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1 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.glamping. 2 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 GLAMOROUS.CAMPING GLAMPING (glamp ɪ ŋ) Inevitably, one will begin to feel the longing.

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Presentation on theme: "1 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.glamping. 2 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 GLAMOROUS.CAMPING GLAMPING (glamp ɪ ŋ) Inevitably, one will begin to feel the longing."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.glamping

2 2 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 GLAMOROUS.CAMPING GLAMPING (glamp ɪ ŋ) Inevitably, one will begin to feel the longing for nature: not the wildest forests or sublime mountains which only the most experienced can conquest, but a place where modern lifestyle becomes an inalienable part of the nature surrounding it. That is the concept of glamping: luxurious seclusion in the middle of nature, an escape into the peace of soul with the highest living standard and quality.

3 3 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.ecopod Portnacroish, Scottish Highlands. The Loch Linnhe and its beautiful view still recall the romantic verse of William Wordsworth. On the shore of it lies worlds very first fully mobile geodesic glamping resort, the ecopod boutique retreat. It provides a temporary private space with aesthetic feeling, and serves as a cathedral for the freedom-seeking soul. ecopod – landscape viewecopod – outdoor hot tub ecopod – boutique retreat

4 4 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.ecopod The ecopod represents the core idea of glamping: as a high-end boutique hotel, it provides an unforgettable space and life experience with taste in the beautiful heart of nature. One can wander lonely as a cloud; and when he gets back and lies down in a soft pillow, in vacant or in pensive mood, / They flash upon that inward eye / Which is the bliss of solitude: / And then my heart with pleasure fills, / And dances with the daffodils. (W. Wordsworth: I wandered lonely as a cloud, 1807) ecopod – bath cylinderecopod – mobile kitchen and stove ecopod - living room

5 5 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.interior Without professional interior design, the concept of glamping would lose its glance at once. Working with top design studios in Germany, ZENDOME explores the possibility of combining the aesthetics of hemispherical shape with modern furniture and stylish interior decoration. There are models of different sizes in order to meet the requirements of the customers. An individualized solution of interior design is also possible. ZD.TL Concept Dome ZD.TL Concept Dome interior ZD.TL Concept Dome – overview

6 6 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.xxxxx The ZENDOME caused quite a commotion with its premiere in August 2007 between Berlin and Hamburg: the island and dome town of Havelberg offered a beautiful scenery for the first xx ZD.TL Concept Dome ZD.TL Concept Dome interior ZD.TL Concept Dome – natural isolation ZENDOME.mountain peak Not only beneath the trees, but also on top of the mountains: the true pioneers of glamping cannot be restrained by natural boundaries. The special design of ZENDOME makes it possible even in the most exotic environment. To walk like a carefree shepherd or to participate at a sky marathon through the mountain valley in the day and to enjoy the abundance of modern life at night: isnt that paradise on earth?

7 7 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.island resorts With the natural distance to the life on the mainland, offshore islands are another ideal place for those who seek intimacy with the nature. But a unique experience of connection with nature and the joyful social interaction can also bring a breathtaking adventure. Our hemisphere domes can be set up in groups or connected to each other, allowing families or large number of guests to stay at the same time. Lets create your own paradise. ZENDOME.island ressorts ZD.domescapeZENDOME.sustainability

8 8 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 In order to insure the best quality of stay, ZENDOME has always been cooperating with top designers to optimize their domes. Susanne Phillipson, Germanys well known designer, is one of ZENDOMEs most important companion in the world of glamping. Based on different environmental settings, she designed various conceptions of interior composition, which attract our guests at the moment they enter the dome. Inside or outside, the beauty never leaves.

9 9 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.floating ZENDOMEs first experiment of exotic glamping can be dated back to August 2007, when the first floating hemisphere celebrated its premiere in Havelberg, a historical town at the side of river Havel. Between Berlin and Hamburg, the floating dome offered a unique aesthetic experience of summer and sunshine: a river cruise, driven by the geodesic dome of ideas. ZENDOME.floating islands ZD.floatsZENDOME.sustainability

10 10 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.island of love After years of exploration, ZENDOME wishes to spread the idea of glamping all over the world. ZENDOME plus glamping equals freedom: the freedom of body as well as of soul. Go hiking in the mountains, walk in the woods, or drift like a diamond on the sea – we need nature, and the nature needs us. Why not spend the honeymoon on the floating island of love – not only with the beloved one, but also with nature? ZENDOME.floating islands ZENDOME.floats

11 11 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 The perfect example of glamping, the floating island of love, requires not only fancy design concepts, but also reliable technology. With the help from applied sciences ZENDOME was able to develop a sustainable system to ensure the safety and stability of each dome. The specially designed recycling system makes sure that the luxurious vacation embracing the nature wouldnt harm the vulnerable ecosystem. The nature needs us, and we need the nature. ZENDOME.floating islands

12 12 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 LET´S ZENDOMEize ZENDOME GmbH Schwedter Str. 34a D-10435 Berlin All hereby presented concepts, ideas and proposals are intellectual property of ZENDOME and are subject to copyright laws. Only with explicit authorization may they be handed on, used or applied in any way. Should it none the less come to a use or application of above stated ideas and concepts, we will make you liable for sharing the financial gain of any such use in any way we see fit. All here stated things are subject to appropriate copyright laws. Every use of protected information is seen as accepted contract as stated above.

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