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©All Rights Reserved A Division Of.

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1 ©All Rights Reserved A Division Of

2 ©All Rights Reserved Introducing the revolutionary Beautiful Hair Styler. This award winning concept has proven to be a huge hit at venues worldwide. Designed to the highest standards and implementing the industrys finest ceramic hot irons, the Beautiful Styler enables women a quick fix hair solution to look good at all times. This unique proven opportunity generates incredible cash revenues and has identified a strong presence in the multi-million dollar vending industry. A Division Of

3 ©All Rights Reserved The success of the Beautiful Vending Hair Styler has been outstanding since its introduction into the vending industry in 2005. Distributed in more than 16 countries worldwide, we are proud to announce the Beautiful Hair Styler has recently been introduced into the USA. Awarded for its design concept and patented application, the Beautiful Styler integrates the variable controlled timer system that activates the ceramic hot irons when cash is inserted into the dollar bill acceptor. We are excited to announce that most recently the Beautiful Styler was recognized by the vending industry and was awarded The International Vending Product Of The Year. A Division Of

4 ©All Rights Reserved In todays world, women expect to be provided with all the luxuries enjoyed at home, as they spend incredible amounts of money and go to enormous lengths only to be frustrated as soon as they step outside the door. The effects of rain, wind, snow, heat, humidity or even our daily routines can cause perfectly styled hair to frizz and ruin a special night out or a busy day. A convenient and affordable method, the Beautiful Stylers quick grooming process will give her one less thing to worry about. The importance of looking good has never been more apparent. Since 2005 The Beautiful Styler has been providing all women around the globe the ideal solution for bad hair days. A Division Of

5 ©All Rights Reserved A Division Of

6 ©All Rights Reserved A Division Of

7 Customers bad hair days are now a thing of the past! Trendy Clubs Bars Health & Fitness Centers Restaurants Office Buildings Shopping Malls Airports Exhibition Halls Banquet Halls Universities & many more… ©All Rights Reserved The Beautiful Styler generates great revenues in venues such as : Hottest trend in the citys top nightclubs. MX Magazine Darlinghurst's Ruby Rabbit was the first to trial the machine last week, and partygoers were raving. We have had the Stylers installed for just over a month and they have proved a huge hit with all our female customers. Karen Thomas, The Social Health Club Excuse me, Are you in line for the Styler. A Division Of

8 ©All Rights Reserved Beauty Brigade is truly a business that anyone can operate and be successful. As an operator you will be provided with all the necessary Marketing Tools to help assist you locating your machines, and enjoy the revenue streams they produce. Your main business duties will be to visit each venue to empty the cash and service the units. There are no restrictions to the expansion of your business. We will provide you with the ability to build a large network of units and create a real passive income. A Division Of

9 ©All Rights Reserved We have different packages for every level of investment. Our business managers will help and assist you in deciding which package will best suit your commitment and financial investment. Opportunities do exist for highly motivated individuals. Beauty Brigade is now looking to appoint Distributors who will develop a more substantial business model. Your main objective must be to place the Beautiful Vending Styler units in as many locations as you can. By doing this you will build brand awareness and availability, and the usage of the units will grow continually over time... And so will your income! Straight Up Styling makes Beautiful Vending a money making success. Financial Times " The Beautiful Vending Styler has brought increased value to our female customers going out experience, and the Guy's are not complaining either." Steven M'c Colm. B.D.M. Luminar Leisure "We have had nothing but positive feedback from our female customers since we had The Beautiful Vending Styler installed. So much so that we now have a machine in every one of our venues." Tom Cullen Director of Operations, C.P.L A Division Of

10 ©All Rights Reserved Chicago May 2011 May 2011 Hot Commodity Jun 2008 Feb 2008 Feb 2008 Jan 2008 Jan 2008 July 2007 July 2007 June 2007 June 2007 June 2007 May 2007 May 2005 March 2007 January 2007 January 2007 December 2006 November 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 January 2006 International Press Articles Selecciones Feb 2008 MX Magazine Aug 2007 Aug 2007 Macleans May 2007 Easyjet Magazine May 2007 Winner - Wallpaper Design Awards 2007 Glamour Magazine (Swedish Edition) Glamour Magazine (Swedish Edition) UK Press Articles Sunday Herald July 2007 Company Magazine July 2007 Hair & Beauty July 2007 Hair & Beauty Metro Livewire Article May 2007 Sunday Herald Article May 2007 Evening Times Article March 2007 Auto Vend Magazine 2007 Hello Magazine Article March 2007 October 2006 Telegraph February 2007 Financial Times Article September 2006 The Herald Shell Livewire Article Evening Times Shell Livewire Article Daily Record Shell Livewire Article Lanarkshire Press Article Regional Winners Of Shell Livewire Auto Vend Magazine Award Certificate Glasgow Evening Times March 2006 The Herald March 2006 Daily Record August 2005 A Division Of

11 ©All Rights Reserved 100% Cash Business! No Royalties! No Franchise Fees! BE YOUR OWN BOSS-START TODAY For more information please contact Beauty Brigade: or 847-359-3232 A Division Of

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