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1 Cracow Epiphany Conference on Present and Future of B Physics – 2012 Xavier Prudent (IKTP,

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1 1 Cracow Epiphany Conference on Present and Future of B Physics – 2012 Xavier Prudent (IKTP, TU-Dresden) Summary of the Epiphany Conference 2012 on Present and Future of B Physics

2 What is the origin of particle masses and the reason for their hierarchy and hierarchy of the flavor-changing interactions ? CKM matrix q q W V qq Crucial Questions in Flavor Physics 2 - Elementary SM Higgs ? - New strong dynamics with composite Higgs or without Higgs ? - Can it be linked with the matter-antimatter assymetry & dark matter? - Can the anomalies in flavor physics be explained ? Many precision measurements of many observables and precise theory Study patterns on flavor violation in new physics models (correlation between many flavor observables) Correlations between low energy flavor observables and collider physics (LHC, Tevatron) Top-Down Approach

3 CKM Scheme for CP Violation in quarks tested CKM matrix complex & unitar (VV=1) Can be described as a triangle in a complex plane Overconstrained by very precise measurements Two exemples… [1] Measurement of sin(2 ) at BaBar (465M BB) Amplitude of B-Bbar assymetry gives sin(2 ) 3

4 [2] B L -B H mass difference m d ~ oscillation frequency (from semi-leptonic B decays) 1% precision has been reached Gives another reference point to constraint CKM triangle (here V td ) 4

5 The unitarity triangle is (?) a right triangle 5 Combining all these measurements (fit) Tension with BR(B ) V ub

6 Compilation of sin(2 eff ) measurements No significant deviation from B ccK 0 (tree-only) Precision still statistically dominated Sensitivity of ~1% on sin2, need Luminosity~10ab -1 (BaBa+Belle~1ab -1 ) Room for new physics ? No direct CP violation observed Measure sin(2 eff ) in b ccs decays Pinguin contributions to b ccs decays 6 Still room for new physics in BB mixing…

7 - Theoretically clean channel (penguins cancel) - Experimentally clean (large statistics, simple signature) B->J/Ψ(l + l - ) K s ( + - ) New physics contributions may induce CPV effects which modify the SM expectations Looking for new physics in CP violation (CPV) 7

8 FCNC process at tree level in SM Expected CPV parameters: - indirect (mixing induced) S ~ 3 % - direct C ~ -0.6% (Illustration purpose only) 8

9 9

10 10

11 Experimentally: Measure charge asymmetry in mixed semileptonic B 0 events (tagging with lepton charge) Y(4S) machines & hadron colliders: b quarks produced mainly in bb pairs CPV in mixing if A SL 0 CP asymmetry Hadronic colliders measure a combinatin of B 0 d, B 0 s CP parameters: C d,s depend on B production rates & mean mixing probability A b SL =C d a d SL + C s a s SL 11

12 New results from beauty factories & LHCb available soon HFAG average of Y(4S) measurements in agreement with SM 12

13 13

14 Standard Model: Charm physics is ~CP conserving: - indirect (mixing) CPV < 10 -3 - direct CPV ~10 -4 New physics could enhance these CPV up to 10 -2 through loop diagrams 14

15 15

16 16

17 Large correction from assymetry of KKbar in nuclear interaction with matter (~10-20%) Standard Model: - negligible direct CPV expected - small ACP~10 -3 in final states with K 0 S due to CPV in kaons SM prediction: No significant CPV observed… 17

18 18 A Few Anomalies More…

19 19

20 20

21 Cannot accomodate when including FCNC and EWSB constraints Assuming one or the other value lead to new physics in K or B d mixing Very interesting discussion on the interplay of observables by Buras Need to wait for SuperB, Belle-II and smarter theorists to resolve this issue. Buras Right-handed models ? SU(2) R x SU(2) L x U(1) Y 21

22 22

23 High statistics and resolution, low background 23

24 24

25 Two Hot Topics from LHCb 25

26 Large impact on new physics model 26

27 27

28 28 End of 2012…? Now… Analysis being updated with the 1.02fb-1 data already on tape 28

29 29 [LHCb-CONF-2011-049] [LHCb-CONF-2011-051] Vector-vector final state needs angular analysis 29

30 30 30

31 31 [LHCb-CONF-2011-049] 31

32 Conclusion of the Epiphany Conference 2012 Incense Divine success of SM (CKM mechanismus) in description of flavor physics: New physics obviously a second order effect CPV in charm, b->s, m d … Myrrh Final word of B factories (Belle, BaBar) on flavor physics. Sin(2 ), V ub -V cb puzzle, b->s still statistically dominated Gold Anomalies observed: - Tension with B-> in CKM fit - V ub -V cb puzzle - 2HDM in B->D (*) - D0 charge asymmetry - CPV in t decay - B s -> measured by CDF Valuable only if true ! Coming experiments: (not covered here) - Upgrade of Daphne II - SuperB, SuperKEKB, Belle-II - Upgrade of LHCb - Plans for (g-2) 32

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