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NEMRUT A Place of Gigantic Statues It is a perfect ancient city of Kommagene Kingdom in the city of Adıyaman for those who are interested in history.

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2 NEMRUT A Place of Gigantic Statues It is a perfect ancient city of Kommagene Kingdom in the city of Adıyaman for those who are interested in history. It consists of huge statues of eagle and lion. AMASRA A Town in the Heart of Nature It is a peaceful town along the Black Sea coast. Enjoy natural beauty and history through the ancient castle, museum and chateau.

3 AMASYA A City of Amazing Houses by the River It is a beautiful city which embodies traditional amazing Ottoman Houses by the River Yeşilırmak. OLİMPOS (Olympus) Home of Mystery and History (Antalya) In this well-known home of Olympian gods and goddesses in Greek Mythology, enjoy the mystery and history through the remains of ancient Rome and Greek and get the pleasure of splendid sea.

4 LAKE ULUBAT Home of Birds and Fishes It is a magnificent lake near the city of Bursa. It houses different species of waterfowls. CUMALIKIZIK An Ottoman Village It is a historical village that presents the Ottoman Architecture near the city of Bursa.

5 OYLAT THERMAL WATERS A sea of trees and thermal springs Located some 70 kilometres from Bursa in the Uludağ mountain range, the spa town of Oylat is surrounded by forests and it is a perfect natural healing source. KÖYCEĞİZ A town of Nature and History If you want to make a boat-tour on the big Lake Köyceğiz, relax by the hot water springs, planning a historical tour to the antique Caunos or making a romantic walk on the shore: the small town of Köyceğiz in Muğla will satisfy all your wishes.

6 ÖLÜ DENİZ A Paradise of Beaches Olü Deniz in Fethiye is home to some of Turkey's best beaches and is the perfect beach resort for the families and couples. You can do paragliding in Mounth Babadağ and see Kelebekler Valley and Gemiler Island as well. SAKLIKENT CANYON A Hidden City It is the second largest canyon in Europe. It is fifty km from the town of Fethiye. It offers you gorgeous beauty of nature. An adventurous unforgettable trip in which you have to climb to the rocks to go forward awaits you.

7 ADALAR (Princes Islands) A Perfect Place for Sight Seeing in İstanbul Adalar (Islands) is a leading sightseeing district of İstanbul. It consists of nine islands, the most popular of which is Büyükada (Big Island). Uzungöl (Long Lake) A Major Tourist Attraction of Black Sea It is a lake situated to the south of the city of Trabzon. The area is most famous for its natural beauty. Located in a valley between high rising mountains, the lake and village appear inaccessible.

8 Kapadokya (Cappadocia) A Nature Wonder It is a miraculaous district that consists of chimney rocks. The region hosted the Hittite, Frig, Pers, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. Enjoy the nature and fly in a hot air balloon. HARRAN A City of Fairytale Harran was a major ancient city in Upper Mesopotamia near Şanlıurfa Province. The history of Harran dates back to 5000 years ago. It is one of the first settlements on earth hosting the first university of the world.

9 SELİMİYE MOSQUE A Masterpiece of Mimar (Architecht) Sinan Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is a well-known masterpiece of Mimar (Architecht) Sinan. It is a notable example of Otoman- Turkish Architecture with chinas, calligraphy, marbles. PAMUKKALE, The Pearl of Aegean Pamukkale in Denizli is both, a magical and spectacular natural site, unique in the world and with its ancient ruins it is one of the most attractive spot for tourists.

10 İSHAK PAŞA PALACE Representative of Both Otoman and Seljuk Architecture It is an imperial embodiment of Otoman, Seljuk and Turkoman Architecture in Doğubeyazıt near the city of Ağrı built on craggy rocks with 116 rooms. Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island) Sedir Island (Kedral ancient city) is an amazing mystic island 24 km from the town of Marmaris with its archaeological natural structure. It is definitely a worth seeing place where tourism is very dense.

11 ASPENDOS A Splendid Ancient Roman City It is an ancient Roman City in Antalya province of Turkey. The town dates back to the 5th century BC. There is a theatre periodically repaired by the Seljuk who used it as a caravansary. DAMLATAŞ CAVE A Healing Cave of Stalactite It is a fascinating cave in Alanya, a town of Antalya. It is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Due to the humidity being 90% in the interior, the caves are used for the treatment of respiratory ailments.

12 MARDİN The City of Stones, Various Sects and Religions It is a fascinating city of Turkey that proves the importance of stone for humanity and embraces different sects and religions. HASANKEYF A Cultural and Historical Heritage Located between Mardin Province and Batman Province, Hasankeyf is a crossroad of different cultures due to its location. It has hosted many civilizations throughout the history including the Ayyubids, the Artuk, and the Ottomans, so has many spectacular remains.

13 ÇANAKKALE (GALLIPOLI) A City of Honour and Battles It is a splendid city for which many nations have fought since the ancient times including the Trojans. It has a magnificent martyrdom in which our glorious martyrs are resting KAZDAĞLARI (Mount Ida) The Mountains of History and Trekking Mount Ida (ancient name) is a mountain between Çanakkale Province and Balıkesir Province, southeast of the ruins of Troy, along the north coast of the Gulf of Edremit. It is absolutely a perfect place for trekking with its fascinating falls, streams, and historical ruins.

14 A MOSAIC TOWN BALIKLIGÖL Lakes with Holy Fishes The amazing area consists of two lakes which are regarded as holy due to the legend of Prophet İbrahim. ZEUGMA An Ancient Town of Mosaics It is a spectacular ancient town of mosaics in Nizip, Gaziantep province remaining from the Roman Period.

15 ANİ RUINS (A Medieval Armenian City) It is a mystic medieval city-site situated in the Turkish province of Kars. ANCIENT CITY OF EFES An Ancient City of Mystery It is a magnificent ancient city near Selçuk, a town of İzmir with its ancient churches, bazaars and caves.

16 OTTOMAN HOUSES in SAFRANBOLU, UNESCO World Heritage These historical houses represent old civilian architecture that was prevalent during the 18th and 19th century of the Turkish society. AYDER PLATEAU A Natural Cooling It is an impressive plateau in the province of Rize known for its thermal water and various flora.


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