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Future Fermilab Flavor Physics Program Brendan Casey, Fermilab, FPCP2011.

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1 Future Fermilab Flavor Physics Program Brendan Casey, Fermilab, FPCP2011

2 Probing the highest energies 2/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 New Physics Energy Scale, NP 10 3 TeV 1 TeV 10 13 TeV LHC compositeness seesaw p K+K+ KLKL e

3 Current Rings/Accelerators 3/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 NuMI BooNE Tevatron Cockcroft-Walton 750 keV LINAC 400 MeV Booster 8 GeV Recycler 8 GeV Main Injector 150 GeV Accumulator & Debuncher 8 GeV

4 Upgrades for experiments this decade 4/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 NuMI BooNE 200 MHz RFQ LINAC 400 MeV Booster 8 GeV Recycler 8 GeV Main Injector 150 GeV Accumulator & Debuncher 8 GeV LBNE Mu2e g-2 K+K+ p Booster: 7 Hz 15 Hz 2x flux @ 8 GeV MI: 400 kW 700 kW @ 120 GeV Major proton source accelerator improvement project for increased beam power and reliability for next 15 years of operation Next generation muon, Kaon, and neutrino experiments

5 Upgrades for Experiments next decade 5/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 > 2 MW @ 60-80 GeV LBNE Short baseline experiments g-2, EDM K+K+ K0K0 Rare isotopes, EDMs Nuclear energy and waste transmutation test facility 1 GeV available ~3 MW high duty factor @ 3 GeV N eN EDM e, eee + e e +

6 Neutrino Beamlines 6/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Local MiniBooNE MicroBooNE MINERvA SBNE Minnesota on axis 735 km MINOS + upgrades Minnesota off axis 810km NOvA + upgrades South Dakota wide band 1300k LBNE + upgrades factory ??? + upgrades

7 Leptogenesis Archeological evidence: –No electroweak baryogenesis –CPV in light, left –Lepton number violation What info do we need to do these experiments? 7/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 GUT EW Murayama hep-ph/0208005 PMNS Need to know 13 Need to know mass hierarchy 1 3 2 3 m 2 > 0 2 1 m 2 < 0 0 expectations

8 NOvA 8/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 e e Ash River 4/18/2011 1 3 2 3 m 2 > 0 2 1 m 2 < 0 Oscillation frequency increases or decreases depending on hierarchy Effective mass Far detector Building May 18 Antineutrino interaction in surface prototype

9 LBNE 9/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Longer baseline –810 1300km Larger detector –2 x 100 kt Water –2 x 17 kt Liquid Ar Next generation 13, CPV experiments Broad physics program –Oscillations –Astrophysics –Proton decay Scope of each will depend on detector choice

10 -factory -factory 10/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Ultimate and perhaps necessary reach comes from muon storage ring Muon acceleration program (MAP) formed to unify US funded R&D and prove feasibility of muon collider in the next few years MuCool test area at Fermilab. First beam delivered Feb 2011 Project X 4 MW p, 5 GeV Variations on LBNE factory

11 And much more 11/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Address anomalies with MicroBooNE, MINOS+ Precision cross section measurements with MINERvA ArgoNeuT Ambitious LAr R&D program BooNE

12 Antiprotons 12/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Worlds greatest antimatter factory 2.6 nanograms last year Will be repurposed for muon production but there is still interesting physics that may be unique to this facility Charm, hyperon, exotics Anti Hydrogen Anti Gravity

13 Kaons 13/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Same motivation for FCNC B and K programs Difference is the size of the SM background Generic couplings: Kaons win, flavor specific: need both b s s d B mesons: V ts 2 or V td 3 or V ub 3 Kaons: V ts * V td 5

14 14/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 1 st 2 nd 3 rd generation at BNL = 7 event data sample Can get hundreds of evts per year starting with beam from Main Injector and continuing with Project X BNL E787 event display

15 15/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Pico- bunches Pointing Plus a lot more 200 evt/yr possible with Project X Pencil beam Generic couplings: Kaons win, flavor specific: need both

16 Other Kaon measurements 16/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Enormous data sets + multipurpose detectors = lots of physics

17 Charged lepton flavor program 17/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 An observation of charged lepton flavor violation expected in the next decade implies existence of a new mixing matrix. Expect same as quarks, neutrinos: multi-decade program to determine 4 parameters of the matrix e, NeN e eee (g-2) e, (g-2), (g-2) Cold traps, intense muon sources, super B factories, /charm factories, lepton colliders, Hadron colliders… CP violation: lepton EDM measurements

18 G-2 18/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 target ring Pbar complex Follow up of BNL experiment but better: –Reuse the storage ring –10x longer decay channel –Segmented calorimeters –Tracking –>20x statistics, >2x less systematics Coupled with a world wide program to interpret the measurement

19 Mu2e 19/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Direct conversion of a muon into an electron Diagrams in common with e Mu2e goal: 3 x10 -17 wrt capture ( NP ~10 4 TeV) Diagrams not accessible to e signal bkg

20 e with Project X e with Project X 20/23 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 Option 1: LFV established design for precision measurements / properties Option 2: LFV not established design for maximum sensitivity 3 x 10 -19 possible with Project X beam power Conversion rate vrs target Z Vector current Scalar current dipole

21 EDMs 21/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 MFV + 1 new phase + Bs CPV = EDM Large B s CPV shrinks available parameter space Thallium neutron Mercury 10 -25 10 -30 Buras, Isidori, Paradisi arXiv:1007.5291 B s CPV EDMs this decade ?!?!

22 EDMs e EDM: –Can amplify signal using high Z Alkali metals Outer electron is in s-wave: size of electron becomes size of atom. Factor ~1000 enhancement for Francium –Project X nuclear physics facility: copious production of desired heavy isotopes EDM: –EDM tilts precession plane of muons in a storage ring Factor 100 improvement possible with New g-2 experiment Extra factor 10000 possible with dedicated storage ring in Project X muon facility 22/23 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 B S E rest frame B S E EDM0 EDM=0

23 Near term timeline 23/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011

24 Conclusions 24/24 B. Casey, FPCP 2011 p K+K+ KLKL e Fermilab is planning a diverse neutrino and targeted rare process program that covers many of the most important low energy observables In several cases, Fermilab is the best place to perform these experiments –Beam power + duty factor –In many, it is the only place to perform these measurements to high precision due to unique features of Project X The program will play an integral role in interpreting LHC results, will push the envelope in precision detector technology, and will provide unique opportunities to grad students and post docs.

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