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Briefing for the CHARITY PROJECT 2013 1. 1) The Cause: Shiseido in Japanese means the house that improves the quality of life, and with this objective.

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1 Briefing for the CHARITY PROJECT 2013 1

2 1) The Cause: Shiseido in Japanese means the house that improves the quality of life, and with this objective during our 140 years of history, in 2013 we want to support women suffering the effects of cancer in Spain. We will create a Charity that will last all year to help women with cancer through Beauty and Makeup events across all the country. Also, in order to aware people of this frequent illness, we will create a big event in Madrid on the World Cancer Day. (4 th February) Why this cause? Because as a cosmetic brand, with so many years of history, we owe a lot to women around the world. In Shiseido, we try to improve people lifes with our products, encourage them to be beautiful and healthy through Makeup. Because beauty is a combination of how you feel from inside and from the outside. WHAT WE ARE 2

3 With the Charity we will be able to: Support woman who are suffering the effects of cancer in any of the phases of the treatment. (Always with their doctor approval). Support woman who had gotten through cancer. Help relatives of woman with cancer. 2) The Charity and its aims Our Aims: Make them feel beautiful. Make them feel that they are the same woman that they were before the illness. Make them feel comfortable with their personal view of themselves at this point. Make them feel that they can always be beautiful in a different way. Make them feel supported by people who understand their desire to be beautiful although they are sick. Make their families understand the situation their relatives are going through. WHAT WE ARE 3

4 SHISEIDO: 140 years devoted to soul, beauty and science Shiseido has been 140 years making women more beautiful, taking care of their external and internal beauty. Soul: The Richness of Shiseido is about the fullness of personal experiences, not about what money can buy. We believe that our costumers can feel the true richness through our uncompromising excellence and attention to details, both visible and invisible, in all our products and services. Beauty: True beauty, in the Japanese ideal, is the harmony of spirit and form: an outer reflection of the inner self. Science: At Shiseido, research extends far beyond the Chemistry of cosmetics and the biology of human skin. It incorporates holistic human perception as well as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual responses to everything around us. WHAT WE ARE 4

5 3) The Target: The target audience will be women between 35 and 50 years old, medium and medium-high social class, workers and urbanites. They appreciate not just the product, but the history behind them, they are concerned about the composition, care and research of the cosmetics they are using. Also they take into account the tone of communication and the aspirational feelings that Shiseido wants to transmit. This target is absolutely related to our main fringe of consumers according to our data base made during more than 10 years of CRM activity in Spain, where we have more than 80.000 woman clients who have bought Shiseido products at least once. WHAT WE ARE 5

6 NAME: Content: Aligned with corporate values Aspirational and inspirational Related to the spirit of the brand Express Shiseidos main activity The language should be English but understandable Intuitive Form: Maximum4 words It shouldnt be vulgar It should not have Shiseido on it. LOGO: It cant rival with Shiseidos logo, in colors nor shape. They should coexist in same communications. More typographic in order not to confront one logo with another. Neutral, simple, Light, discreet… Emotional, we shouldnt forget that it is a Charity. 4) Create a Name and Logo for the Charity: 5) Establish Charitys tone of Communication: It should be coherent with the personality attributes, history and values of Shiseido. EducatedPerfectionist CloseHonest GenerousCommitted The ultimate goal is to have a single corporate speech for the Charity. It should be consistent, recognizable and distinctive, flexible and capable of responding to the different circumstances. WHAT WE NEED 6

7 We will communicate the Charity in 6 different ways: 1.A press release: previous to the main event of the Charity and after it with the results. 2.A microsite where we communicate all the Charity activity with a form that people can complete and become a Shiseido volunteer for Beauty and take part in the beauty events. 3.Also there will be some support in our social media platform: posts in Facebook and in our Loyalty Club for Womens blog, Club Omotenashi. 4.Brochures with information of the Charity in hospitals, associations… 5.Associate the Charity with a product line: Make Up. We communicate in the point of sale, making sleevers for the products, that with the purchase of a makeup product you are encouraging the Charity. 6.Adding a claim in our entire communications, for example: Shiseido with the beauty in the program Charity Name. 6) Deliverables:7) Deadlines: WHAT WE NEED 7

8 For the Communication needs: 25.000 to produce all the deliverables. For the Big Event the 4th February on the World Cancer Day: 10.000 in costs of decoration, organization and products. Our workers will take part in the Event organization. 5.000 fort he rest of Beauty Events during 2013. TOTAL BUDGET: 40.000 during 2013. 8) Budget: WHAT WE HAVE 8

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