprocal relation. The Observer/Metahuman-consciousness looks at the Observed/Metaconsciousness (the personal metahuman consciousness mirrors itself and its „creating” metaconsciousness)

21 Who looks at whom and how?(3)
The Observed/Metaconsciousness looks at the Observer/Metahuman consciousness (impersonal metaconsciousness manifests in the personal metaconsciousness and metahuman-consciousness trys to perceive it) The metaconsciousness (impersonal/personal metaconsciousness) is self existent (the personal metaconsciousness is not able to separate)

22 Who looks at whom and how?(4)
Meta-unconsciousness (there are no interactions between metaconsciousnesses; they flow, melt into each other) Meta-selfconsciousness (impersonal/personal metaconsciousness is the creation of the Absolute/God and the projection is a continuous self creation as well) Fundamental answers: the elements of the uncreated/created unity

23 Meta-methodology (cognition) 1.
Pre-scientific (everyday, direct personal and collective experience.), Observer exists inside Observed and vice versa Scientific understanding (normal, post-normal science, and theology) – the Observer looks at the Observed Understanding beyond science (frontier-sciences, mystical knowledges, etc.) – the Observed gives signs to the Observer partly unable to perception Post-scientific understanding (new science) – Metariality /Metaconsciousness shows up simultaneously in the complex interaction

24 Meta-methodology (cognition) 2.
5. Understanding via arts (all old and new art, post art) – this can be the manifestation of self consciousness, or the impersonal-personal metaconsciousness; 6. Artificial intelligence (sooner or later a self-creating metareality and metaconsciousness?) 7. God experience (prayer, meditation, inspiration, etc.) – perceiving self-consciousness, interiorizing the transcendental viewpoint 8. Understanding through religion – the metaconsciousness/MetaGod is perceived in metahuman-consciousness

25 Meta-methodology (cognition) 3.
9. Understanding is limited or unfeasible – looking is superficial, or limited, even impossible. 10. The main characteristic of metatheory’s method is the usage and construction of a joint, complementary system of cognition methods, in which parts mutually control each other. (meta-supramethodology) This way metatheory advances toward post science, post knowledge, or post theology, meanwhile making visible the new „reality”, the post-reality and vice versa...

26 P.s. Types of cognitions „Verification with evidence is: science; achieving to experience god is empathy; hearsay and experience acceptance in good faith is religion.” Al Ghazali

27 Metatheory „structure” 1.
1. Basic theories: a) within normal disciplines, thinking branches, unified partial theories, etc. are being born, →(unified theories of physics, life theories, etc.) b) theories above disciplines, unified pre-theories, post-normal, post-scientific theories, etc; →(unprompted common suppositions, unified natural-sciences, integrated social sciences, unified theological theories, etc.);

28 Metatheory „structure” 2.
2. Supra theories: scientific, post-scientific, metaphysical and theological summary, yet postcolonial top-theories, intercultural top knowledges, etc. →(metaphysical traditions, the comparative post-theologies of world religions / big theories above religions/, unified theories of science, mega-philosophies, etc.)

29 Metatheory „structure” 3.
3. The unification of the two factors: the joined theoretical and supra-theoretical systems of the basic theories and supra-theories, the continually changing new quality knowledges: a) the meta-systems of theories; b) integration of theoretical meta-systems and the high ranking knowledges and consciousness states emerging from this interconnection; →that is the ordered/unordered states of the self creating consciousness-knowledge networks; →the Absolute consciousness state. → (Unitary-unified „systems” above civilizations common conceptions+science+post-science +religions+art.)

30 P.s. Onto-theo-logy „The duality of the question about the being of beings can be brought together in the title "onto-theo-logy.” Martin Heidegger philosophy is the unity of art and religion in so far as „Philosophy not merely keeps them together to make a totality, but even unifies them into the simple spiritual vision, and then in that raises them to self-conscious thought ” G. W. F. Hegel

31 Metaphysics and metatheory 1.
Possible interpretations of metaphysics: A theory of philosophy describing the reality beyond physics or/and natural sciences A theory of theology dealing with the transcendental reality imagined to be supernatural (and the existence of God) General, overall, and possibly integrating scientific/postscientific about the Whole

32 Metaphysics and metatheory 2.
It is above philosophical metaphysics It is above the prior reality- and consciousness levels It is above traditional theological metaphysics It votes neither for magical solipsism nor objective idealism The „meta” prefix raises beyond not only nature, not only the second (built, social) reality, but also the intellectual, virtual or transcendental reality

