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Place quality and citizenship- Thinking culturally is a good start Creative Communities.

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1 Place quality and citizenship- Thinking culturally is a good start Creative Communities

2 Were all cultural beings with Own stories Own dreams Unique experiences Different needs Different conceptions Unique viewpoints Own creativity Creative Communities

3 What is the spirit of a place? It comes from the people who lives, works and spends their time there. Values of no concern, can not be rooted. A place without history is fictious, a place left in history is retrospective. An autenthic place is both Creative Communities

4 What is place quality? It derives from existing values like identity and autencity. It is created by the representation of a collective narration where everyone can participate. Humane Functions Sustainable Beauty Dimensions Roots Creative Communities

5 Catch the spirit– Cultural Mapping Quantum Heritage Cultural inistitutions Cutural enterprise Culture among young people Cultural diversity and religious life Meeting places; pubs and cafés Nature and recreation areas Spontane and parcipatory culture Arts and handicrafts Creative education Creative Communities

6 Catch the spirit – Cultural Mapping Qualities What gives the place character? How is the place discribed? Which is the local history and what can architecture and public art tell about the past? Is there a history that has not been told? Is there a unique culture; local traditions, unique phenomenons? Where are the third spaces – meeting places? Creative Communities

7 Catch the spirit – Cultural Mapping Creative Communities

8 Catch the spirit – Cultural Mapping The story Is there something that makes this place unique? Which places are desribed as beautiful or ugly? What are the dreams and expectations? Are there needs not met? What is the range of entertainment? Where are the meeting places – formal and informal? What does sports mean to the place? Do people feel proud about their place? What the advantages of the place? Which are the leisure activities? Creative Communities

9 Developing place- Cultural Planning How many stories… Does city planning and dreams get along together? For: Place quality and creativity With resources for sustainability Social capital Creative Communities

10 Creativity and place Creative loopholes gives/are An alternative public space A possibility for self organizing, creativity and spontanity Identity shaping and enables meetings New events and experiences Creative loopholes are In commons; hidden, forgotten or obvious In premises; public as in shops and cafés Creative loopholes needs to be Recognized Valued Allowed Creative Communities

11 Creativity and assets Creative Communities

12 Creativity and participation Creative Communities

13 Creativity and process Creative Communities Pre study Anchoring at decision level. Visualize the scope. Decision on frames. Identify actors Invite for information and dialogues. Presentation. Mapping Create workgroups Place mapping / cultural inventory Open meeting places Workshops Visualize Implementation Reference group Model Visualise Strategy plan Implementation plan

14 Thanks for your participation Creative Communities

15 Intermission Thanks for your attention. Now its time for a break before the workshop. Bringing pieces together…. Creative Communities

16 Workshop - 1.Divide into groups. Pick people you dont know yet. Present yourselves properly if necesarry 2.Create a scenario the cities youve visited and has a member in the group. Try to recreate. 1.Make an inventory and a mapping of the place (30 min) 2.Suggest a possible work model for a parcipatory driven Cultural planning plot or pilot plan (30 min) 3.Presentation / reflections (15 min) Creative Communities

17 Summary - Possible outcomes Shared knowledge: On bringing culture and citizenship together? For River//Cities and Cuture for Waterfronts? Practice to carry further… Creative Communities

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