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Georgia Rotary Student Program

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1 Georgia Rotary Student Program

2 What is GRSP?

3 GRSP Scholarship Program Mission Host Families History

4 A Scholarship Program One year
Purpose: To promote world peace and understanding through the means of education. Usually a non-degree seeking program

5 What GRSP is not: Not an exchange program Not needs based

GRSP CLASS of Oslo International Scholarship Three scholarships (1 per district). University of Oslo in Norway Language – English Six week Summer Scholarship

7 GRSP Scholarship Program Mission Host Families History

8 Promote peace through understanding.
GRSP MISSION Promote peace through understanding. Encourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences. Advance the ideals of Rotary. Create opportunities for friendship. Envision a world where peace is a reality.

9 GRSP Scholarship Program Mission Host Families History

10 HOST FAMILIES The most important Rotarian to the student
Each student has one or more host families. Host family is literally the student’s USA Family. Good relationship between GRSP student and Host Family is key to a successful experience for both the student and supporting Rotary club(s). One of the strongest parts of GRSP.

Communicate with student before they arrive. Meet the student at the airport. Club provides student with essentials for dorm room including towels, sheets, computer. If student is shared between clubs, it is important that the student gets to visit all of the clubs several times each year.

12 GRSP Scholarship Program Mission Host Families History

13 History: Will Watt

14 History of GRSP Approved at District Conference in 1946.
First 4 students arrived in 1947 Today over 3,000 students have been Rotary Scholars

15 Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances
How Does GRSP Work? Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances

16 How Does GRSP Work? Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances

17 CURRENT LEADERSHIP GRSP is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of Officers, Directors, and Trustees. GRSP Administrator Janis Comer GRSP Assistant Barbara Lariscy Chair Terry Gordon Vice Chair Bert Guy Secretary Mike Emanuele Treasurer Johnny Dukes Parliamentarian Directors 2/District, IPDG, DG, DGE District Chairs Bill Smith (D6900) Al Hombroek (D6910) Gerald Smith (D6920) Trustees 31

18 Standing Committees: Executive Office Endowment Investment

19 How Does GRSP Work? Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances

20 What Do Trustees Do? The Trustee is the liaison between the club and the home office and the GRSP student. Trustees make sure that the student is being cared for in an acceptable manner. They also promote GRSP at the club level.

21 STUDENTS GRSP Get to know them Support them Transport them
Call them – stay in touch! Take them to dinner Invite them over You are the liaison between them the clubs

22 GRSP ROTARY CLUBS Visit your clubs regularly so that they know their GRSP Trustee. The success of GRSP depends on a good relationship between the student and their sponsoring clubs. Do what needs to be done to make this work. Be sure the home office has current contact information on all your Club presidents and host families.

23 Al’s Suggestions Suggestions for hosting a student Meet with hosts
Visit club to thank

24 How Does GRSP Work? Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances

STUDENT SELECTION STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS Married Status: Must be single. Age: Must be 18 by August 1st but not 25 by August 1st of entry year - undergraduates. Academic & English fluency requirements. Applicant is disqualified if having studied previously in USA for more than 4 months. If applicant is rejected by school, the offer is withdrawn.

26 STUDENT SELECTION In November, the GRSP Book of Applicants is sent to each Trustee fro delivery to each club’s President Elect. With the assistance of the Trustee, the clubs narrow down their list of desired students. Trustees meet and draft students for clubs at annual draft meeting in late January in Savannah. After the student selection weekend: -GRSP office notifies the applicants. -GRSP office submits entrance forms to schools. -Club Trustee notified after applicant accepts and school issues I-20 form.

118 Georgia Rotary clubs committed to participate in the GRSP program in 155 applications received for the class. 47 students selected (17 Males & 30 Females) Students from 23 different countries chosen. 25 different Georgia colleges and universities will be attended.

28 Countries Represented in CLASS of 2013-2014
STUDENT SELECTION Countries Represented in CLASS of Brazil Honduras Romania Colombia Hungary Scotland Czech Republic Malaysia Sri Lanka Denmark Moldova Sweden Ecuador Montserrat Wales El Salvador New Zealand England Norway France Pakistan Germany Poland

29 Student Responsibilities
Conduct Visit sponsoring clubs August Conclave District Conference Weekend Conclaves

30 STUDENT SELECTION STUDENT CONDUCT GRSP students are expected to conduct themselves in a higher manner than other students as they are representing GRSP, Rotary and their home country.

31 Visit Sponsoring Clubs
Introductory visit Two talks September April

32 CONCLAVE FALL CONCLAVE Mandatory meeting for students.
Students arrive on Friday afternoon and meet each other for the first time. Training provided for the students on life in the USA, expected conduct, and indoctrination into the GRSP program. Training provided for Host Families. Dinner on Saturday night followed by talent show provided by students.

33 District Conference Each student is required to attend their respective District Conference

34 STUDENT WEEKENDS September Clayton County Rotary Club
October Savannah Rotary Club November Sandy Springs/Alpharetta March Pelham Rotary Club April Camden County Rotary Club

35 How Does GRSP Work? Organization Trustees Student Selection Finances

First class: $1 per GA. Rotarian ($4000). Now each Georgia Rotarian gives $7 as part of annual dues. Early in the program, the clubs paid for 100% of the student’s expenses. Endowment Fund (EF) established in 1979 to help reduce the club costs. For the GRSP Class, the EF supplement will provide $4500/student. In addition for those clubs who support the endowment there will be an additional credit.

37 Financial Responsibilities of Students
$3,000 spending money Airline fare to Georgia and return home Medical insurance Any taxes imposed on the scholarship by the US Government

38 GRSP Alumni Success Stories

Over GRSP Alumni from 104 countries. GRSP Alumni Organization was started in 2004 by Kay Knestrick (RC-Clayton County) and Ali Chauhan of Pakistan (GRSP Class of ). Supported by GRSP Board of Trustees.

40 Success By Ralph Waldo Emerson

41 Success To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people & the affection of children; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better; To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived; is to have succeeded.

42 Examples of Success: Class of 1979-1980
GRSP ALUMNI Examples of Success: Class of Anne Hödnebö (RC-Dublin) senior neurologist in Norway. Gunn Reinertsen (RC-Griffin) started as a copy editor for the Norwegian edition of Reader’s Digest and now works as editor-in-chief of an important Norwegian publisher. Uwe Korber (RC-Brookwood, North DeKalb) became a lawyer in Germany and served during the German reunification process and as a spokesmen for the German ambassador at the United Nations. Dorte Krogsgaard (RC-Marietta, Brookwood, North DeKalb) studied journalism and has become a well-known TV journalist in Denmark. Jun Kigoshi (RC-Gwinnett County) has worked at the Japanese Finance Ministry and presently works with a Japanese bank in London. Fabienne Kissian (RC-Conyers, South DeKalb) works as an interpreter at the European Union headquarters in Brussels. Reidun Heiene (RC-Northlake, Stone Mountain) is a veterinarian and works with the U.N. cattle program in Ethiopia.

43 Georgia Rotarians should….
4/1/2017 Georgia Rotarians should…. Be Proud of GRSP’s past… Have a Passion for GRSP’s present… Be Poised for GRSP’s future. 43

44 GRSP Class of Grsp Class of 11-12 GRSP Class of

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