33 Metaphysics and metatheory 3.
Metatheory on one side perceives and discusses new reality, new consciousness, new questioner (metareality/metaconsciousness/metahuman), on the other side this way it really shows more than metaphysical reality/consciousness It does not disclaim science, but basically strengthens it, while also integrates metaphysics, so does not disclaim theology either. It makes metaphysical approach scientific, and theologizes science, etc. It strives to supplement lacking factors (like metachemistry)

34 About the notion of metareality 1.
Metareality equally contains as new reality the following reality elements, dimensions, structures, etc.: Uncreated reality, created reality, self-creating reality as a unified reality Intellectual realities, symbolic, virtual realities, etc. The frontier realities, non-realities existing above, beyond or around (etc.) realities Normal realities existing in n-dimensions, supra-realities, vector realities The realities of the structures or chaos between reality factors, parts of reality

35 About the notion of metareality 2.
Changes of realities, reality dimensions, changing realities If a thing does not exist, have not thought of it does not follow that it can not exists or can not be think of. However there is nothing beyond metareality, and there is nothing which does not belong to reality Metareality therefore is the apprehensible/inapprehensible reality of reality factors (partial realities) reality groups, non-realities, structural realities, changing realities (etc.).

36 P.s. Existence and Being „Being cannot be. Were it to be, it would no longer remain being but would become a being, an entity.” Martin Heidegger

37 A metareality steps 1. World of the matter (physical-chemical-biological, lifeless-living reality); matter (from ether to galaxies, from atom to super sets), life (reproductive organic polymers, unicellular, multicellular living creatures, etc.); and human (as a physical-biological being) +the new substances of civilizations. Post-material reality (replication of the material world, secondary natural reality, the social reality, institutionalized virtual reality); ecosystem, civilization, economy, society, education, culture, and man as a social being, etc.

38 A metareality steps 2. Intellectual reality (not material reality, facts, information, knowledge-reality); sciences, arts, religions, and man as a spiritual being (interpretations of the first two steps) Transcendental reality (reality beyond material and mental reality) spiritual, transcendental reality, true reality, pure consciousness, ultimate reality, Absolute, God, and man as a divine being)

39 A metareality steps 3. Even in the simplest model the steps- flights of steps are in sphere, in a sphere structure (sphere-model), Each step is made up of several inner smaller steps, (arch of flights of steps in the sphere) Motion on the steps are possible both from inside outward and from outside inward; etc.

40 Edens „The first step is life without Eden, the second is unsuccessful search for Eden, the third is potential Eden vision, and the fourth step is the chance for the True Eden.” V. Cs.

41 About the notion of metaconsciousness 1.
First step: sensory consciousness, nature perceiving itself, material-rational „consciousness”, being without consciousness, or pre-consciousness, the lack of self-consciousness, only the first two steps of metareality can be seen from here Second step: reality-consciousness, already an adstract way of thinking, everyday consciousness, starting consciousness, individual and collective unconsciousness and normal consciousness (unvisible and visible collective consciousness and its projections), the mass consciousness dominance over personal upper consciousness, intermediary consciousness, the fourth step can not be apprehended from here

42 About the notion of metaconsciousness 2.
Third step: High mental and cosmic consciousness / self-consciousness, consciousness raised by knowing, universal peak consciousness, initiated consciousness, from here the fourth step passages are visible Fourth step: divine-consciousness, unity consciousness, extra sensory- and knowing consciousness, the Pure Consciousness, Self- consciousness, the impersonal and personal God-consciousness (recognizing and making it conscious), the saint-reality/consciousness centered social consciousness, the four steps reality is visible entirely only from here; →metaconsciousness each consciousness step and their interactive relations, all meta consciousness and non-consciousness, consciousness factors, processes, dimensions, consciousness systems.

43 Stepladders of metaconsciousness self creation
The Uncreated World is nothing else than the Uncreated Consciousness, God- consciousness Unity and Totality The Created Spiritual World is the self creation of the Uncreated Consciousness (the creation of Intelligence and Wisdom) The Created Mental World is the birth and existence of the Created Soul (The separation of Good and Bad, the creation of Beauty and Goodness) The Created Physical-Biological World is not else than, as the Uncreated Consciousness forms with help of the Created Spirit and Soul the Material / Nonmaterial World.

