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Darren Lex Charlene EXCEL.

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1 Darren Lex Charlene EXCEL

2 Positioning: An alternative and subversive fashion brand Mission: to represent the true alternative to luxury brands. Target Man 15-35—refer to the data EX. Students Extreme sports players Hip-pop musicians, etc.

3 confident & fresh & sexy & cool & energetic
Create a range of beauty products to shape a image that is confident & fresh & sexy & cool & energetic unconventional & innovative & masculine

4 This diagram shows that the function of moisturizing & nourishing & Anti-tightening are consumers’ dominating preference. Therefore we insert those functions in products This chart indicates that cream is the most popular form of skincare products among Chinese consumers. Thus we create Facial Cleansing Cream and Skin Replenish Cream. In order to create a image that is fresh, energetic and confident, we choose the following three types of products to form a range: Facial cleansing, Skin replenisher and Concealer. PRODUCT DISPLAY RANGE

5 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Competitive advantages of DEISEL Weakness
Diesel is skilled in conceptual selling. Example: Launched in 2007, Fuel for Life (he & she) rapidly became the Top 7 Man/ Top 20 Woman perfume with an 80 million euros turnover within the same year. Diesel has a specific and explicit brand image Provocative/Sexy Cool (“The coolest of the biggest”) Energetic Iconic & ironic Rebellious Deisel enjoys a huge market pie by having abundant product lines: Diesel, Diesel Black Gold, Diesel Kid, Diesel Denim Gallery Diesle footwear, intimate and bags. Licensed collections such as eyewear (Safilo), jewelry and watches (Fossil), and fragrances (L’Oréal). Creative Direction United and concrete brand image are from the Creative Direction, which is responsible for designing all Diesel collections, including licensed products. Ample capital source: * In period of 2005 to 2009, Deisel achieved a great annual sales growth that increased from 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion. Strength The company is professional in the field of men’s skin care and cosmetics Step into the market early The French company is a pioneer of men’s cosmetic product around the globe. It established a branch company in China in Weakness Low brand popularity Although Chetti Rouge has been in china for more than 3 years, it still faces the problem of low popularity. Weakness Relatively small consumer group The investigation collected samples from first-tier cities and of the same age distribution, thus the data showcases the consumers’ preference only towards brands. According to the chart, NIVEA’s consumer group is minor than that of Da bao. [According to the data of Consumers Attitude in China, Da bao holds a lion’s share. ] Relatively low Cost Effectiveness Both targeting at low-end market, as well as sharing similar product functions, the average price of NIVEA is three times higher than that of Da bao. Lack of product concept NIVEA’s product ranges lack specific concept, instead, the ranges are merely named after their functions, such as “oil control” & ”multi protection”. Therefore, it is hard for consumers to portrait certain images. Strength A venerable brand---- Founded by Paul C. Belersdorf, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz invented NIVEA Cream in 1911. NIVEA established the first men’s grooming range in 1994, introducing facial care products to mass market. Abundant resources---- Experience: BDF Company who supports NIVEA has more than 125 year’s history in skin and beauty care. Customer: NIVEA is the world’s largest skin and beauty care brand by retail sales value. Facial Skincare Brand Used in 12 months :China (Unit : %)

6 Why Nivea: Why Chetti Rouge: COMPETITOR ANALYSIS
Chetti Rouge who unprecedentedly introduced men’s concealer to China is considered as the pioneer of professional men’s cosmetic. Since concealer is a component of our range, we take Chetti Rouge as a competitor. Why Nivea: According to gf official website, gf provides beauty products for white-collar workers while DIESEL aims at consumers who pursuit a casual style. Contrarily, Nivea, ranking the 2nd, has the similar target consumers as that of DIESEL. Therefore we set Nivea as a competitor of DIESEL and eliminate gf. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Brand Shares (by Global Brand Name) --Retail Value RSP-2008,China (UNIT:%) (Unit : %)

7 Internal External SO WO ST WT SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Weakness
DIESEL: High brand cognition /distinctive brand concept / complete distribution channel L’Oréal: Technical expertise / beauty product commercialization Limited experience in beauty product promotion. Sales team is lack of training in the field of beauty product. Growing market demand: Increasing groomed-men pursuit “style” or “beauty” Fill a blank: the image shaping oriented approach is unique in the toiletry field Conduct the consumers toward DIESEL’s distinctive brand concept. Take advantage of the existing complete distribution channel to accelerate selling. Fully utilize technical expertise to develop the image shaping process Reinforce cooperation with L'Oréal to enhance beauty product promotion capability. Arm the sales team with skill of conceptual selling to achieve efficient mutual communication with customers. Risk: consumers may not relate to the complex product concept. Competition from other brands: Competitors provide customers with similar products. Alternate choice: Customer may choose products from different brands to form their own range. Extend product concept to make it prevailing among the target group. Emphasize the range differentiation to fascinate consumers. Accentuate product concept during the campaign to avoid customer’s disapproval of our range. Internal External Opportunity SO WO ST WT Threat

8 Thanks for your attention!
Charlene Darren Lex

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