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Pathway Planning: Examining the benefits and outcomes of a Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathway Program Martin Stalker University of Tasmania Why Pathway.

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1 Pathway Planning: Examining the benefits and outcomes of a Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathway Program Martin Stalker University of Tasmania Why Pathway Planning? - Background Pathway Plan Process and structure Traineeship and Pathway Planning program overview Research Results

2 Under 3% Grade 12 Top Grade 10 Top

3 Why Pathway Planning? Retention rates in Tasmania are nearly 29% below the mainland levels Currently only 14 % of jobs in Australia do not require a post Grade 10 school qualification In Tasmania only 47% of our workforce are currently employed at this level Legislation and Funding to support the concept

4 What is a Pathway Plan ? Grade 8 Plan Grade 9 Plan Grade 10 Plan

5 2009 High School Leavers (Post Grade 10) Government High Schools AcademyPolytechnicWork UniversityVocationalUni ??? ???

6 TAPP 2009 Program Construction & Joinery Metals Hair & Beauty Hospitality Cookery Automotive Motorbody Business Administration Children Services Enrolled Nursing Agriculture Tourism/Retail Choice of 14 Course Options Intense Short Courses Full Year Courses Electro technology Civil and Mechanical Drafting

7 What it is significant about the TAPP program Complete Grade 10 Polytechnic Qualifications Workplace opportunity Hands on Learning style

8 How does the TAPP school year look ? Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Term 1Term 2Term 3 What is the weekly structure Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday TAP program How Long Polytechnic Commitment Work Experience Applied Learning - 3 days (within the High School)

9 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Sea FM Bruce Gowans Polytechnic (Devonport) Polytechnic (Burnie) Children Services Technical training Hairdressing Technical training Automotive Work placement Business Admin Work placement Enrolled Nursing Work placement City Medical Practice Full class size (example) - 18 Monday Work Placements - 3 Monday Polytechnic commitments -3 Monday class size due to non classroom learning would be - 12 How does one day in a TAPP week look ? Work Placements Technical Training Core curriculum delivered A typical TAPP day

10 TAPP Growth 1 school 1 course option 12 students 2,300 hours 2 schools 3 course options 36 students 7,000 hours 9 schools 9 course options 136 students 25,000 hours 2006 2007 2008 2009 11 schools 14 course options 213 students 41,500 hours

11 TAFE/Polytechnic training has changed Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Tech Tech Tech Units of Attainment Occupational, Health, Safety and Welfare unit Domestic switching systems level 1 Cable identification unitLighting principles unitVarious units to complete first year Units are identified for completion during TAPP program its ideal now for TAPP Previous Structure Technical training is in a units structure How does this influence the TAP program ? Working on site +

12 What stage could a TAPP student be at in their apprenticeship/traineeship ? First Year Apprentice Units requirement Units already completed Units needed to finish first year During TAPP these units may be completed Employer will decide about who to employ

13 TAPP Numbers Const & Joinery Metals Hair & Beauty Hospitality Cookery Automotive Motorbody Children Services Enrolled Nursing Agriculture Intense Courses Electrotechnology Drafting Year Courses

14 TAPP Numbers Const & Joinery24 Metals20 Hair & Beauty24 Hospitality18 Cookery21 Automotive23 Motorbody12 Children Services24 Enrolled Nursing9 Agriculture11 Intense Courses Electrotechnology12 Drafting15 Total Student Numbers Year Courses

15 TAPP Numbers Const & Joinery324 Metals420 Hair & Beauty124 Hospitality418 Cookery121 Automotive323 Motorbody012 Children Services224 Enrolled Nursing29 Agriculture011 Intense Courses Electrotechnology??12 Drafting??15 Total Student Numbers High School Numbers Year Courses

16 High School variety in course distribution

17 Outcomes ? Anecdotal - Parent/Employer/Teacher feedback Attitudinal Work placement Academic

18 The TAP Program has given us the opportunity to assess the students / knowledge and willingness to move forward. Having the student for longer than the usual work experience placement enabled them to get more of an idea of the day to day procedures and happenings of their chosen career option. Typical Employer Anecdotal Comment

19 Students get to know the job so they are sure they want to do it. Employers get to see if students are employable A great initiative and magnificent program, allowing our youth a meaningful alternative to past teaching methods. Typical Parent Anecdotal Comment

20 The positive impacts on some of the students is their improved attendance and some have become more self confident. Parents have rung and are excited about their children being given the opportunity of gaining an apprenticeship. Typical Teacher Anecdotal Comment

21 2575 days 1144 days 56% less Absent days comparison Prior to TAPP TAPP

22 Tracking Data after 9 months from Burnie High School (24 students) Apprenticeship9 Year 11 College9 Traineeship2 Employment2 Aust Tech College2 Unconfirmed1

23 Southern Tasmanian TAPP 26 students entered Stage 3 of the program (paid work placement in summer holiday period), 18 gained apprenticeships or traineeships, 5 continued on in education, 3 became trade assistants.

24 Academic Results 2006 program proved to be successful academically as literacy and numeracy changes clearly show: Literacy standards improved by an average of 27% Numeracy achievement improved by an average 8.5%

25 What should I know now ???? How the TAP program works for a week How the program works over the year What the benefits are from being involved Student outcomes Any Questions ???

26 Tasmania

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