44 Metahuman-structure 1. Heavenly body (bodiless body) Superior eternal body (stepping across: as becoming a rainbow body) Divine body (diamond body, love-body) Causal body (intellectual, knowledge-body) Mental body (soul body) Astral body (emotional test) Physical body (biological body) Condensed non-material, non energy non, concentration Condensed divine post-energy Condensed non-material love energy Condensed information (mental energy) Condensed light Condensed energy Condensed ether

45 Metahuman-structure 2. Incomprehensible God/human/consciousness
Absolute, divine, uncreated „consciousness” Created, impersonal post-consciousness Pure consciousness, divine consciousness, self existent-consciousness, reincarnation consciousness, etc. Intellectual consciousness, self-consciousness, enlightend-consciousness, wisdom-consciousness Soul-consciousness, resurrection-consciousness, aware-consciousness, adjudication-consciousness, etc. Suffering-consciousness, dream-consciousness, fear-consciousness, hope-consciousness Physical consciousness, universe-consciousness, frequency-state Incomprehensible God/human/consciousness Mystical post-human Transcendent, religious, saint, loving human Thinking, talking, understanding, self-defining human Mental, social, farmer human Feeling, getaway-getting free, effusive- receiving human Physical, biological, genetically human

46 Reality tree/Concept tree/Consciousness tree
Upper peak: MetaGod Under peak: Metaconsciousness (to the right: metamind – to the left: metawisdom In the middle: Metahuman (to the right meta love, to the left meta-will) Down element: metasociety (to the right metaemotion, to the left metatheory) Down „peak”: Metareality All together: MetaUnity/Metaprinciple

47 P.s. 62 kinds of view Instead of a summary: According to Buddha
the phenomena of the world are analyzed by 62 different type of view , but each is groundless (the world is finite, the world is infinite, the world is finite and infinite at the same time, world is not finite and nor it is infinite, world exists eternally, world was created by God, world came into existence by itself, etc. )

48 The knowledge society age and metatheory (a)
The post-normal science of knowledge-society age is interdisciplinary, or it can become more and more so; although unified theories are not yet created even within disciplines (theoretical physics is the most likely exception). Within religions and most of all among religions unification has not occurred, created Science and religion reunification becomes possible, although only exceptional authors managed to give us example and model for it up to now. (Capra, Ken Wilber)

49 The knowledge society age and metatheory (b)
The Old Paradigm changing into the New Paradigm is happening intensively, however, it is the transitions which are dominant still (post-normal age of science) A quick increase in the number of the researches, likely to deliver metatheory, has started (system theory suppositions, religion comparative and epistemology research, consciousness research, etc.)

50 The knowledge society age and metatheory (c)
Professional arrangements and conditions are not yet or only partly given, therefore the preliminary hypothesis are coming into existence in the framework of traditional understanding mostly. Under different names and different methods New Science/New Philosophy/New Theory/Post-science formulation has started

51 The future – a theory of time
There is no time, space-time, nonspace-nontime, linear-nonlinear time, etc, which holds everywhere? Is there another time, quantum time unity/time/space etc. at each stage of metareality, metaconsciousness, metahuman.? The time zones of levels run into each other, contact each other. Are they to treat as a solid structure of time/space/nontime nonspace? Where, when and in what way becomes true that the fourth (and nth) dimension is time, post time and post space? Where does and where does not a future exist? What kind of past/present/future there are?

52 The dawn of a new vision of the future
The future is incomprehensible because the present (and the near past) is uncertain too In 1989 Central Europe chose the capitalistic past, and became disappointed with this future-past The future is of no interest as long as we think it to be nothing more than the direct continuation of the constraint path of our present Our present is an innovation and knowledge based glob-local world, but what is our tomorrow?

53 The new vision of the future - is it a metavision?
The future depends, at least half percent, on us, and on our vision of the future We are preparing an integrated metavision for The middle of the 21. Century is (or could be) a consciousness based global/local society The future world will be a sacral (spiritual, transcendental) world The individuals will like to achieve, collectively and personally as well, higher states of consciousness

54 The dawn of a new world -governing practice and world consciousness
The global information society has not shifted yet to the knowledge-controlled era In the undeveloped regions the classical capitalistic/industrial society is being conserved While exporting the Euro Atlantic democracy, the classical democracy model has weakened and run out of force The political/power centered global governance is not able to handle the global conflicts Etc.

55 A new world-reality/world consciousness - is it a metaconscoius-metareality?
The future could be born from the combination of ecological society, spiritual economy, digital society, consciousness developing society etc. A new kind of decision-making and universal action space will appear The new world-reality/world consciousness will (or could) be a sacral democracy, and a post-religious universal civilization and culture Local “miracles” - e.g., the strategy of Aba That which seems far, is usually very near

56 MESSAGE Does the present lesson merely convey that the whole world shall speak about the unified, but complex metareality/metaconsciousness as metaphilosophy? Or is the strategic end/endless goal more than that even now? Independently from our answer, does the universal and beyond universalities self development of Metaprinciple (metaconsciousness/metareality, etc.) keep going on seemingly without any sign?

57 Thank you for your kind attention!
For further information, see: What seems to be far away is surprisingly near.

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